Banana Chocolate Chip Blondie Bars

I was looking through my Facebook feed and saw a recipe I really had to try.

With the little kids here I am always looking for something to use up bananas.  Those little ones of mine are picky and won’t eat a banana with many spots so I need banana recipes.  I clicked on this recipe and new immediately I’d give it a try.  Any recipe that after I read it I know I have all the ingredients, I’m tempted.

After reading…I also saw that these could be gluten free.  A double plus with Kelli around.  They don’t have to be gluten free though.

I saved the recipe and waited for a day that Kelli would be home and made them.  They are actually good gluten free.  Of course not as good as regular but still very edible and tasty for anyone.

I found the recipe over at The Idea Room.  Follow this link and give them a try…YUM.

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