Baptism for Anders

My Grandson Anders was baptized on Sunday. It was a rainy day but everything was held indoors so it really didn’t matter.

It was a special day not only for Anders but also for me. All of the family was home!! It’s been a bit since everyone was home. Here is Kalissa and her family…Craig, Carver, Gannon, and Anders. They all looked so nice for the day.

Anders’s sponsors were Buck and Lora. Buck and Lora aren’t together as a couple but we still totally claim Lora as part of our family. She’s a good mom to my grandkids and is a great person. Buck and Lora just aren’t good together. The kids still call Lora- Auntie Lora and I believe always will. I really appreciate that they can be good parents together.

We did get some pictures of me with the grandkids but I think my favorite picture of the day was this one…

Here are Anders and I. He wore Kalissa’s baptismal gown that my sister Judy made for her.

Here is our whole crew together.

While we were at church we tried to get a picture of me with the grandkids. The lighting wasn’t the best.

It was much better when we took a picture of just me and my adult kids. I was a little hunched up in the photo. I’m so not photogenic but I don’t let that prevent me from getting my picture taken. For those who want to keep track of the family, it’s left to right in the back Kayla, Karl, and Kelli. In the front, Kalissa, me, and Buck. They all range in age from 36 to 28…In fact, today is Kalissa’s birthday!!

We tried again to get a picture of the grandkids at my house. It was quite an undertaking. I am so happy to say that Gannon was in a wonderful mood for these pictures.

It was a super busy morning from ironing the baptism gown to braiding hair and getting myself together. Buck was awesome with the kids and helping me load the things I needed to take in my van.

We ended up all at my house for a couple of hours after church. Then slowly everyone started leaving. We were all pooped!! Kelli and her kiddos stayed. She took a nap…she had to work the overnight shift Sunday night and her kids napped here too. Believe it or not, I even napped. That never happens. The last time I took a nap was four years ago. Everyone in the family remembers the day I took I nap. That’s how rarely naps happen for me!!

It was a crazy busy weekend. It’s one I am SUPER thankful for. It was nice to have Anders baptized. It was nice to see all of the family. It was nice to get a few things done around the house too.

Buck also put new garage door handles on my back garage overhead garage doors. That makes me so happy.

I can’t think of one single thing that went wrong over the weekend. YAHOO!! A good time was had by all!!

10 thoughts on “Baptism for Anders”

  1. Wilma Louise Reasoner

    I too have 10 grandchildren. But mine range in age from 30 – 2 years! I’ll never get them all together. So sweet to have a great Mother’s Day.

  2. What a beautiful occasion to celebrate together as a family. Love all the pictures, but my favorite is the one taken at your house with you and all the grandkids. Pure joy!!!

  3. What a special day for you and the family!! The pictures are great and I always like seeing them. Jo, I think you are very photogenic with your beautiful smile!

  4. What lovely pictures to brighten my day. I always love your posts, especially anything to do with your whole family and your pets and quilting. Some of us don’t have the close family ties anymore and it is great to see all the togetherness! Thank you so much for sharing!

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