Bananas Anyone?

I was at the grocery store on Saturday and I couldn’t resist the cheapo bananas.

There are two bags in the pictures…I actually bought three.

I’ve made several batches of banana bread (find my recipe here).  I mushed a few up to feed the childcare babies…I also made pancakes.

Pancakes you wonder…Yep.  Pancakes.

See growing up my mom always used to smash bananas up with a fork.  Then she would then put sugar over the top of them and pour in a little milk and make a “sauce”.  We would eat this over the top of pancakes.  I love it.  Hubby doesn’t.  It’s funny how family traditions pass down.  Some of my kids love it.  Others…not so much.

Another thing my mom would do with bananas is to slice them up into individual serving bowl, sprinkle brown sugar over the top and milk goes on top of that.  We often had that for dessert.  I loved that too.  I don’t ever remember to make it though.  I think being Hubby doesn’t eat bananas I don’t always think to make banana foods.

I have a few that will be made up into milk shakes and the rest will go in the freezer for future banana bread use.  I love getting a bargain and 50 cents for a whole bag of bananas is a really good deal.

8 thoughts on “Bananas Anyone?”

  1. That’s an awesome deal! My used to mash bananas and mix it in the pancake batter for banana pancakes, they were delicious! I always freeze my brown ones for smoothies, they are perfect.

  2. I think that’s a bargain I’d buy too! We love thin sliced banana in our pancakes, but will have to try your version too.

  3. My mom used to give us bananas and milk for breakfast sometimes. I loved it! Another thing she would do is slice them the long way in half and then fry them in butter until they were a bit carmelized. That was really good.

    You got a great deal.

  4. Bananas seem to be something people either love or hate. Fortunately all my family love them. I make banana cake to use up bananas that are getting a little old. Delicious. When I was a child Mum mashed bananas on toast or in sandwiches as a teatime snack. Also sliced bananas and custard for pudding. Lovely. Don’t do this nowadays as my husband can’t stand custard.

  5. You can mash them up and put the amounts you use in your recipes in a freezer zipper bag and freeze them. They come in handy that way to. Get them out and thaw them and add to your favorite recipe.

  6. I also put the mashed bananas into the pancake batter. I am always so disappointed when I want to order banana pancakes at a restaurant and find out it is just slices of banana on top of the pancakes. That IS NOT banana pancakes!

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