Auction Time: Your turn to bid!!

It’s an auction day here.  The Good DeedsPostage Fund got a boost from last week’s auction.  I’d been running in the red for several months.  We were able to get out of the red and pay for the postage for the last HUGE batch of quilts.  THANKS so much for you support…but this auction is getting put together so we can actually have some money for future postage and future batting and postage purchases.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL GO TO THE GOOD DEEDS/POSTAGE FUND.  I am still buying a lot of batting for finishers and still shipping out a lot of quilt tops so there is still a need for funds to support it.  I’ve gotten so I am buying a lot of batting nowadays but only for established regular quilt finishers.

Before you bid:

Shipping is flat rate as shown for domestic. International postage will be calculated and invoiced.

Be aware of when the auction closes and be accessible by email: Today’s auction is live as soon as the item is listed beneath the BID HERE comment. Bidding will close on Monday evening at 6 pm CENTRAL time zone.

Bookmark the auction post

To bid:  Go into the comment section.  Find the heading for the item you want to bid on and enter your bid.  Often times you won’t see your bid unless you refresh the page.  No worries…I likely see it as do others.  If you are a first-time user of the blog then your comment won’t show up unless I approve it.  I am extra diligent at looking at the blog on auction weekends.  I’ll approve you bid and everyone will be able to see it.

After you bid:

By Tuesday evening I will bill you via Paypal using the email address you leave a comment with. If you want to pay by check please get ahold of me and let me know that.  Please pay by Wednesday evening at 6 pm.  Pay promptly so I can ship as soon as possible and only in one trip to the post office.  If you don’t pay, that holds up other packages and fellow bidders have to wait to get their items.

IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE AND CAN’T FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES, please don’t bid.  I’ve had to hunt high bidders down for a week after an auction and it is so frustrating.  Because of that, if you have not paid and had no correspondence with me by Friday at noon Central time zone, I will offer the item to the person who bid less than you and you will forfeit the item.

Shipping charges to mail will be added to each order as listed.  If it costs more than that, no worries.  I’ll absorb the rest of the cost.  If it costs less, I’ll consider it a donation.  THANKS for understanding why I don’t do exact postage.

#1-  Complete 2012, 2013, and 2014 sets of mystery from Fat Quarter Shop.  Patterns only.  + $8 postage donated by blog reader
Included in this set are the 2012, 2013, and 2014 mystery sets from the Fat Quarter shop.  I went through them and the best I can see is that each set of the pattern sets are complete.  No fabric is included with this.

#2-  Lot of Quilt in a Day Patterns  + $6 postage donated by blog reader
This is a lot of eight patterns from Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day Company.  All patterns are shown in the picture.

#3-    Sparrows of Cobblestone Court wall hanging kit + $12 postage  Donated by blog reader
I looked at this the best I could and believe it is a complete quilt kit.  This is fusible applique project.

#4-    Embroidery books + $6 postage donated by blog reader
Included are THREE books shown below.  If you’re an embroiderer, I think you’ll love these.


#5-  Pet pattern  + $ 3 postage donated by blog reader
This is a lot of patterns that are all pet related.  From weiner dogs, to fan cats to pet collars.  The pet collar pattern does include the clips to make the collars.

#6-  Lot of 11 Crabapple Hill patterns  + $7 postage Donated by blog reader
There are 11 patterns all embroidery patterns from Crabapple Hill.  There are some close-up pictures below.  Several of the patterns have more than one design in them.

#7-    Lot of 7 Bird Brain patterns + $4 postage donated by blog reader
The lot includes seven embroidery patterns from the company Bird Brain Designs.  My favorite is the quilts hanging on the line.  There are more pictures below so you can see them all better.

#8-   Lot of 2 jelly rolls and one layercake + $8 postage donated by blog reader
This lot includes 2 non-matching jelly rolls and one layer cake.

#9-   Lot of nine quilting patterns + $4 postage donated by blog reader
Included are nine quilt patterns that you see below.

