Bad News on the Family Front

I have bad news to share…Anders, our daughter Kalissa’s newborn son is in the hospital. He was born on September 21st.

On Sunday Kalissa noticed that he was fussy which is totally odd for him.  He’s completely mellow normally.  She ended up checking and he had a temp.  She waited a couple of hours hoping it was a fluke but it wasn’t.

She didn’t feel good about it so she decided to take him to the local hospital.  She let me know that I was “activated”.  That means, I’m on duty for the older boys, Carver and Gannon.  They happened to be in the field, in the combine with Craig, and had been there a bit so I went to pick up the boys.

After a bit, this picture came of Anders…

There was no real diagnosis at the time of the picture.

I knew I would be having a Grandma sleepover.  I tried to keep everyone busy…mostly myself busy so I didn’t worry.  Karl ended up coming over and we worked on cleaning off the garden.

Then Karl did an impromptu lesson on candles and beeswax that ended with making shadow figures.

…but back to Anders…

At midnight they made the decision to transfer Anders to the larger hospital.  He’s currently at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City.

This is the morning update from Kalissa:
So rounds this morning, they are calling it viral meningitis. They took him off his oxygen but he’s definitely doing the weird breathing stuff, hasn’t desaturated yet tho. Everyone here is great, they all listen, and they rounded when they said they would, and early, they included us. He has some discharge from his left eye now, they are worried maybe that’s a source of infection. I was hoping we would get down here and it would be a big overreaction and that we would be sent home today but that’s not the case. Kiddo is pretty sick. Still has a fever this morning.”

Along with that, we got the news that they would be there for three days…possibly up to a week depending on how everything goes.

That was enough news for us to make a plan.  I took the boys and we went and got their dog and clothes for the boys for the rest of the week.  We got backpacks and everything we thought we might need.  We can always go back but we got a good start.

If you don’t hear a lot from Kalissa or I, or if you ordered something from Kalissa’s shop, please be patient…it will come.  I promise.  I’d run over and fill orders but I don’t know how to get the orders off the computer and print them.

Carver and Gannon are doing okay with it all.  They feel comfortable at my house and they love playing with Izzy.  They miss mom and dad though.  Gannon made this and asked me to send a picture of it to mom.

Now they have a diagnosis.  The crop is still in the field.  Craig is a farmer so Craig needs to come back home and get back in the combine.  This is the reality of farm life.

Our friend Kelli is coming and will watch the boys.  I will head over to Kalissa’s and pick up a few things to take to her and then I’m off traveling to Iowa City to deliver what Kalissa needs and to pick up Craig to bring him back home.

It’s a topsy turvy time.  if I miss a blog post…no worries.  I’m just busy with the boys.  I promise an update tomorrow evening if not sooner.

Meningitis isn’t anything to mess with and it’s even worse in a little one.  Any prayers or well wishes are so appreciated.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this! I had a sick infant hospitalized with flu/dehydration once when we lived in Des Moines and I remember feeling as if the world had stopped. My sister, who lives in Iowa City, spent her whole career working as a dietician at the UI Hospitals, and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. He is in good hands!

  2. Bless his little sweet heart!! Please know little Anders, Kalissa, Craig, the boys, you & all your family are in my prayers!! God be with you all!!

  3. Prayers for Anders and all family members. Take care of yourself. I love how your family comes together in times like this.

  4. HUGE HUGS to Kalissa and Craig all the Kramer Klan. Ya’ll get through everything that is handed to you and you do it together.

    Praying for Anders to heal.

  5. So sorry to hear about poor little Anders. Kalissa did well to jump on it when she did. I’m a nurse and a midwife who worked in a special care nursery and you’re right, you don’t mess around with it. I will definitely be praying for you and your family. Please don’t worry about sending blogs, we all understand and you’ve got enough on your plate at this time. And take care of yourself too, Jo. God bless you all

  6. Praying for Anders and his parents; praying for a good recovery for Anders and strength for his parents and safety during harvest. Praying for you too, Jo. You are a good Grandma! Your helping out is greatly appreciated and it’s worth is beyond measure ❤️

  7. I was so sorry to hear about Anders. 56 years ago our son, 3 months old, was diagnosed with viral
    meningitis. I still remember how scary it was and how helpless I felt. The Doctors and nurses were
    wonderful and took such good care of him. He spent several days ( I don’t remember how many) in
    the hospital and then came home to recover. I still remember the first time following the illness he
    finally smiled at me. I knew them we were on the road to success. He has grown to be a great guy –
    a successful businessman, father and now a grandfather. A wonderful son!!
    The medical staff will give Anders the best care on his road to good health. Know thoughts and prayers
    of many are with your family.

