Baby Twister Charity Quilt

I finished up a baby sized twister quilt.  It was sent to me as a charity quilt top.  I am just sick as I don’t know who sent it.

You might remember that Kelli had helped me reorganize the sewing room several months ago…well Kelli didn’t know my organization plan and just put a bunch of the quilts together.  It made me loose the contact person who made it.  I’m just not sure who made it.   It makes me feel so bad.  It was near a pile that I thought was from Marge…but I just don’t know if this was hers.

The quilt is so cute.
This a great little scrappy quilt…so cute that anyone could love.

The backing and the binding are both from fabric that was sent to me.  I debated a long time trying to decided if it could pass as a boy quilt…they decided not and put the pink backing and binding on it.  A few of those fans are pink…it’s odd that a girl quilt can have some blue, but boy quilts just don’t have pink.


I always love striped fabric for a binding.


This one is going in the pile waiting until I have several to send off to Quilts of Compassion…or if something comes up before then, it will go there.

Thanks so much for the charity quilt top donation.  This one was especially fun to work on…who doesn’t love a quick quilt?!

3 thoughts on “Baby Twister Charity Quilt”

  1. Very pretty baby quilt. Even though I haven’t sent you any tops to quilt, I appreciate you taking the time to finish other people’s charity projects.This is a wonderful ministry. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I love this quilt. Do you have any idea how to make it? I am also wondering how large it is. Like you, I love striped bindings and have just bound a baby boy quilt with a lime and white striped fabric. You are very good to finish all these charity quilts that people send you – and equally, folk are very kind to donate them. Aren’t quilters generous? My husband says he thinks everyone who quilts is a lovely person, and he has met an awful lot of them over the years, being married to a quilt fanatic!

  3. You are so right about blue on a girl’s quilt is totally acceptable but not pink on a boy’s quilt. The NICU nurse in our guild has told us that repeatedly. The twister quilt is darling. Love that green being used as the background! Great job.

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