Auction Time Day #1

For a week or two Hubby had been talking about how he wished he could go to an auction.   It was going to be on September 24th which is last Saturday.  He wanted to go but knew he’d likely be in the field.

With the rain we got, the fields weren’t fit but there was still work to do.  Thursday he asked me if I would go…hmmm…No.  I didn’t want to go alone.  Getting around be me still wasn’t the best.  Scooters aren’t very helpful on wet soggy ground either.  No…I was happy to stay home.  Oh but he wanted me to go.  What’s a girl to do?  I felt bad, but managing the scooter on my own at an auction didn’t sound fun to me.

Well about 10 on Saturday morning Hubby called me from work saying he’d be home soon.  He was going to the auction and did I want to go with…I really can’t say  no to that.  This is a close to a date as we typically get around here!!  So off we went.

It was muddy.  I was right.  Managing the scooter was a real task.  I ended up only being able to go a few places.  Thankfully the furniture was inside a shed.  I was able to get close up to those things to look at but the things that were out on hay wagons were hard to see.


I couldn’t get close at all.

We had been at the auction for a bit and I had resigned myself to visiting a bit.  Hubby was standing by the hay wagon as you can see in the photo above.  I was about  six feet away from him visiting with a person I know when I heard Hubby call my name.  It was a tone of voice that I knew I should get right over there for.  All I remember is him saying sewing machine.

I saw a quick flash of a little green kids machine.  I’ve seen them at antique stores and knew they often brought quite a bit of money.  I started bidding and happily for $7.50, I got this box of goodies that included these two finds.


There were other things in the box but they since made their way to the garbage can.

They had a freezer on the auction. Kalissa has been looking for one but this one ended up going for $150.  At that price we decided new might be better.


We ended up with a truck full of stuff….Most of which we plan to keep for the house.  The antique bed you see is complete and will go in the south bedroom here.  It has already been fixed to accommodate a larger mattress.  Can you believe it was $45??  We had hoped to get it but thought it would $300 and we didn’t want to pay that much.  There’s a’s really neat and a kids rocker too.  I’ll show you them as we get them into the house and set up.


Here’s a closer look. The rocker…  $32.


We actually had to call Kalissa and Craig (and baby Carver) and ask them to come with their pick up.  It wouldn’t all fit in our truck….

In their pick up we put this shelf that I LOVE!!!  That was $40. Isn’t  the etching on the sides awesome??


Here’s my favorite buy….a new dining room table for us!  $150 took that home.  We weren’t sure what we were going to do with it.  Originally I thought I was going to use it for sewing in my sewing room.  Then I decided our dining room chairs would match this.  Then we decided to try it in the dining room.  We love it there.

It might not be our for forever table but we like it lots better than out old one.  Our old one was nice…Amish made but was more modern looking.


Here’s what it looks like all set up.


While I was at the auction my sister in law texted me saying they were going to an auction on Sunday just north or our house…were we going?  Oh my, I can’t afford to waste the whole weekend at auctions…but this one was going to be inside and MUCH easier to move about….Hmmm.  Ya, I think I’ll go….Stay tuned for that story.


7 thoughts on “Auction Time Day #1”

  1. Oh, such beautiful furniture finds! Your dining room looks so nice with the new table, and Wow – that etched shelf is awesome! Congrats on such great finds and at such good prices!

  2. Hi Jo, I have that same bed. My grandparents gave it to me about 55 years ago and it was old then. I only use the headboard now. Hopefully you’ll be through with that scooter soon.
    Love reading about your life. Kathy

  3. The dinning room table is more than awesome in your home—just perfect….My grandma had one like that and I have always wanted one—I need to start looking….what a great price you got on it>>>>>>>>

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