Baking Weekend

We had a baking weekend planned for some time now.  It’s not our family tradition but I always bake before Christmas…not to the extent we did this time around but there are definitely sugary home baked goodies around here this time of year.

The girls proposed a backing weekend and I was right on board.  It just so happened that Buck was also coming home the same weekend to go deer hunting so I asked if the kids could come.  Scott came and Lucy stayed home with mommy.  Carver was thrilled that Scotty was coming…we all were thrilled that Scotty was coming.

So here’s how things went.  Knowing what a task baking can be and how much we’d need if we split things four ways, Kalissa and I prepped things on Saturday.  We mixed up the Peanut Butter Ball dough..and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffle dough and the Sugar Cookie Dough.

Admittedly we did take a break now and then.  We had to sing to the music and tried to teach the boys, Carver 2, and Scotty 3, how to swing dance.
They loved it!  I did too!!

We did all sorts of other “fun” things!!

Kalissa with Carver on the left and Scotty on the right.Here they stole treats and went to the living room to watch TV and snack.

They “helped make bars” which consisted of eating dough.
Those goof balls.
…and they they went outside to play in the snow.
One would think we couldn’t accomplish a thing, but we did.  They did play by themselves some of the time.
Kayla came Saturday late afternoon and we made Fudge Puddles.

These are something I don’t always get made every year.
We ended up going out to eat at the local bar and grill.  Here’s Auntie Kayla showing the boys her “mad” pool skills.

The next day, we were back at it.  Now we had all three of my girls and the little boys…and me of course.

Here’s Kalissa and I goofing off….See the flour on my face??

I was the sugar cookie maker…well roller and baker.  The girls took over with the decorating…and no, we don’t do fancy cookies.  Our goal is to make them EXACTLY like Grandma Kramer’s.  We did pretty good too!!

We weren’t rushed as we had to stop and help our “help”.  The boys play so nice together.  They are always hopping from one thing to another.  We took turning dipping.  We had way more Peanut Butter balls and Coconut Balls than anyone would ever want to dip.

We don’t claim to be patient or practiced dippers.

Grandpa took a turn with the boys and read books in the recliner.  We did have to do a show and tell of Kayla’s Texas Braid quilt….she got it back from the quilters.  (Our friend Carla did it)

My lighting is back here….sorry.

Kayla is making this for her mother in law.  It’s made mostly with scraps from her mother.  It needs to be trimmed and bound yet.  This makes me want to get mine done.

I have a little time over break and am hoping to do it then.  It’s a great quilt and Carla did a fabulous job with it.  You can find Carla HERE if you need a great longarmer with quick turn around.

Sunday neither of the boys napped while at my house…both of them once apart from each other fell asleep in minutes.  They played HARD. The boys were so pooped once they parted ways on Sunday.

We adults all wanted to take a nap too.

We had a good time.  It was an amazing weekend.  I’m not one for fancy planned family celebrations.  I’m more for days like this weekend was.

13 thoughts on “Baking Weekend”

  1. You are making good memories for those boys, Jo. That’s what it’s all about. Grampa is looking quite a bit like Santa these days….

  2. What a great picture of Roger reading to the boys! Oh and the goodies look great, too. And flour on your face? Just like in the commercials! HA!

  3. Looks like a great time! We make lots of cookies at my mil’s house. We put those bed risers under the legs of the table to make it higher. It sure helps on the back. No stooping over all day. Just a thought if you do this next year.

  4. SusanfromKentucky

    What a fun weekend for all of you! Kayla’s quilt turned out very pretty! Her mother-in-law is sure to love it. The goodies all look so yummy.

  5. Loved reading about all the baking with kids and grandkids. My kids were never to enthused about decorating cookies as their favorite kind were chocolate chip!! But I had to smile when I saw you making Fudge Puddles. Most people have not heard of them. when we found the recipe for Fudge Puddles years ago, they quickly became a favorite. I haven’t made them much since the kids left. But we will be spending Christmas with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids, so the tradition will probably continue this year!!

  6. Kayla’s quilt is beautiful! I’m sure her MIL will love it! You had a wonderful weekend! I enjoyed reading about it. I had dreams of similar family times but my daughter and her family are about 1,500 air miles away. I sure could use the comradery in the kitchen and putting up the Christmas decorations! I’m alone since my husband died 5 years ago. I’ve been on the lookout for a neighborhood girl to “adopt” as you did the young lady across the street but alas that hasn’t happened.

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