Back From the Vet

The vet got us in early this morning which I very much appreciated.  We’re home now and hopefully on the mend.


She’s awake from the sedative but not her perky self yet.  In fact, after I get done writing this I am going to see if I can get her to lay down again.  She’s really fighting sleep but in the end, it’s the best thing for her.

In the night she had licked the wound and it opened up a little more so it’s a good thing we went to the vet.


She’s got about six stitches that are wide apart so it can still drain.  She has some pain meds and some antibiotics.

The vet isn’t sure it the skin flap will actually adhere back in place but if it doesn’t, at least for now, it’s keep the flesh covered and act like a band aide.

Someone asked me about fostering a pup but for now, I’m holding off hoping to give Ruby a week or two to get back to herself.  As much as I love fostering, my dog still comes first.  It’s great to know that others are out there that can foster when I can’t.

I’m off the snuggle my Ruby…thanks for the kind comments and well wishes.

14 thoughts on “Back From the Vet”

  1. Hi: Poor Ruby. Hope she mends fast and is back to her usual self soon. She needs to be doing her posing job on all the new quilts. Love pictures of her.

  2. Good to hear Ruby made it thru her stitching (and the ride there and back). Will she be trying to lick at the wound? That can be an issue sometimes.

  3. I love your blog and laugh and cry at your critter stories. I enjoy reading about Ruby because I can’t have a dog. Hope she’s back to her old self soon.

  4. Poor Baby !! She seems pretty tough to go through as many things that she has for being as young as she is. At least she is on the mend now.

  5. I am glad your trip was uneventful. Lots of snuggling and maybe an extra biscuit or two will result in a speedy recovery :)

  6. Poor baby! I always feel so bad when my fur baby has something wrong because they don’t understand why they have to go to the doctor and why we’re doing something so mean to them when they already feel bad. Thankfully they always forgive us. I hope Ruby mends soon and is back to her self in record time.

  7. I’m so glad Ruby is on the mend! If she still licks at her wound and you don’t want to do the cone-head thing, try putting her in a baby onesie in about a 3 year old size. If you put in on with the tag on her chest, you can snap the bottom around her tail – just unsnap and fold up for necessary trips outside. I did this when my little girl was spayed and it was way more comfortable for her then the cone on her head.

  8. Do you have points on your fence, chain link or wood ? It sort of looks like she may have jumped up and gotten too close and gashed herself on the way down.

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