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It’s your luck day today.  You can see my “Try it on Tuesday” post where I’m reviewing and giving away a quilting book AND you can see my review of Country Threads’ new book “Back to Charm School” right here…Keep reading to find out how you can sign up to win one of two of the copies I’m giving away to my lucky readers.

It’s no secret that I love Country Threads the quilt shop.  It’s no secret that I love their great projects and it’s no secret that I love their new book, “Back to Charm School”.  I wrote my original review of the book a couple months ago when the book was hot off the press.   My daughter Kelli was home and needed a quick gift…and she whipped up this cute table runner from the book.


She tested the pattern and said the directions are great!  I haven’t gotten to it yet but I am really wanting to make this pillow for my daughter’s room.

I know she would love it.  Her birthday is coming in May so I’m thinking I’ve got more than plenty of time to get it done.

What I love most about the book is that everything is really quick and easy.  If you need a quick present, the book has something in it that will meet your needs.

I also love that there are projects that feature a WIDE range of skill levels.  There are easy four patch projects and this harder project with set in seams.

I know I would hate to tackle a new to me skill like set in seams when facing the prospect of making a large quilt.  But learning to sew set in seams on a small project like this would be great to build my confidence level.  What’s also neat is that you can purchase this book and use it with a daughter who is just learning to sew.  This quilt would be perfect for a beginning quilter.

If you are looking for a quilting book that features small projects…this one is perfect.  If you are looking for even more great small projects, have you seen Country Threads’ first Charm School book?

This is Country Threads’ first Charm School book.  It too is loaded with great projects.

If you want your very own copy of “Back to Charm School”, you can sign up for a chance to win one by leaving a comment here telling what your favorite size of quilting projects to sew is.  I am giving away TWO copies of the book courtesy of Country Threads and Martingale and Company.   They sent me one to keep and one to give away but I already have  my own copy so I’m giving them BOTH away and you have double the chance to win.

Other bloggers are also reviewing the book and giving away a copy so you can see what they think and sign up to win a copy from their blog too.  Here’s the schedule:

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2-24-12       Confession of a Fabric Addict
2-24-12        Colorado Lady
2-25-12        Michelle’s Romantic Tangle
2-25-12        Silver Thimble TalkI’ll pick a winner on next Tuesday.  Oh..don’t forget to stop by and see what my other book review and giveaway…and if you want instant gratification and just want to buy the book (I know I am like that!!).  You can find it here on Country Threads’ website.

190 thoughts on “Back to Charm School Blog Tour”

  1. I like doing the bigger quilts until it comes time to quilt them, the smaller ones then come into their own. So much easier to manipulate under a domestic machine. These smaller projects are perfect for making gifts

  2. I make everything from table runners to bed quilts, depending on my mood i guess lol! I would probably get a lot more done if I made more small quilts! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Thanks for the generous giveaway of the chance to win ONE of the Back to Charm School Books. The pillow is adorable! My favorite size project is usually a queen sized quilt.

  4. I like to sew lap quilts, and mini quilts. I have yet to make a full bed sized quilt, however I’m working on my first one. I’ve tried some of the patterns from the first Country Threads book, and loved it!

  5. Looks like a great book! I’m a new quilter, and am working on making quilts for every bed in the house–just finished the first one, for my middle child, so I guess bed-sized quilts are my favorite size. Now I need to get busy and finish up the quilts for the other kids as well as the one for dh and me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I like to get things done, so the smaller the better! I especially enjoy smaller quilts because they’re easier to add a touch of hand quilting to them. Thanks for the chance to win the Country Threads book!

  7. I lie the convenience of precuts to make lap quilts. After previewing this book, I know I will be using charms now. Great project ideas! Found your blog through the moda bakeshop curio quilt tutorial!

  8. I love working with charms – there’s so much you can do with them – When I have scraps, that’s the first thing I make – and then strips! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Thank you for the giveaway. I’ve made a few large quilts, but have become very interested is smaller projects (mini quilts, tablerunners, paper piecing).

  10. My favorite size project depends on what I want to make! Sometimes I start a project because I need something specific and the size has to fulfill that need. But other times, the quilt talks to you an demands to be bigger or your schedule or skills talk to you and demand it be made smaller!

    I’ve made a quilt from a Country Threads design so love their work. Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  11. My favorite size quilt is baby quilts and table toppers. I have made a few queen size quilts but prefer the smaller. It seems like you are getting more accomplished as they finish faster. Thanks for the chance to win! KMA

  12. So far all of my projects have either been crib quilts or twin size quilts. I’m not sure which is my favorite though! I would love to win one of these books! Looks like a great way to win new techniques!

  13. I like lap quilts and wall hangings. I just finished a generous queen size quilt, so now I’m concentrating on small decor items like table toppers for a while for some quick gratification!

  14. I have decided to make two quilts a year for family members for Christmas, this year I have a twin size and queen size, next year two twin sizes. I would love to have some small projects to make for instant gratification!

  15. I have decided to make two quilts a year for family members for Christmas, this year I have a twin size and queen size, next year two twin sizes. I would love to have some small projects to make for instant gratification!

