Baptism for Carver

Sunday was baptism day for Carver.  We had planned it for December but things didn’t work out with the weather and it was postponed.  Sunday was a beautiful day.  Carver hasn’t been feeling the best.  All the yucky sickness stuff from childcare got him.  He had a cough and cold but was a trooper.


Kalissa and Craig picked Kelli and Kayla as sponsors.   Traditionally it’s a boy and girl but there’s no way they could pick between the sisters.  Both adore him.


Here’s Carver mid yawn….Baptism-5

There he is with his momma.


We started pictures with no pacifier but he was tired and, as I said, not feeling the best so pacifier it was.


Kalissa had a beautiful baptism dress that my sister Judy made her.  It is amazing.  The debate was if Carver was going to wear it or not.  The guys said no.  No dress for their boy.  That got me thinking that Hubby’s mom had given me Hubby’s baptism outfit.  Carver ended up wearing it.


We had to add tights and turtle neck to the outfit set to keep him warm though.

Here’s a picture with the Friedman side of the family….grandpa and grandma and great grandpa and great grandpa.


Here’s one of Karl with the girls…Buck didn’t make it.  Sadly he’s started to get sidelined by migraines.  It’s been very hard on him and he’s bothered that he missed out because of it.

I love this picture….


I have to say though…this one is my favorite.


All of you who told me that being a grandparent was the best, you are exactly right!!  It is.

After baptism we all gathered at Kalissa and Craig’s house.  All of the women in Carver’s life brought food to share so it wasn’t too stressful for Kalissa and Craig.  It’s so nice when everyone can pitch in and make things do-able.

I’m so happy Carver participated in his first sacrament today.  It means the world to me that he was claimed by God as his own.  We have a few years to work with him and teach him and in the blink of an eye, he’ll be ready to affirm his baptism.  That too will be a happy day!

12 thoughts on “Baptism for Carver”

  1. Your photos of the baptism are fabulous! And you look great, like you’ve lost weight! My 27 year old son has begun getting migraines. I have had them for years but was told they are related to hormones. If your son finds anything out about migraines I would appreciate you covering the issue in your blog. I would ask you to email me but you have a ton on your plate already. I love following your blog.

  2. Lovely Baptism! All the little country churches across the Midwest must use the same altar style! The Lutherans painted theirs white.
    I feel for Buck! I get migraines as well. My Dr started me on Imitrex nasal spray when I get one. It is a miracle drug in my eyes. There are also some other migraine meds out there. Hope Buck can find something that works for him.

  3. Happy Baptism Day to Carver! What a great way to celebrate a new life. The family looks great and I love your hair, Jo! God Bless you all!

  4. Beautiful family event.

    Migraines: deep muscle tension at the base of skull is often the cause. Find a massage therapist who can really work the neck/shoulder/skull base muscle.

  5. Carver is not the only child with two godmothers. LOL that is what my husband and I did also. There are lots of women but only a few men in our family circle so it was a no brainer! :)

  6. My daughter was adopted, so we did her baptism the day after her first birthday and had a big party. She just had her confirmation (we’re Methodists) a week and a half ago. It does go quickly! God bless all of you, especially Carver. But then, He blessed Carver with all of you (and vice versa).

  7. It was a beautiful day, I am so glad I felt good enough to be there! You did a wonderful job of putting it into words Jo! Carver is so blessed being a part of God’s family and the Friedman & Kramer families too!

  8. Little Carver is such a little cutie…it’s no wonder his aunties dote on him. His little cheeks are so pink in the pictures, he must have had a bit of a fever.

    Tell Buck to try some magnesium supplement for his migraines. Start slow…200mg or so capsules, maybe work up to 400mg capsules. BUT only one a day or there can be some fast trips to the bathroom. I always suffered migraines and after I started taking the magnesium they started easing up until finally they pretty much stopped. It’s been years since I took anything stronger than Excedrine. Buck’s mileage could vary. I sure do hope he finds something for relief.

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