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Things here have been crazy.  Really crazy.  We’re all in the “it takes a village” mode.  Happily, our family is really, really good at “it takes a village” mode.

I’ll tell you a bit about what has been going on the last few days while I photo bomb you with pictures of the baby boys.

Monday I woke at the hotel in Rochester.  I ended up taking my time there and then went off to do some errands for Kelli.  I ended up at Walmart and had a very frustrating time.  They did not have lady’s briefs that weren’t white in Kelli’s size.  I looked and looked and finally came up with one pack.

I ended up walking through the clothes and found some sleeveless shirts for childcare for summer. I wanted to try them on but UGH.  I could not find anyone to open a dressing room.  I finally did and the person couldn’t find the key.  He told me in a way that made me think he just wasn’t going to look anymore.  I said, maybe the manager might know where the key was…He ended up asking the manager and finally, I got into a dressing room.

In the past, I have gotten frustrated with people who complain about Walmart, but if that was my normal experience, I would complain too.  Our local Walmart is clean and the service is really good unless you’re there at 10 pm.  I am glad I got a few shirts though.

After that, I headed to the hospital, saw Kelli and the boys, and then went home.  Kalissa was on her way to Rochester to see the boys and we had a sitter watching Georgia and Gannon.

Kalissa has a busy week and that was about the only time she could go…plus all of us wanted her to go.  She is the picture-taking guru and thanks to her, I can share these pictures with you all today.

The boys are getting easier and easier to tell apart.  Eli has a narrower face and is lighter complected.

He seems a little more easygoing.  Time will tell on that.

Emmett has longer darker hair.

He has a wider face and to me looks more like Georgia.

Kelli is going really good.  She overdid a little on Monday and was sore on Tuesday but that’s a little to be expected.

The above and below pictures are Eli.

Right now the boys’ goal is… to learn to eat.  The sucking reflect and eating develops at the end of pregnancy and these boys being born when they were missed out on that.  They put milk in the syringes and give them a pacifier at the same time.  It gives them the idea to suck to get milk.  Emmett, below, is a little better at feeding than Eli is.

Tuesday was workday at Kelli’s house.  Kalissa, Kayla, our family friend named Kelli, and I all went to try to get things together for Kelli.  She hadn’t pulled baby clothes, cleaned car seats, or done anything to get ready for the babies.  She didn’t expect them yet.

We spent much of the day there and I’m hoping to go over a couple of more days.

I love this picture of Jason with Eli.

It’s Tuesday night as I write this.  I’m totally pooped.  I tried and sore from carrying boxes and organizing things for the babies.  I think the “high” of it all is finally hitting me too.  Georgia is still with me.

Tomorrow Kelli is coming home but coming to my house for two overnights.  She’s missing Georgia. Jason is trying to get some farming done before the boys come home.  So coming and staying at my house makes sense.  On Friday she’s heading back to the hospital to see the boys and will stay overnight.

That’s as far as we are for a plan.  That is enough of a plan for now.

Karl has been a huge help.  He’s been coming over in the evening and making food for whoever is here.   He’s been hanging with the kids and giving the rest of us a bit of a break.  I’m so thankful for him.

Our friend Kelli and her daughter Sofie have also been the greatest help.  We are so blessed to have them as well.  They feel like they are part of the family.

We’re all good…we’re all tired but we’ll be getting a second wind here soon.  Thank you so much for all of the kind comments, prayers, and good wishes you have sent our way.  We so appreciate your support.

29 thoughts on “Baby Updates”

  1. Congratulations to all- sounds like the babies came early- I’ve been out of town for a week as we prepare to move back to Tx. God Bless all of you.

  2. Dear Jo, if I lived near Rochester I would gladly offer you and Kelli accommodation at this time. Sadly I don’t live anywhere near. Thinking of the new babies with hope.
    Regards from England

  3. What sweet, precious little guys! I can tell how blessed you all feel. You have your hands full, but so thankful for your “village” especially at times like this. It will be hard for Kelli to leave the little ones, but hoping she will get needed rest before she returns. My mother said twins are a double blessing (sister and brother twins in our family), and you all will see that in the days to come.

  4. Congratulations to all! What beautiful babies, really like Kramer as a middle name and I’m sure Emmett’s middle name John is named after someone too. Emmett looks like Carver.

    1. Emmett’s middle name John is Jason’s dad Jeff’s middle name. It’s been a middle name in Kramer’s of the past…Buck and Carver both have John as middle names and there’s me with my maiden name of Johnson. John was an obvious choice because of all of that!!

  5. Congratulations on the birth of two beautiful grandbaby boys! I’m sure you all are thrilled and I’m so thankful you have each other to lean on and help during this time! Remember to get rest yourself Grandma will be praying for a steady improvement in the sucking skill and continued growth for both! Enjoy this precious time!

  6. They are adorable!!!! So thankful all is well. Your family is so good at fitting in the newest little members. Blessings!

  7. The babies are precious. So happy they and Kelli are doing so well. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  8. Are the twins identical or fraternal?

    Sounds like everyone is doing well thank goodness.

    Congratulations to you all.

  9. Congratulations to Kelli & Jason (and you)! They made some Cute Babies! I’m hoping they get to go home sooner than what’s expected. It may be a long drive to go see them, but the drive back home without them is even longer, I bet.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Thanks for the update. Those boys are A#1 adorable. Emmet’s picture with thoze bright eyes and Eli with that sweet sleeping baby look . So precious. Praying for you all. Get some rest so you can grandma happily.

  11. Congrats again to Kelli and Jason on the birth of their handsome baby boys. And to the rest of the family for their new additions. So thankful for your village that comes together to get things done.

    Sending love, hugs, and prayers to you all.

  12. What precious baby boys. They are adorable. I had my first great grandson in December, and they are so precious. Blessings on the entire village!

  13. Congratulations to all on the blessed birth of the twin babies! So precious, lots of joy ahead for all. Love how everyone pitches in when there’s a need; that’s true family spirit !

  14. The boys are beautiful! So sweet! Prayers in thanksgiving for the safe delivery. What a blessing to have so many friends and family to pull together to welcome the boys! All my best wishes and congratulations all around!

  15. What beautiful babies, Congratulations to Kelli, Jason, Georgia and all your family! Seeing them on the bipap machines breaks my heart. My youngest (16 months) inhaled meconium when she was born via c-section and wasn’t breathing well so she was on one for two days in the NICU. Its so hard seeing one so tiny hooked up to all those machines but Thank God for them too. Thankfully my girl is a healthy, rambunctious toddler now. The time really does go so fast. God bless your family, I pray for you every day during my morning prayers.

  16. Congratulations Jo, the babies are precious beyond words. What an exciting way to enter the world and I shall keep them in my prayers.

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