Back to Quarantine: I guess I’ll sew!!

Well I’m back to quarantine…back to not really seeing the kids or grandkids.  Covid has struck in our area.  I know several people who I see on a regular basis that have it.  Our county went from zero cases to seven in a the matter of a week and I’m sure that number is really going to jump as I myself know 6 people that have it.

After the news, we decided as a family that we have to stay apart again.  UGH…that’s no fun but necessary.  It’s really important that both Gannon and I be able to continue on and be able to keep our medical appointments.  We both have some this week…Gannon actually has a lot.  I have one on the 7th.

..and a little update on me, I did request a new doctor and I am getting one.  It turns out that the doctor I was set up to see, the oncologist is also a endocrinologist.  It seems to me I should have been seeing her from the start.  I am so hoping that I like her or can at least talk with her and get my questions answered.  Watch for an update on that later in the week.

So if you didn’t see, the Dirty Dozen number that Mary picked was #5.  For me that means….

5-Scrap Bargello in Plaids

I’ve made this quilt before…

I adored it.  Over the years as I’ve deboned shirts I’ve cut more strips to make another.  I gifted the first one and thought I’d love to make one to keep.

5-I have scrap vortex that I started-  It’s the project in the bag on the left in the photo below.  Some asked what Scrap Vortex is.  You can find more about it HERE.  Scroll to the was a quilt along.


#5-This is a simple rectangle quilt.  I cut out rectangles from white and black shirts when I was making Jasper’s baby quilt.  This is destin to be a quilt for a wedding so this might be bumped in at some point.

It looks like I’ll have plenty to keep me busy.

The beauty of having so many UFOs and a list with 32 projects on it is that I still get to make some choices as I have three different #5’s.

Stop back tomorrow and see what project I ended up picking to work on….If I’m not quilting, I’ll be cross stitching, cleaning, framing some cross stitch projects, gardening, or doing some kind of project around here.  I sure don’t love quarantine but I do love that I still have plenty to do…but I’ll be missing the grandkids and my own kids for sure.


14 thoughts on “Back to Quarantine: I guess I’ll sew!!”

  1. I hope you stay healthy and that the new doctor meets your needs. Quarantine is difficult for sure. It is good you have some fun quilting projects to keep you busy

  2. I am in Key West helping a sick family member (not Covid). The locals are completely committed to the requirements, masks, distancing, etc. The tourists completely ignore them. As a result, a county that had this completely under control has now seen a dramatic rise in cases. Me, I just stay in the house. Crazy times so I’m glad you are staying in.

  3. re Annie FL comment, grand daughter there for school and notices the folks from badly affected states/cities mingling about with their exposures they have brought with them. Not happy with the inconsiderateness. wouldnt one realize if they are to wear masks and stay in place it would include fleeing to another part of the country?

  4. Well, good thing we hoard fabric, eh? Saw a sign “I just went from hoarding fabric to being prepared “! How does the quarantine affect Karl and you?

  5. Hi Jo

    Really like the new header at the top! So glad to hear that you are getting a new doctor. The communication component is so important. I hope that they are a good fit. I feel very fortunate to be able to work from home and to quilt to keep me busy. I am in no danger of running out of fabric and of course, there is always online sources that cause fabric to magically appear at my doorstep!

    Take Care

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Prayers that the new Dr. meets your needs. The listening component is so important. Prayers also as you isolate. Enjoy the projects though – the new quilt project looks wonderful.

  7. Cheryl in Dallas


    Your post today was a breath of fresh air. Your county has seven reported cases of COVID in a week — it sounds great! The county where I live has had 22,000+ cases. But, it’s not a laughing matter. You only need to go to one COVID funeral to realize the serious situation that our country is currently in.

    Let me encourage you to hunker down and take what joy you can in this phase of the journey. Sew on!

  8. Cases on the rise here too, I watch the statistics daily. I don’t think we are backing out of our reopening yet though, but I am still staying at home except for necessary shopping. I hope you get out of lockdown soon!

  9. Just stay healthy! Luckily, you have lots to do at home & with face time, at least you can interface.

  10. This is the last automatic blog post I received any idea what is happening? Going through Kramer family withdrawal.

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