Baling Hay

It’s hay baling season….

Here at the farm most of the alfalfa hay is chopped and blown into the silo.  Occasionally they bale some into big bales but those are the large over-sized bales that are only moved with the skid loader.  They do make the “waterway/ditch” hay into small bales though.

This type of hay is really good for new cattle when they first come to the farm.  Young calves especially like it.

Thankfully these bales aren’t very heavy and the kids actually like to help with these.  For awhile today I thought I might have to go out and help but then our daughter Kalissa got home from her summer college class just in time to help out.

Of course, today does have to be the hottest day of the summer with heat indexes over 100 degrees.  At least there is a little breeze and the hay crop isn’t so big that the kids aren’t having to stack it in the haymow.  She may look tough now, but trust me, she’ll be ready to sleep tonight!!

6 thoughts on “Baling Hay”

  1. Haying here was done two weeks ago (Kansas) First year husband has had to do alone- grown son couldn’t get home. All of ours is sold and thankfully alot of buyers got from field. We do all in smalll bales – some that were loaded into barn my 23 yr old daughter helped with – she’s been doing since she was a teenager so nothing new- but she could only help one day – so luckly besides drivng back and forth to the filed I once again didn’t have to help much. But glad it’s over for another year. It’s to hot for that type of work.

  2. I remember putting up hay in the summer—-stacks and bales. It was always ready on the hottest days. I’ll admit that heaving bales around gave me nicely toned arms and made me strong. Of course that was 45-50 yrs. ago. Now I’m just a flabby armed wimp. :(

  3. Glad we don’t have to bale hay here, but we’ve moved plenty of it through the years. At 60-70# , it doesn’t take long for my arms to start complaining.

  4. bucking hay….brings back fond childhood memories. No dump bed trucks in those days! Stack it on the truck, tie it down and off to the barn we’d go.

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