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Twilting with Carver

Gannon had a doctor’s appointment the other day and Kalissa asked me if I’d keep Carver.  It was only to be about 3 hours max.  I said sure but talked to Carver in advance telling him I had to get a quilt finished and he’d have to be good in the sewing room and let me do it.

So he played on his Ipad while I bound the quilt.

But then he got bored so I tried to think of something to entertain him.  He was awed that the tops lifted off of my old sewing chairs and there was a secret compartment there.

He hid all of his treasures…oh he giggled thinking he was so tricky to hide them there.

Carver is all about tools and mechanics and learning about them so when my bobbin ran out of thread I thought I’d show him how to fill a bobbin.  Oh my word, you would have thought he died and went to heaven.  Seriously, he was a bobbin filling fool.

Here he is pushing the button to make it fill.

I had no idea but…. Continue reading

Down a Rabbit Hole: Punch Needle

So the reason it’s taking me so long to REALLY clean my sewing room is that I end up down some rabbit holes.  Today’s rabbit hole….Punch Needle.

I did punch needle some time ago….well actually a long time ago.  It was all because of the gals at Country Threads.  Here are some pictures of the samples they had in their shop…trust, there were TONS more but here are a few that got me to give punch needle a try.  These photos were from back in 2011.

I just love these…


I wish I had them all….

NeedlePunch-9…but I wish they were all finished!!

Country Threads always did an awesome job of finding interesting things to mount the finished pieces on…like above the little dust pan.

The gals were so into punch needle that they even started designing their own patterns.  Here are a few… Continue reading

My Flowers….and Grandma Time

I thought you might enjoy seeing my flowers outside.  They are really beautiful this year.  I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with them.  I planted my own hanging baskets this year.  I’ve always wanted to but it never has happened.  Then last year in about November, I was over at Kalissa’s house and saw that she had her three huge hanging baskets, now dried up and dead, next to her garbage can.  I asked her if she was throwing them out and she said yes, so I asked if I could have them.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said sure….

Well this is the hanging basket now….

I planted an unusual assortment of fushcias, sunpatiens, and regular impatiens.  I love the baskets and will plant them like this next year too.

Here’s Georgia playing in the water that leaked out of the basket after I watered them.

The two matching baskets hang on the pole that Craig put up for me last year.  We did so much landscape work last year and this year, the work is finally looking really good.

This is the front of the house.  I think I’m going to have Buck build me another planter to go at the front.  He originally built these for me as a mother’s day present.  He builds a lot of decks for people and then can have the leftover lumber scraps.  He made the planters with that and I love them.

Here you can see the back side of them…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

I don’t have a lot of sewing to report.  I finished up several projects last week and am ready to start in on new projects.

The Dirty Dozen Number was picked.  It’s #3.  That is the UFO I need to work on for August.  Well if you’ve been reading along with me, you know that I actually have 3 lists that I am working from so…here are my #3 projects.

3-Hawk’s Nest
This isn’t really even very far along.  I have the triangles..and I have the fabric.

The finished quilt looks like this…

It’s a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  I’m using up a BUNCH of bonus triangle to make this.  All I really have is bonus triangles…nothing else is started so I wonder if that even counts as a UFO…but I put it on the list so I need to tackle it…

I pulled it, recounted and oriented myself to the project again.  With UFOs, that truly is a big step in winning the battle.  Then I started sewing.  I wanted machine time and not cutting time-I have the Carver and Gannon today so will cut today while they are here.

For Sunday I simply wanted to make any progress on the project that I could.  I started sewing the bonus triangles together for the border.

The picture only shows a couple but I got enough for one side of the border together.  YAHOO.  Progress is GOOD.

Remember I have more than one UFO list so I decided to pull another of the UFOs to see if I could make any progress on that.

I have this wool project…I’d love to get this done.  I have the frame for it already..I just need to finish the inside.

It was project the #3 on my 2nd Dirty Dozen list.  I’ve wanted to do this for forever and it’s happening.

Here it is all pulled out.

I got out my wool…I think that’s always what has prevented me in the past….my wool was a mess.  BUT, remember I cleaned the sewing room.  The wool is managed now so it wasn’t the chore it previously was.

In the past I’ve collected wool for the sheep.

So I pulled and sorted and found some wool that I liked…but then I ran into this problem.  The background fabric needs a good coffee/tea dye.  If I don’t, the sheep won’t show up on the project.

So that will happen today while the boys nap.  I also found out that I don’t have any green wool for the grass so I went on Etsy and ordered some of that.  Progress…although not a lot, is still progress.

My third Dirty Dozen list showed this… Continue reading