Bacon + Asparagus = LOVE!

If I ever had to choose only 10 foods to eat for the rest of my life, this would definitely be on the list!  It is SOOOOOOO good!  And the best part–It’s as easy as it is simple.

One of my favorite buys at our local Fareway is a box of bacon ends and pieces.  It’s all of the stuff that is the leftovers or pieces of bacon that for some reason weren’t packaged in the 1 pound packages to be bought at the grocery store.  This is literally a staple at my house.

To start, fry up some bacon.  I really like bacon and know that I might eat a little while it’s cooking, so I usually cut up more than I probably should.  It’s completely up to you how much you want to use!  If you don’t have ends and pieces, that sure doesn’t stop you from making this, just cut up part of a package.  Fry up the bacon until it’s pretty crispy–Unless you like not crispy bacon.  Just cook it a little less if that’s the case.

While that is cooking, cut up one bunch of asparagus.  Again, you can use as much as you want.  I don’t have asparagus at my house, so I just use a bunch that you can get at the store.  I usually cut mine into about one inch pieces after cutting off and throwing away the bottom inch.

Once your bacon is cooked, add the asparagus and cover.  Cook while covered on medium-ish heat until the asparagus is cooked through, but still tender.  I usually then sprinkle it with some fresh grated parmesean cheese and cover it back up.  Let it steam until the parmesean is melted.  I usually add some garlic salt and pepper while I’m cooking it as well.

What does the final product look like? THIS!

I was going to grab a picture before Jason and I dug in, but as you can see, I was too late!  It seriously is just that good!  Between me and Jason, we can empty this pan out quite quickly and easily….but there’s asparagus….and bacon!  Seriously though, what else could a girl ask for?!?!?

8 thoughts on “Bacon + Asparagus = LOVE!”

  1. We “luv” asparagus! This bacon is very useful in many ways of cooking. I do fresh green beans similar in a skillet. The tv chef called them blistered but I say gently fried. Happy Kramer has this part behind and hope the best outcome ahead. Enjoy your blog. Take time for yourself and ALL the Kramer Family. Wow! This mother’s day new babies to celebrate.

  2. Yum. I do the green beans just like Helen. I don’t know why I’ve never cooked asparagus this way. I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying this today. Thanks for the idea.
    Love, hugs and prayers.

  3. We have a similar recipe with green beans and we add onions…. Oh yum. Everything is better with bacon…hahah

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