  16. I like sewing all kinds of things. I am getting into quilting more and would love this book to help learn new skills. All the projects look really cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. I make all sizes of quilts, but like smaller projects that are faster and easier to quilt. Would love to have this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. I would really LOVE to win a copy of this book!!!! Thank you for generously giving away two copies. =)

    I prefer to quilt smaller things…runner to lap size…just because you get done faster and it’s less challenging to move on my sewing machine…but I have done a queen size quilt top too. =)

    Thanks again!

  19. I like and really NEED to make some bigger quilts, but in between I like a small project for instant gratification. LOVE Country Threads!

  20. I love making runners and table toppers – I usually end up giving them away as I run out of tables!!
    This looks a great book!

  21. Laurel from Iowa

    Hi, Jo – thanks for the chance to win this cool book. I like making generous lap-sized quilts the best. Bigger ones I find hard to bind with my current sewing area setup. I really like that pillow – I’m crazy for polka dots!

  22. Love Country Threads too! I’m done making bed quilts. Now I love making table runners mostly or wall hangings, oh and baby quilts.

  23. I love to sew mini or doll sized quilts. This new “Charm” book would be perfect for me, so I appreciate having a chance to win a copy. Thanks.

  24. I like to make lap quilts for a couple reasons. They are manageable to quilt and I usually don’t lose interest by the end of the project. Thanks for sharing this book…I love that pillow! Would be a cute technique for a doll quilt.

  25. I would love to win this book. There are so many small projects and using charm packs cut down on the cutting. I like to work on lap quilts and wall hanging. Much more manageable

  26. Well, my last three quilting projects have been a queen-sized bed quilt, a lap quilt and a mini. I am all over the board, but I think lap quilt would have to be y favorite to make (larger would be my favorite to HAVE – ha ha).

    Thanks for the great chance to win! I love charms!!

  27. I like various size projects, small ones for quicker gratification and larger ones as an ongoing project. I like to work on more than one at a time.

  28. Favourite size really depends on what my latest obsession is. Probably lap size at the moment – it’s winter here, and having something to curl up with on the couch is very appealing.
    Thanks for the review, and the chance to win.

  29. I’ve only done lap size quilts so far. But, I figured, since I’ve only ever made 1 quilt, and am learning new blocks every week, lap size is probably good for me.

  30. SWEET!! I LOVE Country Threads! I have always liked to make bed sized quilts, and baby quilts. I have recently been bitten by the Doll quilt sized bug!! I am loving making these sweet little quilts!

  31. I make lap quilts more often than anything – I’m on a quest to be a ‘finisher’ this year! This looks like an awesome book – thanks for the review.

  32. Thanks for sharing Jo!!! I love to make lap-sized quilts best. I have all the bed quilts I need, so I only make one that size for others who request one. And the small quilts are fun and I love them, but you can’t hardly snuggle up with one =^..^= Lap quilts are perfect for cuddling up on the sofa with a good book or a favorite movie… and I can change them out often to give them equal opportunity love!

  33. Thanks for chance to win; really like those projects you displayed from the book. My favorite size is a baby quilt. I like that I can finish them relatively quickly and move on to something else. I’m sewing the binding on one today for a friend due any day. (marshudson at comcast dot net)

  34. Both of these books are new to me. I’d never seen them before but they definitely look great. Being somewhat new to quilting yet, I haven’t had the nerve to do a big quilt so the smaller projects like those in these books are what I love to do most. I have done a few baby quilts so far and need to get a few more done for my Grandchidlren who have been born in the past six months (2 of them now, 1 boy/1 girl).

  35. I confess, I am usually a big quilt kind of girl. However, I have several charm packs that would work perfectly with some of those patterns. And I have been known to biggerize small quilt patterns!

  36. Hi! I like to make just about any size project! My favorite would be with applique! I love all of these projects, quick, simple, easy. If you wanted a bigger project, just make x 4 of the same, sew together, large quilt!
    Thanks for the giveaway books!
    Take care, Leslie

  37. I think this is a fabulous book. I love making small quilts with charm squares, and these patterns really fit the bill. Your daughter’s table runner is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  38. I really love making small quilts and I use quilt hangers to decorate in the home. There are some really cute ideas and love looking at all the blogs.

  39. Do you know what I call small quilt projects? “Instant Gratifications” It is nice to have something quickly and feel accomplishing something great at the same time. I want this book! It is on my list. Even if I don’t win…I’m getting a copy! Thanks for the chance! OH… that pillow it reminds me of their Bull’s Eye pattern I made several of years ago. It’s now on my list of “to-dos” aka “instant gratifications.”

  40. I love all sizes of quilts, my current favories are some little quilts. I have finished four since New Years, most measure about 17 inches. This book looks like so much fun, I love the photos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. I like to make baby quilts, lap quilts, table runners and this year I’m planning on making at least 3 queen size quilts. So, I guess I like all sizes. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  42. I have a bad habit of picking very large projects and then never finish them. Now wouldn’t it be smart to go for small and actually complete something? What a sense of accomplishment!

