Auction: Your Turn to Bid ’em UP!!

It’s an auction day here.  IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO BID, I EXPLAINED IT IN A BLOG POST.  CLICK HERE to learn how to bid.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL GO TO THE GOOD DEEDS/POSTAGE FUND.  I am still buying a lot of batting for finishers and still shipping out a lot of quilt tops so there is still a need for funds to support it.  I’ve gotten so I am buying a lot of batting nowadays but only for established regular quilt finishers.

Before you bid:

Shipping is flat rate as shown for domestic. International postage will be calculated and invoiced.

Be aware of when the auction closes and be accessible by email: Today’s auction is live as soon as the item is listed beneath the BID HERE comment. Bidding will close on Monday evening at 6 pm CENTRAL time zone.

To bid:  Go into the comment section.  Find the heading for the item you want to bid on and enter your bid.  Often times you won’t see your bid unless you refresh the page.  No worries…I likely see it as do others.  If you are a first-time user of the blog then your comment won’t show up unless I approve it.  I am extra diligent at looking at the blog on auction weekends.  I’ll approve your bid and everyone will be able to see it.

After you bid:

By Tuesday evening I will bill you via Paypal using the email address you leave a comment with. If you want to pay by check please get ahold of me and let me know that.  Please pay by Wednesday evening at 6 pm.  Pay promptly so I can ship as soon as possible and only in one trip to the post office.  If you don’t pay, that holds up other packages, and fellow bidders have to wait to get their items.

IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE AND CAN’T FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES, please don’t bid.  I’ve had to hunt high bidders down for a week after an auction and it is so frustrating.  Because of that, if you have not paid and had no correspondence with me by Friday at noon Central time zone, I will offer the item to the person who bid less than you and you will forfeit the item.

Shipping charges to mail will be added to each order as listed.  If it costs more than that, no worries.  I’ll absorb the rest of the cost.  If it costs less, I’ll consider it a donation.  THANKS for understanding why I don’t do exact postage.

#1-  24 Embroidered Sunbonnet Sue blocks + $7 postage donated by blog reader
There is a total of 24 of these blocks.  All are the same.  The squares are 17″ x 17″.

One of the blocks was in this package and I think the red lettering on the paper got on the block.  It’s very light and I believe it would wash out.


#2-  Set of 15 State Bird/Flower Embroidered Blocks + $6 postage donated by blog reader
This is a set of 15 embroidered blocks.  Each has the state name, bird, and state flower.  Please look at the pictures to see the included states.

This is an example of the stitching.

#3- Set of Four Embroidered Dish Towels   + $6 postage  Donated by blog reader
These four Dutch girl towels with fringed edges are what is available in this lot.  Sadly the other three weren’t included in this donation.


#4-  15 Cute Quilt Block Ornaments  + $7 postage donated by blog reader
There are 15 ornaments in this lot.  A generous blog reader gifted them to me. I’ve had them for a bit but have yet to find a spot to hang them.  I’m sure one of you will have the perfect spot.

Aren’t they pretty?


#5-  Vintage Handpieced Hexie blocks  + $ 3 postage donated by blog reader
This is a lot of 55 vintage hand-pieced flower garden blocks.  There are yellow centers with the rest of the block being scrappy.

See the picture below for sizes.


#6-   Plaid Quilt Top + $7 postage
This 75″ x 79″ quilt top is a great “guy quilt”.  The blog is kind of fun with 4 patches inside the nine patches.    This is in good shape.



#7-  Vintage Square Quilt Top  + $4 postage
I picked this up at a thrift store thinking I would just finish the top and donate it.  Then I realized two things…the fabrics were all vintage and one square was missing.  I decided to put it on the auction as someone who is into repairing vintage quilts might love it.

#8-  Cheddar Antique Quilt Top + $12 postage
I picked this up at the thrift store thinking one of you would love it.  There is damage to it along the top and bottom edges.  One could easily cut that off and rebind it or leave it as is strategically fold it and display it or use it as a cutter quilt.  It would be a great cutter quilt for Fall projects.  The cheddar color is delightful.  It is 73 1/2″ x 81″.

This is all hand quilted and pieced.

It has a silk wide binding.

#9-   Vintage Bow Tie+ $12 postage donated by Kalissa
This quilt has a couple of stains on it but I think would wash out.  It has frayed edges.  It is 70″ x 71″.  It’s comprised of bow tie blocks set on point.  It would make a great quilt folded and displayed at 4th of July or Christmas.  It too would make a great cutter quilt.

#10- Slant Needle Sewing Machine Accessories + $12 postage donated by blog reader
There are all the attachments you would need for a slant needle Singer sewing machine.  If you are wondering which machines use these, I looked it up.  “Following the groundbreaking and successful Singer 301, Singer introduced slant needle models in the 400 series, and then the 500 series “Rocketeers” These advanced new machines were capable of not only zigzag stitches but also decorative “fashion” stitches, either built-in or with the addition of cams.”

What you see in the pictures below is all in this lot.


#11-  Sewing Accessories for Singer class 503 Machines + $7 postage donated by a blog reader
This is a set of attachments to make the stitches you see on the outside of this box.  Cams were used to produce these stitches.  You can see the black cams lining the outside of the box.

#12-  Wonderful NEW Reproduction Quilt Top + $9 postage donated by blog reader
This quilt top was donated by a blog reader and I decided to put it on the auction.  It’s a wonderfully pieced top with sampler blocks set on point.  The colors are great and some wonderful machine quilting would really make it shine.  I know there are blog readers who don’t quilt but would love the opportunity to own a quilt.  This might be your chance.  If you don’t have a longarmer I would be willing to pass it to my friend Carla and she can do the longarming for you.  Of course, that would be an extra cost you would pay to Carla.  The top is 64″ x 91″.  

