Baby Update

We have a baby update for you…but first I wanted to make sure I told you about the Mother’s Day sale SewPad is having.

Gary the owner of the company wrote and said, “We’ll be doing a Mother’s Day promo starting on May 7th and running through midnight on May 10th. Free priority shipping. Promo Code is MOMDAY.”

I’ll be honest.  I had bought myself a new sewing chair and thought I might give up my SewPad, after all the new chair is super cushy.  Why would I need an extra pad?

WRONG.  It went right back on.  I tried it without but I’ve become addicted to my SewPad…so it went right back on my chair.

I’m super comfy now…comfy chair and comfy pad.

Now for the baby update…I got my picture with the boys…FINALLY!!!  It’s Emmett on the left and Eli on the right.

Kelli came to my house on Tuesday after an appointment.  Then yesterday I went to her house for the day so I’m soaking in some time with them.

I didn’t get time to write a full blog post so instead, I am going to send you to Kalissa’s blog.  Kalissa did a blog post with tons of pictures with the babies and the cousins.  You can see it all by following THIS LINK.  I’m warning you in advance, you’re in for baby cuteness overload!!

11 thoughts on “Baby Update”

  1. Many years ago, a friend had twin boys. She always put oldest/first born on left in pics. When I adopted twins I “tried” to use same idea. It helps when looking at pics since very few people could tell them apart – especially my Mother; their Nana. Congrats to all.

  2. Sheila in WI

    Aww! thanks for the update! Love all the pictures while precious memories were made! Savor every moment with these little ones!

  3. Judith Fairchild.

    You were so right to say cuteness overload. Such sweetness is precious. Yes Georgia those are your brothers 1st. : ). Thank you for the PSA reminder. I was one of those empty wombs till I was 34. The questions about having children was almost unbearable. Thankfully I was allowed a big share of my sisters children which helped with baby hunger.
    Jo I dobelieve Karissa is right that you’re looking younger.
    Llove c and prayers for you all.

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