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Cross Stitch Update

I have had a busy week…and am still having a busy week.  I’ve had company and did the live video.  I had grandkids here…and Thanksgiving with family that is staying extra days so not a lot of cross stitch happened.  I also spent a day organizing and revamping my cross-stitch plans.  I wrote it all up in a blog post.  If you missed that, you can find it HERE.

Before I get into what I got stitched this week, I thought I would answer a comment that came in after I wrote about getting myself organized.

Pamela said:
Thanks for the tip about which end to pull the floss. I never knew that! I thought I had too many unfinished or unstarted projects but you really have me beat. OMG! I can’t imagine getting all of those finished.”

In the blog post I wrote I showed off my organized charts.  I showed the charts I had picked out and found the floss for the projects that I hope to be stitching in the next while.  I picked more charts than I’ll likely ever finish.  I know that…but I like to have options.

I’m guessing that one or two will get stitched over the next couple of months.  What doesn’t get stitched will go in a pouch and I’ll set that aside and save them for next year labeled as Christmas.  As time passes, I’ll likely pick up another chart and add it to the bag.  This is just kind of how I do things.  I like to have options.  I like to have something together that I can quickly grab and go with.

For quilters, having a stash of fabric is a real thing.  There are lots of people who collect and collect fabric.  They like having it on hand.  Some people simply collect fabric and don’t sew much of it at all.  Some do this because they love a fabric line and know the line is gone and will be unavailable if they don’t buy it when it is in stores.

For cross-stitchers the thing to collect is charts.  They too go out of print.  Some charts are going for over $100 on eBay because people want to stitch them so charts get collected and admittedly, I am a chart collector.  I’ve seen this chart, Queen of Freedom, go for over $250.  That is the chart only…no linen, no floss.

It’s because the chart is no long available but people would love to stitch it…me included.

Part of that has me collecting charts but the other part is, I just enjoy it.  Some people collect Fiesta Dishes, Salt and Pepper shakers, thimbles, and the like…me, it’s cross stitch charts.

I take them to bed.  I look at the color combos.  I dream and estimate in a perfect world how long it would take me to stitch.  I check out Instagram.  I look at the chart and then at the pictures of the finished projects people have stitched.  I see what kind of linen and flosses they use.  I compare and pick the ones I like best and dream about if I ever stitched it, what fabric I would stitch it on.

A whole love of entertainment comes from a single chart…so I collect them.  YES, it’s way more than I’ll ever stitch and I’m totally okay with that.  I still get a lot of entertainment value from them.  So I’m always going to have WAY more charts than I will ever stitch…

But happily, I do get some stitched…Here’s what I did this week… Continue reading

Community Quilts from Ray

Ray got some great quilt tops in from Cathy R and he’s finishing them up!!

Ray writes:
Cathy R, a Florida snowbird, sent me some quilts last spring. I pulled this one out of the stack to finish for the church ladies’ Holiday Bazaar in December. Remember this is Florida and dark reds and greens are not the norm. I love the great use of the charm squares and the wide sashing and border. Cathy included the backing and the binding with the top.

I decided to use a light green thread to help bring out some of the green in the quilt. The quilting motif is called Flipped on Feathers.

There is a pattern in one of the blocks that mimics the quilting motif. My thanks to you and Cathy for the resources to finish this beautiful quilt.

This is another top from… Continue reading