#10- Completely Stitched and finished baby embroidery quilt  + $8 postage
I found this at the thrift store.  It was completely stitched and ready for gifting…maybe iron it first but all the stitching is finished.  If you previously gave grandkids a homemade quilt and don’t anymore, snag up this one and gift it away.

The stitching is very nice.


#11- Red and White Nine Patch quilt top  + $9 postage donated by a blog reader
This is a simple but pretty vintage nine-patch quilt top.  It would be perfect to finish and drape over the couch at Christmas time.  It is machine stitched and is 73″ x 94″.  There is a stain and I didn’t try to get it out.

#12-  Wonderful Drunkard’s Path quilt top+ $9 postage donated by blog reader
This Drunkard’s Path quilt top is hand pieced.  There is a very slight difference in the shade of green on the borders and a couple of blocks but barely noticeable.  This one is about 81″ x 87″.


#13-  Buttermilk Basin lot of 8 patterns + $6 postage donated by a blog reader
There is a combo of embroidery and wool applique patterns in this lot of Buttermilk Basin patterns.  Only seven are pictured but I found an 8th pattern and added it to the lot.  It’s the last picture in this set of pictures.  I was so tempted to keep these.  I loved them.

Oops…I found another and added it to the lot.

#14-  Vintage Aunt Martha’s rainbow broken Star Quilt kit  + $8 postage
I picked this up at the thrift store.  I believe the kit includes all the precut diamonds needed to make the quilt.  You would have to supply the white fabric.  You can read the details that are on the pattern front below.

#15-  Feed Sack and other fabrics  + $8 postage donated by a blog reader
Included in the lot are the five pieces of fabric below.  I the brown piece is a feed sack as the seams to make a sack are still stitched.  The whiter one might be too.  The rest are vintage fabric pieces…

#16-   Lot of four cross stitch patterns from Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas Series+ $3 postage donated by blog reader
These are part of a series of 9 patterns I believe.  Theycan be stitched all as one piece or they can be stitched individually.

#17-   Lot of 8 Tonga Treats all 5″ squares + $10 postage donated by blog reader
This lot of Tonga Treat batiks include two of one design, two of another design, three of another design, and a single pack.

#18- Vintage Log Cabin Quilt   + $11 postage donated by a blog reader
This log cabin is pretty but needs a little TLC.  The edge is deteriorating.   It’s in a barn-raising setting and finishes at 78 x 88.  There are a few stains.  Would make a great cutter quilt, or if folded just right, would make a great display piece.


#19-  Half square Triangle quilt in barn rising setting  + $11 postage donated by blog reader
The next time I make a themed donation quilt, I’d love to make one in this style.  Half Square triangles make up this quilt 72x 80  There are some damaged prints.  It’s hand quilted.  It would make a great cutter quilt.

#20- Double Wedding Ring Quilt + $12 postage
This quilt does not have a batting in it.  It is stained and does have some disintegrating fabric.  I think the staining might go away with a good gentle washing.  It is hand quilted.

#21- Vintage Boys Nonsense blocks + $8 postage
There are 20 vintage blocks in this lot.  I’ve not heard this block called that before but I’m assuming that is the name the maker of these used as there was a slip of paper included with the blocks.  See the second picture.  The blocks measure 14″ x 14″.  These are all hand-pieced.

#22- Pretty vintage UFO + $ 11 postage
This is a pretty top.  As is it is 70 x 70. I believe the maker has intentions of adding the last row to the quilt.  There is extra fabric included so I think that could be done.  The color combo ends up looking really nice.  I took some close-up pictures of the blocks.  I think the true colors of the blocks are a little more yellowish.

That’s the listing of items for this time around.  I have some more things here ready for another auction if you didn’t see anything that tempted you this time…I have lots of vintage sewing machine attachments so if you need those, let me know and I’ll make sure to get some in the next auction.  I do plan to have another auction soon.  I’m trying really hard to get my garage cleaned out and right now I still have 4 laundry baskets of goodies to auction off.  I want to get down to one.  That means there will likely be several more auctions.  I’d rather have the money in the account at the bank than take up space in my garage.

