Auction Story Continues…

..and so the auction story continues.  If you didn’t read the morning post, read it first.  Find that here.

Remember I bought the pasta noodle maker attachments at the auction?  These??

and it’s a good thing I bought the flat of accessories AND the pasta maker.  The handle to the noodle maker was in the flat of accessories.  If someone else would have bought the noodle maker and I bought the flat of accessories, the other person wouldn’t have been able to use the noodle maker.  I hate when things like that happen.  It all should have been sold as one lot.

I checked the attachments and they do work on either of the pasta makers.

I guess I wouldn’t have had to buy the pasta maker.  I could have just bought the attachments.  Oh well.  I really do think that Kayla might enjoy using these for a foods class at some point so now she’d  have enough to borrow for a class.  Kayla and I are already planning on doing a big noodle making session on day.  It will be cheap entertainment.

That’s not the end of the auction update….remember that box of patterns I bought that they couldn’t get a bid on??  This one….
Well it has a story.  While at the auction, I went to pick up my items.  They do this a little different than other auctions I go to.  I pay for my items.  A worker takes my invoice sheet and collects the items from behind counters.  Well one by one she was bringing my purchases to the counter.  Then she brought the patterns box.  I immediately got a funny feeling about the box….kind like the “hairs on the back of my neck” kind of feeling.

I looked at the brown envelopes and immediately knew they were mine…the ones I had lost.

Let me stop a second and tell you the back story.  Many of you know I collect doll patterns.  I love them.  I have loved doll patterns from the time I’ve know of their existence.  My mom made doll clothes…my sister made doll clothes….I made doll clothes.  As a kid I played dolls a lot and I loved doll clothes.  The first things I ever sewed from a pattern were doll clothes.  Well over the years I’ve collected quite a stash.

When Kelli and Kayla were little I bought doll patterns.  I cut the pattern jacket off and put the pieces in a three ring binder.  The pattern pieces went into brown envelopes.  This was I could take my binder with me where ever…to bed…outside…in the car and dream about clothes I would make.  I didn’t have to carry the patterns around.  I liked the system then…now, not so much.  Anyway….

When we moved, this last time, I have always had a funny feeling that some of my doll patterns went missing.  I didn’t know where they went.  I didn’t know how they got lost…all I knew is that they were gone.  All the looking I did didn’t produce them….by I believed this auction had.

This was my way of storing patterns…the brown envelopes.  This is my handwriting.

The handwriting on this envelope is for sure my handwriting.  I showed them Kalissa and told her the story and she agrees….this is my handwriting.

To prove the case further…I opened the Skipper patterns.  Back when I was in middle school my Skipper Barbie didn’t have many clothes.  I didn’t have a pattern for her clothes so I made and designed clothes.  These are the pattern pieces I made.

Something else I did with some of the patterns is to cut the pieces out, make an envelope for each pattern view and put the pieces in envelopes inside the brown larger envelope.  The “S 7928” on the right hand corner was meant that it belonged to Simplicity pattern 7928.

…and if that isn’t enough proof that they were originally my patterns, check this out….This picture was taken in my sewing room closet.  Seen is my tote of doll/Barbie patterns.  I pulled one of the patterns from the tote.  Below is Simplicity pattern 7928 which came from the auction box.

You can see that the handwriting is entirely the same….words are written in the same spots.  YEP, they are my long lost box of patterns.  HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET TO THIS AUCTION???????  What are the chances that I would bid on and buy my own patterns.  CRAZY is all I can say!!  Unless I saw the proof with my own eyes…I wouldn’t have believed it.

The only thing I can think of is the last time we moved is that this pattern box was near the box to be donated to the thrift store and one of the kids accidentally took this box and loaded it in the car to go for donation.  The auction owner must have bought the donated patterns at the thrift store.  WOW.  SMALL WORLD!!

I was telling one of the kids the story and then said “Wow Mom, you have to write a blog post about that for sure!  None of your readers will ever believe it!!”  So do you believe it??  I am still shocked by it all.

…and that is the auction story.

12 thoughts on “Auction Story Continues…”

  1. My cousins love to stop at antique stores when traveling. Years ago while traveling through Kansas they stopped at an antique store. They noticed a hat that looked like one they had when kids. As they looked around more they found a dress that my mom had made her when she was in high school. Proof that the hat and other things were theirs. Only thing is they grew up in a small town in North Dakota. Evidently their step mom had donated alot of their things from up in the attic when retiring and moving to a smaller house.

  2. Janet Melanson

    Fabulous story… those patterns were absolutely meant to cone back to you…..I hope your son and the broken down car had as happy results

  3. Now all you need is a granddaughter! I learned how to sew making doll clothes. I can see myself sitting at the sewing machine, digging around in the fabrics my mother kept and creating. Usually did not have a pattern!

  4. So glad you got your patterns back!

    While I was shopping at a thrift store with a friend, she found a baby blanket she had made for another friend. She recognized her own work and was a little hurt. The friend had donated a lot of her things before she moved out of the country.

  5. Wow! that is just crazy. I have a pasta maker and love it. It has become a tradition to get it out when the kids are home and we all join in. Have fun

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