  43. I like making quilts that are twin size and smaller. I’ve made a queen sized quilt before and it was TOUGH to quilt on my tiny home machine! One day when I get a long arm quilter maybe I won’t mind bigger projects so much. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I’m not sure I have a favorite size — it’s usually determined by who or what the quilt is for. I make many lap size and crib size for donations. I’ve liked the Country Threads books, since they were first published. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  45. I like to snuggle under my projects but it’s so much easier to do a nice wall hanging no bigger than 40×40. Quickly pieced and my wrestling with it while quilting is minimal.

  46. The size I do not like is the size I need to tackle next – a full size queen quilt for our bed!
    I love smaller quilts, anything up to lap quilt size but have been putting off starting a project which I know will take a long time (lots of small triangles) but it was chosen by my lovely OH.

  47. I loved the first Country Threads book and know I would like this one too. I love making small quilts because I can try a new block or technique without a huge time commitment.

  48. Hi Jo: Love to make wallhanging/table runner sizes since I work full-time. I feel like I accomplish something. Thanks for the chance to win a book! It looks like a great book!

  49. I mainly make baby and lap size quilts. But my first quilt 15 years ago was king size log cabin with 1.5 inch blocks and I hand quilted it. I still love it. Suzanne

  50. I would love to win this book. It looks like it has amazing projects. i like to make little projects in between big projects. It keeps me motivated. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  51. I like them somewhere in the range 40 x 60 although I seldom find designs that fit. I’m pulled to projects that are nearly twice this size. I had a glance yesterday at this book on the two blogs featured and really like what I see. Sandi

  52. I really like making small doll-sized quilts – they work up so quickly and give me a real sense of accomplishment. Plus they’re fun to hang on the wall!

  53. I like to mix it up–the larger quilts can sometimes be a test of endurance, so the smaller projects provide some instant gratification.

  54. I make all size quilts. I try to have table runners made in advance for gift giving.

    That loose applique pillow you showed as your next project, really intrigues me….Big TIME!

    Thank you for your generosity!!

  55. I think I would like to make small table size quilts. But it seems like every time I start one I like it so much it ends up being queen sized. lol Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. This has been fun so far – seeing some of the projects in the book. Country Threads write such good books. I still look through the ones from the 80’s that they put out.
    All sizes of quilts are fun to make, but I love my little doll quilts the best!

  57. My quilts always seem to grow when I’m making them. I need a book that has smaller projects in them. Would love to win one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. How “charming” that your daughter also shares the fun with you! I had not seen the pillow pattern from the book…totally love it! Not sure I can wait to see if I will win a copy of this book… ;-) … I want to make these projects NOW! Thanks for the inspiration!

  59. I’d love an opportunity to win one of the copies of Country Threads newest books. I have loved their designs for a long time. I mostly make lap size quilts, but always enjoy making projects that are a lot faster using charms. Thanks for your review.

  60. I like small projects that I can quilt myself. It’s also nice to make something smaller that can be completed. I’d love to win a copy of this book.

  61. I’ve made all sizes of quilts, but I usually make smaller projects so I can experiment with fabrics and designs. I especially like seasonal projects like table runners or mats that I can use throughout the year and for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. That looks like a great book! I’d love to win a copy! I really don’t think I can choose a favorite size of project to make! I love them all. I love to make table runners and wallhangings for gifts, but I love bigger quilts and miniatures like the QSQA! Sooo many options, so little time! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  63. I have always made bed size quilts,but this year I decided to do mostly mini quilts and I’m loving it!!!!!!
    This new book looks like a lot of fun,would love to be able to add it to my collection,thanks for the chance.

  64. Hi Jo…My favourite size of project to make seems to be large lap size quilts. I have two young boys and everyone likes to cuddle with a quilt!

  65. thanks for a chance to win this book. I have made everything from mug rugs to pretty large quilts. I probably like to make lap quilts
    best because you do get to see results fairly quickly. I have started making mini quilts too, which I enjoy.

  66. I’d say lap quilts are the best size for me right now. Learning to quilt right now so it’s better to stick to something smallish.

  67. I make all sizes of quilts but like to do small projects in between to break it up. I have a fondness for table runners and would like to make a mini quilt for an antique high chair we picked up.

  68. I love the look of the quilts in this book and would love to own it! Thanks for the double give away! My favorite quilt size to make is double bed about 80×80 as it can be used in so many ways. I make a lot of table-runners as quick gifts for friends and family.

  69. My favorite size to work with would be wall hangings. They are quick and fun to make. Sort of instant gratification :-) Thanks for the great giveaway. The book looks awesome!

  70. I have, and love, the first charm school book…and would love to win the second one! I love small projects like wall hangings and lap quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. Bed-sized quilts are my favorite though lately want to make smaller quilts / runners so can learn how to FMQ and machine quilt. Thanks for the chance. Mary E. sent me.

  72. I LOVE making projects from charm packs. Always collecting them so can’t wait to get this book! Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

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