  8. Many prayers for you and your family. (My son was also a Sept 21 baby. He was very sickly.) Praying for a calm peace to be with all of you. Be careful out on the road and remember so many people are praying for all of you.

  9. Sandra Davidson

    Dear Jo I am so sorry about Anders and said some prayers for him and kalissa and prayed that the fever would break. He is such a sweet baby and I know all will be well . Hugs and God Bless Sandra

  10. Prayers for all of you. Babies are so precious and such miracles. May anders recover quickly to return home home and be with his family.

  11. Dianne Holcombe

    Thank goodness it’s viral meningitis and not bacterial meningitis, but no meningitis is good in a little one like Anders. Prayers to everyone involved. Hope he’s home soon!

  12. Rebecca Hoetger

    Jo, I am so sorry to hear about what you’re all going through! It’s such a blessing that you all have each other for comfort and support. Anders especially, but the whole clan, will be in my prayers. Take heart, it sounds as if Anders is in good hands. Please don’t worry about all your friends who follow you; save your energy for yourself and your family. We can certainly understand where your focus needs to be.

  13. Prayers – on it for all of you. Please don’t worry about posting, you’ve got your hands, heart and head busy with much more needful matters right now. (Hugs)

  14. All my love and prayers for all of you. You are a blessing to your whole family, which is wonderful and I hope healing is quick and complete as soon as possible.

  15. I am sending my prayers for Anders and the family. All of us are in God’s hands, but especially when we are sick, worried and vulnerable. May the angel of the Lord keep guard over the precious little one. God bless you!

  16. I will keep Anders and his mama in my thoughts and prayers. He is so little and should not have to face meningitis. But he is in a good hospital and they will care for him. In the meantime, you just take care of your family as you always do in a pinch. The kids are so lucky to have you available. Take care on your trip and drive safely. And don’t worry about the blogs; we can do without them – this is more important

  17. Baby Anders is in my prayers for healing and comfort. I will keep all the Kramer family in my prayers at this stressful time. Safe travels to and from Iowa City, Jo.

  18. Prayers for bany Anders, his parents, and the whole family. Being ill is difficult and watching a loved one be ill is stressful and heartbreaking for all those supporting the patient.

  19. your news knocked the wind out of my sails! im so impressed with kalissa’s mom instincts. i was never that in tune or confident. kudos to her.
    hugs and prayers for all the kramer family.

  20. Je prie trés fort pour ce petit bout de chou et j’ai de tendres pensées pour toute votre belle famille. Amicalement, Fabie

  21. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Praying for Anders, Kalissa and Craig, you with the boys and Anders’ medical team! Where two or more are gathered…well, lots more than two!! Be safe on your drive tomorrow. I do love how your family all pulls together whenever there is a need. You show us how families are supposed to be! Be blessed.

  22. I am so sorry about sweet, little Anders being sick. My heart aches for your family. All of you will be in my prayers but especially Anders. Travel safe.

  23. Pamela Coughlin

    My daughter, who is now 38, had meningitis when she was 15 months old. She was in the hospital for 13 long days.
    Prayers for your little one. Hopefully all will be well and he will be home soon!

  24. Jo,
    I live in Iowa City – close to the hospital. If there is some way I can help your family, please contact me.
    Prayers being sent your way.

  25. Many prayers and virtual hugs for you all!!! (Yes, you need to concentrate on your family and we all understand that!!)

  26. So sorry Jo. My heart goes out to you all. After what the family went through when Gannon was ill as a baby, to have this little one going through this medical problem I really feel for them. My prayers are with you all. With love.

  27. Wow! Hope all is well soon! Praying for all. Great to have Grandma on call! Glad you have the opportunity to help out! ❤️ L

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