AUCTION TIME: Bid ’em up!!

I am doing a quick auction here to help out the postage fund. A kind blog reader sent in a bunch of quilt tops to Ray. They are vintage tops and we felt they might do better as auction items rather than finished quilts. We know all of you like vintage goodies and these would be perfect. I have auction items here too but haven’t had time to get them together.

It’s an auction day here.  IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO BID, I EXPLAINED IT IN A BLOG POST.  CLICK HERE to learn how to bid.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL GO TO THE GOOD DEEDS/POSTAGE FUND.  I am still buying a lot of batting for finishers and still shipping out a lot of quilt tops so there is still a need for funds to support it.  I’ve gotten so I am buying a lot of batting nowadays but only for established regular quilt finishers.

Before you bid:

Shipping is flat rate as shown for domestic. International postage will be calculated and invoiced.

Be aware of when the auction closes and be accessible by email: Today’s auction is live as soon as the item is listed beneath the BID HERE comment. Bidding will close on Monday evening at 6 pm CENTRAL time zone.

To bid:  Go into the comment section.  Find the heading for the item you want to bid on and enter your bid.  Often times you won’t see your bid unless you refresh the page.  No worries…I likely see it as do others.  If you are a first-time user of the blog then your comment won’t show up unless I approve it.  I am extra diligent at looking at the blog on auction weekends.  I’ll approve your bid and everyone will be able to see it.

After you bid:

By Tuesday evening I will bill you via Paypal using the email address you leave a comment with. If you want to pay by check please get ahold of me and let me know that.  Please pay by Wednesday evening at 6 pm.  Pay promptly so Ray can ship as soon as possible and only on one trip to the post office.  If you don’t pay, that holds up other packages, and fellow bidders have to wait to get their items.

IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE AND CAN’T FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES, please don’t bid.  I’ve had to hunt high bidders down for a week after an auction and it is so frustrating.  Because of that, if you have not paid and had no correspondence with me by Friday at noon Central time zone, I will offer the item to the person who bid less than you and you will forfeit the item.

This auction is slightly different in that the package will be coming from Ray, not me. I’ll make sure the shipping charges he incurs are reimbursed.

Ray took all the pictures and know about the quilts so he will try to answer any question you might have. Just leave a comment in the comment section.

Item #1-
Ray writes: I finally grabbed an opportunity to get pics taken of the hand pieced quilts that I received from Lou Ann S. Your readers suggested that they would make great auction items since they were hand-pieced. I took some pics that show the condition of the tops as well as with a tape to show size. If there are additional pics that you believe would be beneficial, let me know. I have not pressed any of the quilts as I did not want to distress them any more than they have been stored away.

These pics are of the R/W/B quilt. It is definitely wonky. As you can see, the sashing does not even come close to matching up. It measures approximately 50 x 78.

Item #2-Flower Garden Quilt Top
This quilt is in very good condition. There is some fraying on the edges of the hexie points, naturally. It measures approx 69 x 78.

Item #3 Shirting Quilt-
This is probably the nicest of the four quilts. That could be the result of larger block sizes as well as craftsmanship. It measures approx 55 x 78.

Item #4
This one has a bit larger hexi than the Flower Garden Hexi. There is also some graying on the edges. It measures approx 65 x 81.

Okay friends…those are the four auction items this time around. Ray and I will be trying to watch the comments but also remember, we have a life too. We’ll be our best to periodically check the comments and see if anything needs our attention.

Thanks to those of you who bid. All money earned from the auction will go directly to the Postage/Good Deeds fund. THANKS!!

If you need a review on how to bid, please go to the top of this page and read the instructions.

23 thoughts on “AUCTION TIME: Bid ’em up!!”

        1. I missed bidding due to tax deadline, if either flower garden doesn’t get paid, I’ll increase the final bid by $10 and buy one or both. I know sometimes collection is difficult.

          Thanks Jo!

          Kind regards, Laurie in Idaho

    1. Susan Schlegel

      I need another quilt top like I need a hole in the head (have WAY too many to quilt already!) but would like to donate to the fund/cause. Can you publish an address to send a check? My email is if you would rather just send the info to me. Thank you!

  1. Cheryl in Dallas

    Old, wonky quilt tops! Oh be still my heart!

    I purchased such a top in one of your previous Postage Auctions. I quilted it on my longarm, and now it is hanging on display in the cemetery office where I work as a volunteer. I call it the “Grandma Moses Quilt.” Every time I look at it, I smile — as though the unknown top maker and I have collaborated in creating a lovely work of art.

  2. Hi Jo, Would you let us know where you are buying batting from? I would like to get your credit if you can link to your Amazon preference or recommendation if you are using a vendor there. Thank you!!

  3. This all looks very interesting. Do you get many people from overseas bidding? Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it

  4. Hi Jo, I would like to just send you a donation for the stamp fund. Do you do PayPal or Venmo? If not just let me know where to send it. Thank you for all you do. Hugs, Sandi

  5. They are Beautiful – old always wins my heart. I hope they get nice homes and stitched up as they finish the makers intended purpose.I always get sentimental over “forgotten” works of others.I can’t bid on them but the person who gets them will be Blessed while helping you.

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