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It’s your luck day today.  You can see my “Try it on Tuesday” post where I’m reviewing and giving away a quilting book AND you can see my review of Country Threads’ new book “Back to Charm School” right here…Keep reading to find out how you can sign up to win one of two of the copies I’m giving away to my lucky readers.

It’s no secret that I love Country Threads the quilt shop.  It’s no secret that I love their great projects and it’s no secret that I love their new book, “Back to Charm School”.  I wrote my original review of the book a couple months ago when the book was hot off the press.   My daughter Kelli was home and needed a quick gift…and she whipped up this cute table runner from the book.


She tested the pattern and said the directions are great!  I haven’t gotten to it yet but I am really wanting to make this pillow for my daughter’s room.

I know she would love it.  Her birthday is coming in May so I’m thinking I’ve got more than plenty of time to get it done.

What I love most about the book is that everything is really quick and easy.  If you need a quick present, the book has something in it that will meet your needs.

I also love that there are projects that feature a WIDE range of skill levels.  There are easy four patch projects and this harder project with set in seams.

I know I would hate to tackle a new to me skill like set in seams when facing the prospect of making a large quilt.  But learning to sew set in seams on a small project like this would be great to build my confidence level.  What’s also neat is that you can purchase this book and use it with a daughter who is just learning to sew.  This quilt would be perfect for a beginning quilter.

If you are looking for a quilting book that features small projects…this one is perfect.  If you are looking for even more great small projects, have you seen Country Threads’ first Charm School book?

This is Country Threads’ first Charm School book.  It too is loaded with great projects.

If you want your very own copy of “Back to Charm School”, you can sign up for a chance to win one by leaving a comment here telling what your favorite size of quilting projects to sew is.  I am giving away TWO copies of the book courtesy of Country Threads and Martingale and Company.   They sent me one to keep and one to give away but I already have  my own copy so I’m giving them BOTH away and you have double the chance to win.

Other bloggers are also reviewing the book and giving away a copy so you can see what they think and sign up to win a copy from their blog too.  Here’s the schedule:

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2-24-12       Confession of a Fabric Addict
2-24-12        Colorado Lady
2-25-12        Michelle’s Romantic Tangle
2-25-12        Silver Thimble TalkI’ll pick a winner on next Tuesday.  Oh..don’t forget to stop by and see what my other book review and giveaway…and if you want instant gratification and just want to buy the book (I know I am like that!!).  You can find it here on Country Threads’ website.

190 thoughts on “Back to Charm School Blog Tour”

  1. my favorite size quilts to work on are table size or baby size quilts, both work well with charms and I love working with them. I would love to own this book!

  2. What great projects this book has. I mostly make smaller projects but have been known to make queen & king size quilts too. Thanks for reviewing this book.

  3. I LOVE the pictures of the quilts on your site. Now I really want to win it!! I am ready to work on small projects that can be table runners or quilts to just sit on the table/counter. That way I can decorate with more quilts! You are extremely kind to have two books in your drawing. Here’s hoping I win one! Have a great day!

  4. Wow these books both look awesome! I would make that pillow with the circles on it right out of the gate! Lets see I am new to quilting so the only thing I have ever completed has been pillows. I like the idea of making a throw blanket, also a wall hanging as they are doable size and if I really screwed them up I could take them apart. LOL Right now I am working on my first table runner! So I am moving up in the world.

  5. Hi Jo, I love to make all sorts of quilts. For quick and easy give-aways tabletoppers are very convenient, but for myself I just love queen-size quilts. Wish you a good day. Greetings from Germany, Alex

  6. Hi Jo, Thanks for the chance to win a give away. I would love either book. I always start out planning on making queen, double quilts but most of them have become ufo’s so they have b een changed to twin size. Lately I’ve been making table runners and smaller quilts (except Orca Bay). it’s nice to see something get finished!!

  7. I am a member of Country Thread’s Charm School and love making these small projects. I can actually get the projects done monthly. Would love to have their new book to have color pictures of all of the quilts.

  8. I really enjoy making smaller items at the moment & this looks like just the book I need. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  9. I usually make bed quilts, but am running out of beds to make quilts for. I would love to make smaller quilts for accents to my home. The pictures from the book look wonderful and I would love the chance to win this book. Thank you for the book giveaway.

  10. Pauline Kennelly

    I would love to win this book and thanks for the opportunity. I usually make king or large queen size quilts, because that’s what I use. I don’t have any space for wall hanging because of treasured pictures. I have made several personal size quilt we use while watching TV in the winter, but I like the big ones!

  11. I usually like to make double or queen sized quilts. I have a number of smaller quilts I have done but these are my favorite sizes.

  12. I would love to win this book. I was able to visit Country Threads many years ago, while visiting friends in Iowa. I could have stayed all day!!

    My favorite size project seems to be what I am working on at the moment.


  13. Nothing better than ordering something from Country Threads and getting a copy of the Goat Gazette, I love it!
    I love all sizes of quilts when piecing them but when it comes to finishing (quilting, binding, etc) I find myself doing more small quilts and wall hangings.

  14. I didn’t think I had a favorite size with my quilt projects because I do lots of different projects but when I go through my quilting memory book, the large bed quilts out number my other projects so I guess large bed size quilts must be the favorite.

  15. I am just working on bed size quilts now. I really like that pillow , i would like to make some table runners and smaller projects.

