Back at the New House: New Windows

I know it’s been a long time since I posted much about the new house.  With harvest and the holidays, we haven’t made much head way.  Last week the contractor came and the new windows went in.


I am sure to all of you, it doesn’t look like much.  But to Hubby and me, the new windows have made a world of difference!!

The pretty leaded glass is not up anymore.  Sadly we had to choose between pretty and function…Function won.  We did save the leaded glass and are making plans to do something with it.


Even the ugly outside of the house looks better with the white showing from the new windows.


Today we spent much of the afternoon at Menards collecting supplies for a big work day on Sunday.  I spent this evening cooking so feed the help.  I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s progress!!

Working on the new house reminds me that I want to take care of me so that I can enjoy the house for many years to come!

7 thoughts on “Back at the New House: New Windows”

  1. We have 43 windows in our 125 year old Victorian house that we are slowly replacing with energy efficient windows and oh, what a difference it makes! So far, 14 windows are done, just 29 more to go! Good thing we are doing the installation ourselves! That is saving us a ton!
    It’s the “pay as we go” way of doing it though, so it will be a while before they are all done!

  2. They look beautiful! Inside and out! I think you will be so glad you went with the wood and they will lovely for years to come.

  3. Your windows look lovely should help to keep you warmer with them and must be encouraging for you to see something being done your new home. I look forward to seeing the progress you make and makes me think that it might be a good idea to get our windows done as well. Keep up the good work I enjoy your blog.

  4. Love your new windows!! We had 27 windows replaced in our 90 year old farm house this past summer and what a difference it has made! Looks great, they actually open and we are no longer going through $1,000 a month in fuel oil for the old (50-60 years old) furnace just to keep the house at 60 degrees. Love it! And since the old leaded glass is gone, it is much easier to see outside too!!! I am just so grateful to my FIL (he owns the farm and the house) for doing that and putting up metal siding this summer too. Have fun coming up with ideas for using the old leaded glass windows. I’ve seen on pinterest some that were used to make tables out of and they were adorable!

  5. Thank you for posting about your house. I don’t quilt, but I always follow your blog for the recipes, stories about family and now the new house. I hope you continue to give us a sneak peek into the renovation. It is fun to follow along. Stay warm!

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