If you have questions, please ask in the comments and I will get to them so everyone can see the answers.

PLEASE scroll back to the top and read the instructions about bidding before you bid.  ALL BIDS MUST BE PUT IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS POST AND MUST BE ENTERED UNDER THE RIGHT LOT.

Thanks so much for bidding.

126 thoughts on “Auction Time: Your turn to bid!!”

    1. #1- Complete 2012, 2013, and 2014 sets of mystery from Fat Quarter Shop. Patterns only. + $8 postage donated by blog reader

        1. Jo, I will send you a bag of fearther weight attachments for next auction or bidder looking at present. Will post out this week, asap

      1. Curious… how much did the small selwing machine Sell for. If I knew how to bid I was prepared bid up to 200.00, alas I am unable to much on phone. No one near to help. Frustrating at times.

        1. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

          Trying to bid but getting confused where my offer is going. Would like to bid $15 plus postage for dog collars, #5

      1. ToniAnne Potter

        Sorry to reply again, I was bidding on #6 The Crabapple Hill patterns. I forgot to put that in my 1st reply. The bid was $30. Thank you again.

      1. Cheryl in Dallas

        #12, Drunkard’s Path quilt top, $100.

        I’ve gotta admit that the only way I’m going to get a Drunkard’s Path quilt is to buy one. No way would I ever tackle those curved pieces! God bless the lady who hand pieced this one, because she probably went blind working on it.

      1. Cheryl in Dallas

        #14, Aunt Martha’s quilt kit, bid $100.

        I see this quilt kit being offered by many sellers on EBay and Etsy for $20-$75. I guess a lot of ladies who bought that kit were eventually overwhelmed by the thought of 1,000+ widdle bitty pieces. I can handle the sewing, but not Cutting. All. Those. Pieces. (Famous last words.)

      1. Hi Jo. This is my first comment ever. I really enjoy your blog and auctions. Sending this reply in order to get approved. Good luck with raising money for postage. It’s fun to see the bidding and results. Let me know if there is a problem.

    1. #16- Lot of four cross stitch patterns from Little House Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas Series+ $3 postage donated by blog reader

      1. Jo this is Joan I missed win payment for #22 couldn’t get phone to do transaction is it too late have you given to next person??
        I’d like to send check but understand if already moved on. Sorry!

        1. Jo I’m trying to contact you. I want to send you a check for #22 pretty vintage $51
          I don’t know if you are getting this

  1. Jo, Thanks for the great auction items in the last two rounds! I’m not sure if I’m bidding on these, but I just acquired a Singer 401A and a Singer Pharaoh machine and need attachments. (Long story!) I’d be interested in your vintage attachments for the next go-round. Judging on the bids on the last auction, many of us are very intereted in your finds.

  2. Why can’t people put their bids directly under the item they are bidding on ? Bids are being put here,there and everywhere. It makes it difficult for everyone to follow the bidding. Please read the rules. Thank you.

  3. Jo if I win #21 I will need to pay by check. I live in NC. I will get it out Wednesday Thanks for understanding

  4. Everything was interesting in your auction but somehow I missed the deadline- hope you did very well. Stay warm as we prepare for that attic blast in Llano Tx…

  5. Shirley from Calmar

    Great items. Totally missed the auction. It was only on today’s email and arrived at 6pm. I need to train my self to go to your site.

  6. Just a thought to think about and discuss with your daughter. Maybe at the very bottom of your numbered replies you could add another entry “do not bid below this entry. Put your bid in the correct spot above.”

  7. Completely baffled why bids are here. there, and everywhere. As a retired teacher may I suggest in the kindest way that perhaps putting the lots in bold font would help people differentiate between lots and bids? Your directions are pretty darn clear. Love the auctions got distracted and forgot to bid.

    1. Another thought to make them stand out would be to use a colored font. I would do that other questions for internet assignments that my students had to do online. Just a suggestion because I can see it, but I thought my students questions in a numbered list was obvious. However, student performance improved after I put them in color.

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