Auction Update

Jenny Copeland with the winning bid of Item #14: Lot of stamped embroider blocks + $8 postage $60, can you please contact me?  The email address you provided isn’t working for me.  You can find me at  THANKS!

This is just a quick post to tell you all how please I am with the auction. You guys blew me away with your support of the postage fund for charity quilts!!  A-MAZING!!!

Can you believe I have enough for another auction here??  I am aiming to hold that in early August.  The postage fund should be good for a few months but I want to clean out some space in garage shelving so another auction will happen.

With that, I’m off to start all of the packaging, payment collection, and emailing that goes along with hosting an auction.

…and I have to write a blog post to update you on my doctor appointments from today.  Stop back in the morning to hear the latest.

3 thoughts on “Auction Update”

  1. Praying it is good news. Also all the Charley Harper stuff just cracked me up thinking about the show Two and Half men.

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