  16. What a wonderful give a way. Your daughter made a wonderful table runner. good for her
    my favorite size to quilt is twin size

  17. The projects are perfect for gift giving (and keeping). Thank you for the giveaway. Have several charm packs that I can use.

  18. I like the size that I can actually complete! Most of the time that is lap. Quick enough to finish so I can cuddle up underneath the completed work and plot my next project. Your blog is eye candy. Thanks for the review, the offer to win the fab book and the inspiration.

  19. I like making baby quilts and child-size quilts (about 48″ x 60″) for our church quilt ministry for orphans in foreign countries or for the local pregnancy help center. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. I usually make small wall hanging size quilts. I’ve made a couple of large quilts, but I’m really drawn to the smaller quilts. I only have one bed in the house and lots more walls and tables so maybe that’s why. Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

  21. I love making small projects like tablerunners and lap quilts. I make larger items but have the most fun making small ones. I love your daughter’s project. I love the first book and am looking forward to getting a copy of this one.

  22. I am just starting out with quilting, and trying to teach my daughters too. I have sewed for years, but haven’t had time to quilt. Now that all my kids are over 13, I finally have time, and would love to start. Smaller projects are what we are looking for, but want to move onto quilts very soon. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  23. i’d love to win a copy of this book.
    thank you for the opportunity.
    my favorite size of project to work on is small/doll size.


  24. I enjoy making lap quilts and baby quilts, but table runners, table squares and wall hangings are my favorites. Instant gratification, so this book would become a favorite, I’m sure.

  25. I like wall hangings and children’s size quilts. Thanks for the review. Hope to win the book and try some of those beautiful projects. K-

  26. I’m working on my very first quilt which will end up being a table topper. I’d love to make something for my bed someday…

  27. Love the contest and hope to win a copy of this fabulous book! You make it sound so easy! My favorite size quilts are the baby quilts and throws. I went wild though when I bought an older Bucilla cross stitch quilt kit at our church’s mission market and have almost finished stitching it. NOW to quilt it for our queen sized bed! I will really be ready for some of those little charm square projects after this!

  28. Personally, I like making wall hangings. So, small quilts is what I enjoy. Table runners are quick and they look so nice. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful book.

  29. I love making all size quilts. I have been reading about this book and I want to bad. Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all, especially me! LOL!

  30. I love making all size quilts but would have to say baby quilts are my favorite because every baby deserves a new quilt! I have never made a table runner but I sure would like to.

  31. Looks like there are lots of cute projects. My favorite size to sew is a lap size quilt. They are perfect to cuddle under.

  32. Glenda in Florida

    I like to mix it up–make a huge quilt, then a baby quilt, and then a couple little zipper bags or table toppers. Sometimes I need instant gratification, and other times I can work on a long term goal. I would love to win that book–thanks for being generous with the extra copy!

  33. I love to make all sizes–baby quilts seem to be the norm right now. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Country Threads; their patterns are written so well.

  34. As I am brilliant and starting things and not finishing them, little mini-quilts are perfect for me – sometimes they actually get finished!! I love the first book Country Threads goes to Charm School, and would love to have this one also.

  35. Thanks for another great give-a-way opportunity!
    So far, I’ve only made a few lap size, so I guess that is my curren t favorite. Right now I am working on what I want to be queen size!.

    Love to keep up with your “world”!

  36. My favorite quilt size is lap sized, children’s quilts or wall hanging quilts — they are much easier for me to quilt on my machine. I do love your blog– thanks so much.

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  38. This looks like a fabulous book. I tend to make twin, lap, crib and table runner size. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of ‘Back to Charm School’. Luv the star table runner your daughter Kelli whipped up…:-D

  39. This book sounds wonderful. I love to do large projects; but, I’m finding that I need smaller projects too to make me happy because large ones takes forever. LOL. Thank you for a chance to win. :-)

  40. I like all sizes of quilts, but I think lap size is my favorite. it lets me try a new color combo or block without buying a bunch of new fabric. Thanks so much for the chance to win :0)

    Happy Sewing

  41. I love Country Threads. I have several of their books and of course the projects are waiting to be made. Would love to win a copy of the new book.
    Thank you, Janet

  42. I love to make a crib sized quilt. It’s a perfect time commitment for me, every step of the way: cutting, piecing, quilting and binding. Smaller items like runners and table toppers seem to take me longer because they require more detail and precision, in my opinion.

  43. I like my small quilts to be no larger than about 30 x 30 but in truth, it’s the smaller ones I adore making. I love making ones that are in the size area of 24 x24 . Love to have this book!

  44. I prefer small projects, like totes and small quilts since I’m a beginner quilter. I would love to win this book. The projects look like something I could actually accomplish.

  45. I am a beginner quilter and have just ordered 2 Country Threads patterns to get started!! This book is just what I need!! Thanks so much for a fantastic giveaway!!!

    Ellen S

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  47. My favorite size quilt to make is lap size or baby size. I like to use up scraps for these and I also getting them finished much sooner. Many of these I am able to donate. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great books.

  48. This book is new to me, but looks like a great one to have for those quick but super cute gifts! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

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  50. I would love to win this book I confess I like little projects to do. Thanks to giving us a chance to win and know about the book Joyce

  51. I purchased the book a few weeks ago and made one of the projects to give to my 80 something Aunt in Phoenix when I visited last week (from Columbus, Ohio). She LOVED the table runner and I would love to win the book so I could send it to her. Please pick me!!:) BTW: I love your blog and Country Threads.

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