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Several people commented yesterday about the dog food bag I made and were wondering how to make it.  I can’t make a tutorial as I don’t have another empty dog food bag right now but I can tell give you enough information for you to make one.
I cut about six inches off the bottom of the bag then sewed the opening closed again.  Then for the most part, I just followed Kayla’s Retro Tote pattern.   From the 6″ cut off section I cut two strips for handles.  I turned one side of the strip towards the middle and sewed along the edge.  Then I did the same for the other side.  Then sewed down the middle to make the handles.  At the top of the bag I just turned over the top 1/2 inch and turned that under again and sewed.

I had to laugh when I was walking through the pet section at Wal-Mart.  I saw another bag made of the heavy material and said something to Kalissa.  She looked at me and said, “No mom….NOT a cat liter bag!”  I had just seen the fabric and not the logo on the bag….

Someone mentioned in their blog post that there are chicken feed bags made of the same material.  Unfortunately my chickens don’t eat that type of feed….UGH!  I would love a chicken feed bag.

Don’t you think it’s funny that 75 years ago when the Great Depression was taking place, women all over were looking at feed sacks too.  Thankfully we are looking them as an accessory and not as a  necessity.

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