Baby Quilt

When we lived at the farm you might remember that I had taken a lot of left over scraps and sewn them into a baby quilt just sewing and improvising as I went.  I had no pattern I just added as the scraps and my imagination allowed.  I had gotten this far, wanted it bigger and then got stuck.

Then a box of fabric came from Diane V.  There was a perfect fabric in the box and I intended on adding it as a simple border.

Then Paulette suggested that I add a green border before the pink….Great idea…but where to get the green?  Back to Diane’s box of goodies of course.

So that’s how it looks.  MUCH better.

This is a top just in time as I got a notice that my nephew’s having a girl and baby shower in just a few days.  This is loaded on the frame.  All I need is a little time to machine quilt it, bind it and get it in the mail.

Thank goodness for UFO’s when I get in a pinch.

5 thoughts on “Baby Quilt”

  1. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Oh, that green border just makes this quilt pop! Please share a picture when you are done if you can.

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