Baker’s Cabinet #2

Hubby and I have been working on Baker’s Cabinet #2.  (If you missed the story about the first one, read it here.)  Everything was going really good until we got stuck.  We didn’t have a top we liked.

We thought about buying a butcher block counter top piece but that was WAY too expensive for us.  We figured we could come up with something.

While trolling through the local Facebook for sale page I saw a coffee table.  I asked the dimensions and $25 and a car trip to a local town and I had a coffee table with a top that I thought we could remove and use for the top of the baker’s cabinet.  It was a butcher block counter top just like we had thought to use…only problem.  It looked REALLY new and the baker’s cabinet looked old.  UGH.  Neither one of us liked it at all.

Remember the baker’s cabinet and the butcher block are going to be butted together at the new house to make an island.  This is the top of the butcher block.


With it all beat up and worn, that new butcher block counter top looked awful.

Well Hubby was in the field so I went to work hoping I was doing the right thing.  With knife in hand I started carving and scraping essentially ruining the top.

Then I took Howard BBC012 Butcher Block Conditioner and polished the top.  The scratches came through beautifully.  I put on two coats over the course of a couple days.

This is how it looks now.


Butted up next to the butcher block with it’s wears this will look much better.  I was a little nervous for Hubby to see it because I did it without really asking his opinion.   Well..he loves it too.

We’re not quite done with Baker’s Cabinet #2..the one I am keeping but we are getting closer.  Last night  Hubby put on the drawer pulls.  Next up, pulls on the cutting boards and attach the top.  Then it’s done.

I absolutely love it.  No island anyone could build for will mean more to me than this piece does.  It was team work between the two of us and we did it up pretty good.  I can’t wait to see it finished and in the house.

Both Hubby and I had a huge laugh.  A friend of our stopped over and looked at the top…he said, “You know, I have some scratch remover that you can use.  It will take those scratches right out of the top!”

No thanks!!  I want those scratches and dings right where they are because I am the one who purposely put them there!!

5 thoughts on “Baker’s Cabinet #2”

  1. My favorite times with hubby are when we’re working in a project together. We made my ironing table together. I’ll probably will it to our son, the clothes horse. He uses it more than I do!

  2. Love it! I have a Singer sewing machine/cabinet from the 40’s that my great aunt bought new (and I inherited it from her when she passed, so I am second owner). It has bobby pin stains and coffe cup stains on the top that I will never get rid of because they remind me of her every time I see them! The finish is peeling off, and when I get around to putting a new finish on, I am NOT going to get rid of those stains, I am going to preserve them! :) Great job on the bakers cabinet – I would LOVE to have one of those!!!

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