#13- Vintage Green Scrappy Quilt Top  + $7 postage donated by a blog reader
This one is a little rough.  The green color is a little faded.  The quilter wasn’t overly careful.  You can see the points are cut off.  It is 68″ x 78″.

#14-  Tonga Treats  + $6 postage donated by blog reader
This is a set of Tonga Treats which are batik prints.  There are 20 pieces cut 6″ times the width of the fabric.


#15-  3 Patchabilities Quilt Kits+ $9 postage donated by a blog reader
There are three 12″ x 14″ wall hanging kits in this lot.  All have everything you need to make the tops.  You can see the designs in the photo below.

#16- Beautiful Applique Blocks   + $7 postage donated by blog reader
In this lot are six completed blocks and 7 extra cut pieces that have nothing on them.  They would be great for adding more blocks or could be used for alternating blocks.  These are VERY nicely stitched.  See the photos below.  They are cut at 18″.

#17-  Vintage Butterfly Applique blocks + $7 postage donated by blog reader
These are cute at 17″.  There are 10 blocks in all…2 are not finished.  The fabric in these is a little thin.  If making these into a quilt I would suggest using interfacing like used in a T-shirt quilt.

#18- Vintage Pink Embroidered Baby Quilt  + $10 postage donated by a blog reader
This is 34″ x 34″.  The embroidery is really nice.  It has aged well.

#19-  Dresser Scarf and Mantel Piece  + $7 postage donated by blog reader

This is likely my favorite from the auction.  I put the two pieces together in one lot.  First is a wonderful dresser scarf or table runner that is 18″ x 61″.  The work is very pretty and has a crochet butterfly at the end.  It could use a good wash and press.  It’s so pretty in person.  I love the tassels at the bottom.  Each end is the same.


This is a mantlepiece topper.  It’s pretty.  The edging is fabulous.  The person that did the work on this was very skilled.  It too needs to be washed and pressed.  There are a few spots but I believe they would come out.

#20-  Winter Prairie Schooler Cross Stitch Pattern+ $4 postage donated by blog reader
The charts you see below are included in this lot.

#21- Prairie Schooler Santa Cross Stitch Charts+ $4 postage donated by blog reader
The charts you see below are included in this lot.

#22-  Yellow Embroidered Vintage Baby Quilt + $ 11 postage
This embroidered vintage baby quilt is 37 1/2″ x 48″.  The embroidery is really nice and has stood the test of time.  If you’re a quilt collector, this one is so cute.

The quilt could use a good washing.

That’s the listing of items for this time around.  I have some more things here ready for another auction if you didn’t see anything that tempted you this time…no worries. I’m trying really hard to get my garage cleaned out and right now I still have 3laundry baskets of goodies to auction off.  I want to get down to one.  That means there will likely be several more auctions.  I’d rather have the money in the account at the bank than take up space in my garage.

If you have questions, please ask in the comments and I will get to them so everyone can see the answers.

PLEASE scroll back to the top and read the instructions about bidding before you bid.  ALL BIDS MUST BE PUT IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS POST AND MUST BE ENTERED UNDER THE RIGHT LOT.

138 thoughts on “Auction: Your Turn to Bid ’em UP!!”

          1. Paypal invoice was sent. If you are paying by check instead please contact me and let me know.
            Jo Kramer
            111 2nd Ave NE
            Waucoma, IA 52171

            Thansk so much.

        1. Sheila,
          They are ceramic and produced by The Danbury Mint. They are light enough to hang on a tree. I found 3 more and will send those to the winner.

    1. (1) When the item listed on the auction says “+ $12 postage donated by a blog member” does that mean that someone other than the purchaser is paying for the postage? The winning bidder pays just for the item?
      (2) And then if it just says “+ $8 postage” then the purchaser pays the postage?

      The reason I’m asking is that sometimes when the item is listed as (1) the bidder will say ‘I bid $20 + $12 postage.” Shouldn’t it just be a bid of “$20?”

        1. $85.00 for #12 – new reproduction quilt. Jo, I am a first time bidder, but a long time blog reader. My original,price offer was today, 20 Feb., before 6 pm, central time (around 5:15). I thought I did everything correctly, but now I am not sure. I am very aware how busy your life is with children, grandchildren, pups and taking care of yourself. Any quick word you can give me sometime in the future would be much appreciated. Thank you SO MUCH.

          1. Hi Jo! I am so excited to have this top. I received your bill and will pay promptly. You mentioned that you might be able to pass the top along to your LAQ Carla. If that is still available I would like to do that. When things are calmer could you let me know if that is possible? Thanks so much!

      1. #22 yellow baby quilt $25 plus postage
        #17 butterfly appliqué blocks $20 plus postage
        #3 embroidered Dishtowels $10 plus postage

  1. A Copy of Jo’s instructions,

    Your job is to find the item you want to bid on. Let’s say #4, the Embroidery Books was your wanted item. You scroll down to the spot where it says Jo and #4. This is what it looked like on this day. You will look and see the prices previous bidders had bid. You decide that you would like to bid more. Scroll to the bottom of the #4 section BEFORE it says anything about #5 and you click the reply button.

    There will be a spot for you to write a bid. It works best if you type ” #4 Embroidery Books plus postage” and then type the amount you want to pay. Type in your name and email. If you have a blog or website you can type it in but it isn’t necessary. Then submit your bid.
    Your bid doesn’t always show up immediately. Sometime you might need to refresh your page.

    1. I hope you get this. I’m Pattie and won the bid on #17, the butterfly appliqué blocks. I would like to send you a check. I’ve been hacked too many times by PayPal to trust them with my info. I couldn’t find an email address for you to email direct.

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