BAP Stitch Along: And God Saw

I’m off at the cross stitch retreat but I took time before I left to write you a blog post about the latest stitch along. I hope you’ll join me.

Okay friends…Are you ready for a BAP Stitch Along? If you are a cross stitcher and watch Flosstube you likely know that BAP (in the cross stitch world) stands for Big Awesome (A**) Project. All of our stitch alongs in the past have mostly been seasonal pieces and have been on the small side. We’re going for something bigger now with a longer-term commitment. Are you ready to give a big project a try

This all came about back when Nashville Needlework Market premieres were happening. Teresa Kogut came out with some amazing pieces. I messaged Liz at the Stitchery Nook to put my preorder in. My very first pick of all of the projects was And God Saw.

I’ve stitched lots of Teresa Kogut samplers and have love them all. This one…top 10!

This happened to be the market exclusive. Only shops that attended the market could purchase it. I wanted to make sure Liz picked one up for me.

Liz casually asked me if I wanted to do it as a stitch along. Hmm. There’s a trick to stitch alongs. If you organize them, you really should try to stitch along. Hmm.

At the time, I had contemplated picking up a few pieces that allowed for “assignment stitching” or “homework”. That means a project gets broken into pieces and then each month or week, you have to do your “assignment”. The more I got to looking at this piece, the more I thought it was perfect for assignment stitching. It’s already naturally broken up.

Then I thought what the heck. Let’s do this as a stitch along. Anyone want to join me?

I thought it could be broken into 10 assignments. If you want to do it fast, feel free to do two of the assignments each month. If you want to work more slowly, make the assignment take two months instead of one. I also like the project as I will list the assignments but you can pick whichever assignment you want to do as you go. I am not a fan of stitch alongs when I can’t do the border first…it’s not me to do the border in segments. I like doing borders first. With this stitch along, you pick the assignment so if you’re an upper left starter, you can do that. If you like to stitch the border as you go, feel free to do that.

Here is the list of assignments.

-Lower rectangle box along the bottom
-Upper rectangle box along the top
-Flower vase rectangle on the right
-Flower vase rectangle on the left
-Lower rectangle with the two couples
-Both checkerboards
-Center Arch and Pillars along with the words
-House with the fence and trees
-Center people with heart and angels

Doesn’t that sound do-able? If you stitch one assignment each month, we’ll have it done next year at Nashville Needlework Market time. It will still allow you to stitch on other things too.

Let me give you a few other stats about the piece. I’m stitching mine of 40 count linen but you are welcome to stitch on whatever you are comfortable with. Here is the size information from the book. If stitching on 40 count, that means my project will be 12 1/8″ x 13 1/2″ finished.

This is a project that is Aida friendly so if you are an Aida stitcher, join us!!

It uses a lot of different flosses. A good chunk are DMC which is great as it keeps the cost of the project down.

Liz and I did a bit of a floss toss when we were at the shop. We loved this with the linen Moon Shadow from Serraphim. I have not specifically stitched on this linen before but have done several pieces on Seraphim linen and I like it. We were also excited that we could offer Aida as Seraphim makes linen and Aida in the same color.

There are more colors than the flosses you see in the picture. I still need to get a few.

We wanted to start the project right away but decided we needed to wait until Liz could get the linen. She put the order in the Saturday after market and just now got a notification that it’s shipping!! Yahoo!! Thank you Serraphim!!

So…for right now, Liz is offering pre-orders. She will start shipping them out as soon as the linen is in the store and cut. She will be cutting a custom piece of linen for each of us. It’s going to take a little bit to do all of that.

So we decided on a May 1st start. Of course, you are the boss of your own project. You can push back the start if you need to.

I am so excited for this one…So excited!!

Liz has all of the ordering information on THIS page. You will need to select the size of fabric you want either linen or Aida. You’ll need the pattern and the floss. Then you’ll be ready push the order button. As always, if you have trouble, call the shop. You can find their contact info on the order page HERE.

I’m so excited for this one!! So excited!! I hope you’ll jump in and try assignment stitching with me. It’s always fun to try something different. If I end up liking it, I’m going to do another assignment project. But I better not get ahead of myself. Stitch this one first Jo. Stitch this one first. HA!!

11 thoughts on “BAP Stitch Along: And God Saw”

  1. I’m in! Well, actually I’ve already started. It was my #1 market pick and I couldn’t wait to start. I’m using 40ct Furley by Needle and Flax and love the golden background with the called for flosses. I’m about halfway through the bottom section and stitching the border as I go. Will have to post a pic on your Facebook page. Just love it! How fun to be able to stitch along with this group. Thanks.

  2. I’m not into DOING cross stitch, but I love the result of your projects! I had trouble seeing “it was good”. There’s not enough contrast in the picture for my eyes. I hope it’s better in real life. :-) I’m sure all your stitch aong partners will enjoy this one.

    1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      I’m so glad you pointed it out I couldn’t find it either and knew there was more. I enlarged the picture and finally saw it.

  3. I love this chart, but I will not be doing the stitch along. I just can’t start another project. I will enjoy seeing everyone else’s progress and finished pieces.

  4. Just placed my order. Looking forward to working on it. I need another project like a hole in the head but I think it is fun to stitch along with others. Thanks Jo and Stitchery Nook for providing this for us.

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