Auction Time Day #2

On Friday’s post I told you about our auction.  We found some great things….The next day I found myself back at an auction.  This time, north of us in Protivin.  I likely wouldn’t have gone except for two reasons… one-my brother and sister in law from Minnesota was going and  two- I knew it would be inside and I could use my scooter.  Hubby stayed home.  His “I’m going to be harvesting soon” clock was ticking and he had some things around here that had to get finished.

I got to the auction and looked around.  There were a few interesting things but for the most part I was happy to go home.  I spotted the local antique buyers.  They were all there.  I figured there would be no deals to be had.   I stayed though so I could talk with my sister in law…I hardly talked with my brother, there was stuff he wanted so he watched the auction.

If you remember, the auction on the day before had a chest freeze that Kalissa had wanted and didn’t get.  This auction had one too so I messaged Kalissa and told her.  She decided to come to the auction so Aunt Wendy could meet Carver and so she could check on the freezer.

Here’s Wendy and Carver.


The auction was LONG.  I was ready to go home after visiting for an hour and then Kalissa suggested going across the road and going to eat.  That sounded good so we did..minus my brother…he was still auctioning.  Kalissa had a shelf that she wanted and didn’t know how far along the auction would be by the time we got back from eating so she had my brother watch for it.

When we got back and were walking in the door they were selling the book shelf and happily my brother got it for Kalissa.  From there it was decided that Craig and I, along with Carver would go home and Kalissa would stay and bid on the freezer.  She was happy to stay….she loved Wendy and they could chat….Me I was happy to go and have some Carver time.

Before I left I told Kalissa about a box of hardanger stitched pieces that I wanted.  There was a really neat sampler in the box.  I loved it wanted to frame it.  I really wanted it so I told her to go $30 for the box if necessary.   I was hoping it might be closer to $20 but I was willing to go $30.  My Aunt Agnes and my grandmother both were crafty at hardanger.


A little while later I got a text from Kalissa….Look what I bought it said.  It was an old refrigerator set.  Grandma’s on both sides of the family had these.  The red ones my parents used as butter and sugar dishes.


I have red ones that I use as butter dishes.

A little while later I got a text that said, “Do you want this?”YES!  I did.  I didn’t see it when I was looking at things…It’s a little plastic cat.  I have a dog and wanted the cat.  My brothers had these as kids and I played with them lots as hand me down toys.  She ended up getting it for me…I don’t remember the price.


I got a message a bit later from Kalissa.  She was frustrated.  People were milling through the boxes and boxes of linens where the hardanger was.  There were likely closer to 25 flats full of linens.  I only wanted the one with the hardanger.  Kalissa said that come lady kept sticking the hardanger sampler I wanted under the other pieces.  She said it was hard because someone else would come and look through the boxes and put it on top.  Then the same lady would stick it to the bottom.  She was so frustrated as she kept worrying that they would stick in a different box and she wouldn’t notice and wouldn’t get the piece for me.  UGH.

Kalissa has been to auctions and is fairly new to bidding so I didn’t know how she would do.  The bidding started at so much per box-take as many boxes as you want.  Kalissa got the high bid and picked two boxes….both of the hardanger boxes.  $17.50 per box.  After that as the other boxes sold it was cheap…$2.50 per box.

So the question is…Was my hardanger sampler in the boxes she bought….YES.  I got the piece I wanted.  I was so happy.

Kalissa stayed at the auction and bought a small fire truck for Hubby’s birthday present…then it was time for the freezer.  It ended up going for $150.00…again it would be better to buy a new one.

At that time Kalissa called and said she was loading up and would be coming home.  Then I got  a message a few minutes after that saying no…she was waiting and was going to buy some picture frames.  Well..there was something else I wanted then.  On a back table where the picture frames were was a suitcase.  I had looked in the suitcase earlier and saw that it too was FULL of hardanger.  As long as she was staying, I’d have her bid on that too.

I hurriedly called and said..I want that suitcase…$30 is what I was willing to pay for it.  Kalissa hung up saying it’s selling NOW!

A short time later she was home…she had my boxes of goodies….

I had my flats of hardanger….I had my kitty and I had my suitcase.  I was tickled.  Total of the days purchases…$60.

As Kalissa brought the stuff in the house she had the suitcase on top of a wooden box of stuff.  She said the box came with the suitcase….Hubby took the box and started digging through.  He was overjoyed.  There were old drawer pulls and hardware in the box.  He was happily sorting through all of the goodies.

Me…I opened my suitcase.  I was going to sort through all the hardanger in the suitcase and let Kalissa pick something out as a thank you for getting the stuff at the auction for us.


I opened the suitcase…Imagine my surprise to find this….


Nothing.  No hardanger.  All of the pieces were gone.  I was so disappointed….so disappointed.

Oh well…that’s the way auctions work…you win some, you loose some.  I can’t help wondering what happened to all the hardanger that was in the suitcase.  All I know is I have a suitcase…and someone else has the hardanger.

So that was the auction weekend….All in all, I got the hardanger sampler and that is what I really wanted…



11 thoughts on “Auction Time Day #2”

  1. How disappointing! It’s a cute suitcase, though. If nothing else, the child are kiddos will enjoy going on “trips.” Glad you got the sampler you wanted.

  2. It is so frustrating to see how some people act at auctions. The woman Kalissa saw earlier
    at the flats probably did a switch-er-roo on the suitcase items.
    I am glad you got some hardanger.

  3. I just love auctions and your piece of Hardanger is really cute as is the kitty. I’m not sure what to say about the old suitcase but folks do use them as decorations, end tables etc.
    Glad your husband liked his bonus box of stuff. All in all it sounds like a fun day for everyone and the family got to spend some time together.

  4. Glad you got the sampler you wanted!
    I have the same refrigerator dishes, 2 reds and 1 blue all with lids. They’re from my Mom, I remember them in the fridge when I was a kid. I love them! – She never had the yellow one tho.

  5. I collect suitcases such as the one you got. When they are in good condition such as yours, they are worth a small fortune. You got a GREAT deal even without the contents. ENJOY.

  6. My Grandmother did hardanger also. We have a couple of boxes of it, I know all us kids at least got one piece when we were cleaning out Mom & Dad’s house. I even have tried my hand at it, I have a small piece in our front hall. I have several books with patterns, just have not tackled anything more yet. I think that will be when I finally retire, it will be retro and back in style then.

  7. I have the same refrigerator dishes – Mama always made meatloaf in the blue one and scalloped taters in the yellow one, since the oven was already going to be on for the meatloaf. Never thought to use the red ones for sugar and butter…She never used those at all LOL

  8. It’s a cool old suitcase though, even without the hardanger. Somebody probably put the hardanger in some box with other stuff they wanted. That’s the trouble with auctions.

  9. I was going to say the same thing as Chris J did. I’ve seen people do sneaky things at auctions. Don’t know how they live with themselves. But I do love the suitcase. Glad it was a successful day after all.

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