Auction Update

As you likely know I am holding a fundraising auction here on the blog to raise money for my postage fund to ship out charity quilts.

I’ve had a few questions and wanted to answer them here so everyone has the opportunity to read the same information.

First off…I need to address this…some bids were held because the person who bid had never commented on the blog before.  The bids were held in moderation as is standard for any new commenters.  I checked the blog periodically yesterday and approved the comments.

What that means for you..some of you bid thinking you were the high bidder but someone bid higher than you but their comment hadn’t been approved yet.  I approved their comment and their bid became the high bid.  I’m sorry this happens.  I can’t think of a way around it unless I sit by the computer 24/7 for the days the auction is up.

So, if you thought you were the high bidder, you might want to go back and check.

Someone said they didn’t want to bid as they felt I didn’t have a “secure site”.  This auction is not threatening your security at all.  You can leave a bid.  No personal information is collected when you leave a comment with a bid.  When you pay, you pay through Paypal or a personal check (both paying options are secure) so you have no worries there either.  I see no threat whatsoever by leaving a bid in the comment section.

Someone asked if you can bid more than once.  YES.  You can bid 100 times or as many times as you want to secure the winning of the item you want.  I get a lot of people who sneak in a bid just minutes before the auction ends.  It’s kind of fun to watch the bidding strategy you all have.

I was asked about the size of the snowman blocks…

I would say finished they will be 8″.

DO NOT LEAVE A BID ON THIS POST.  Bids on the original post found by following THIS LINK are the only bids that will be accepted.

Remember bidding will close at 5pm Central Time on Monday.  Please be patient with me as I get back to you with correspondence if you win.  I have a colonoscopy planned for Tuesday morning….so you know what I’ll be doing from Monday night at 5pm and into the evening.  I’ll get to the bids as soon as I can.

I hope that answers all the questions.

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  1. FY: where I read your posts “” it states “Not Secure” which to me means people can get into my e-mail account easier. I understand PayPal. I guess I will have to step aside. I will check win to see how it is going.

  2. I’m not placing a bid for anything but I did just make a postage donation to your PayPal account listed on the tab of the blog. I have been monitoring, commenting, bidding, etc on your blog for years and haven’t ever had a security problem. Thank you for all you do for the quilting world and for sharing your life with us.

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