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Some of you might recall that I told you I had a fall during childcare and injured my shoulder.  If you missed that you can read about it here.

I am doing okay.  I know many of you suggested lots of rest but rest and I just aren’t friends.  If I have to sit and watch television it about kills me.  I did my version of resting.  I haven’t been walking Ruby.  I’ve let Hubby help with a few things.  I’ve been careful when taking care of the kiddos to do the primary lifting with my left arm and just using my right as a guide.

If it get too sore I take it a little more easy and slowly, it’s been doing better.  I gave up on the muscle relaxants and quit taking them.  I don’t like the way they make me feel and would rather just trudge through the discomfort.

In the meantime my ankle which was also injured in the fall has progressively gotten worse and worse.  Thursday I finally went into the doctor.  After x-rays and a chat it was determined that my constant pain is related to an inflamed tendon and the sharp pain happens when the inflamed tendon interferes with the nerve…


So that leaves me looking like this now days.  No more barefoot days for me…if you know me that’s a low blow.  I’m a barefoot gal.  For three weeks if I am on my feet at all, this is what I’m suppose to look like.  ANKLE BRACED.  For the most part, I’m okay with it….but the wedding.  UGH.  I know, I shouldn’t care but I think I am going to at least ditch the thing for pictures and actual ceremony.  Once the meal is over I’ll brace up again….at least at this point that’s the plan.

I’ve talked to the doc and have come to the understanding that if I walk more on the outside of that foot that things will be better too.  So I am following the plan letter by letter hoping that by the time two weeks pass I can have a few “cheat hours” with no brace.

With the brace on and just taking a super dose of Aleve, the pain has really lessened to a completely tolerable level in both my ankle and shoulder.  That’s good news and I am very thankful for the improvements.  I am also thankful for the cool days we’ve been having.  The brace is really hot to wear.

9 thoughts on “Back to the Doc”

  1. Oh no! Sorry for your inconvenience but glad there is a somewhat do-able solution. I hate shoes too and in TX that was very do-able but up here I may have to break down and wear close-toed shoes a few months out of the year. lol (Ok, maybe just socks.) Yes, I’d have to cheat for the wedding too.

  2. Having just came out of a brace for an inflamed tendon it will get better and you can cheat and not wear the brace to the wedding and it will be ok. If you wear heals you might want something to change out to fairly quickly though. Good luck.

  3. Maybe some ribbons to match the wedding colors to put on the brace. :>)
    Or how about lacing up like those gladiator sandals!
    Put your crafting skills to work…

  4. Glad you finally went to the doctor, but I’m sorry you have to wear the brace. I did that last September – fell down 3 concrete stairs – messed up my left knee and right ankle…no fun with a brace on my knee and a boot on my foot. Do you think that maybe someone is trying to tell you to slow down??? Glad no surgery in on the horizon, but maybe you can learn to sit for more then 15 minutes at a time????? Prayers for a quick recovery!

  5. Hope you continue to heal. Sprains and strains can be more painful and take longer to heal than broken bones. Remember “baby steps.”

  6. Going through the same thing. I am into week 2 and still have 2 more weeks to go. Hope you heal soon and are ready for the wedding.

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