Baking Brownies with Jasper

A guest post from Kayla…

I’m a lucky Mama to have a buddy to loves to bake!

We had to improvise with the apron too!

But even luckier, I have a Mama who keeps the family recipes on her blog so I can find them easily.

Jasper has been obsessed with brownies recently. I’m guessing he had one at childcare. I told him I knew how to bake them and asked if he would like to try. He was literally jumping up and down!

Here’s a link to the recipe we made. If you’ve been a reader for long you know the first recipe all the Kramer kids learned to make was crazy cake. Well, that was followed closely by “two two brownies.” The recipe is easy to remember because it takes almost two of everything. It’s difficult because they are hard to tell when they are quite done.

We have a little family so I told Jasper they were “number one” brownies. I told him no matter what I asked, tell me “Number 1!”

How much butter? How many eggs? You get the idea.

So I get to the one exception in the BROWNie recipe. The cocoa powder.

I was out of cocoa powder. Making brownies. With a two-year-old.

Yikes on a bike.

I dug through all the cabinets and found a box of instant chocolate pudding. I expected the thickener in the pudding to make the brownies a little too dry so I added heavy cream until they were the consistency I remembered.

So I sat down to type this story and realized I had better try the brownies!

The verdict?


Sweeter than I prefer, but normal for most brownies. They’re a little too gooey, but I think that’s a timing rather than an ingredients issue.

Besides, these brownies never go wrong. Too runny? Put ice cream on top. Too crumbly? Crumble them on top of ice cream.

I guess the only ingredient I missed after all was the ice cream!

9 thoughts on “Baking Brownies with Jasper”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Cooking with kids is always the best!! Love that time with them. Enjoy it and I appreciate you sharing it, reminding me of years gone by!

  2. Aww Kayla, Jasper’s growing up so fast! I used to love baking with my daughter when she was little – actually, I still love baking with her and she’s now 26! Lovely memories for you both :-)

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Love the idea of starting your children to do things you do when they show interest. Mom let us cook as soon as we could read the recipe. I took it one step further and taught my nieces how to measure and mix things when they were 4 and 3. I was living with my sister. We had fun. Both are great cooks.

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