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As you know, we had Jason’s Grandma’s auction last weekend on Saturday.  It was a pretty hot day for an auction, but I’m just glad that it wasn’t raining.  The auctioneer ended up running things so that there were two rings going through the entire time.  The auction started at 9 and surprisingly was done at 2:30.  I had not had a good morning, but was pretty sure that I was done puking for the day when we left–Gotta love morning or all day sickness!  I ended up getting a bit overheated and burnt during the day, so I went in the house at about 1:00 to take a little nap.  The good thing was that there were lots of people to buy the many things!

I got this old medicine cabinet with the intention of cleaning it up and putting a stitched piece in the opening where I’m assuming the mirror used to be.

This parts cabinet is going to get cleaned up and be my new nightstand.

My plan for this trunk is to get it cleaned up and take it up to mom and dad’s and have dad help me get it fixed up and such and then use it for a toybox downstairs.

I also got these little trucks that I’m going to add to a collection I have started with Jason’s old pedal tractor from when he was little.  The circular things is a wooden tractor pulley that Jason needs for a tractor that he got.  On the right is a white box with a red cross on it.  It was an old first aid kit and even had what looks to be some of the original supplies in it.

It was pretty sad seeing all of the stuff and things go to their new homes.

It was slightly amusing though to see how people got their things home.  This guy brough a dumpster on a semi and was able to put it on the ground, load it and then drive away with all of his goodies all packed up.

I’d say this guy got a load full for sure!

One thing that was kind of neat too was that lots of Jason’s relatives are into cars and fixing up and restoring cars and tractors.  Lots of Jason’s cousins, uncles, and extended family were able to buy a vehicle or tractor and will be able to restore it and keep a part of Grandpa Ray alive.

Here’s another trailer getting ready to head out!

There were a few highlights though too–Remember the gas station?  It was bought by a gentleman along with the big air compressor truck, bomb trailer, and well digger who plans to refurbish the station and place it in a museum near Walcott where the biggest gas station is.

A few of the nicest threshing machines are on their way to Racine, Wisconsin to be restored and put in a threshing machine museum.

The guy that bought the rock crusher was from New York.  He drove all the way out here just for the auction–And sometimes I don’t go to one if they are more than an hour away!

Overall it was a pretty good day!  It was good to see the family pull together to get a hard job done and accomplished.

8 thoughts on “Auction Recap”

  1. That’s a WOW on that auction! is there anything left?
    As for the Morning sickness I was a nurse in OB/Gen. and that is one of the biggest complaints. I found that a lot of my patients didn’t eat enough. (teens and poverty level) So I would tell them to make a small 1/2 sandwich before going to bed. Some kind of meat, or PB and a glass of milk (if they could drink it) when they woke up in the middle of the night for the BATHROOM trip, they should stop and eat 1/2 of what they made. Then later the rest.
    The Dr’s actually started to agree w me. But they would also order 25 mg of B6 three times a day. That works very well too.
    Hope some of this helps you or someone…..

  2. Glad the auction was a success and Congratulations on your great news….( So cute how excited your Mom is ) …..Jan a fan and blog reader from Kingston, ON Canada

  3. Thank you for the update on the auction. I was thinking about y’all on Saturday! I am so glad you had a good turnout. How neat that many of the vehicles and things were bought by Jason’s relatives and also that some of the treasures will be restored and then displayed in museums! Don’t you think that would make his grandfather happy? I would guess that his main reason for buying a lot of the stuff was to save it from going to a landfill. To know that these things will be restored or repurposed now is uplifting. That’s amazing people came from as far away as New York! I hope you will be feeling better and then can really enjoy being pregnant! Congratulations!

  4. That old yellow metal toy truck caught my eye. My brother & I had one just like it when we were kids. Hard to believe the auction was over so quickly with all that stuff. Guess the auctioneers didn’t dawdle around. I think Jason’s grandpa would be pleased that a lot of people came from all over to look over & buy all the things he had collected.

  5. We sent the auction flyer to a friend in Alaska and he thought it was very interesting. He has restored a fire engine before. Thanks for the update.

  6. Thanks for the auction update, it looks like a perfect weather day and a great turnout. Nice that some items went to family and friends and I bet that little gas station is seen by many. Hope you start to feel better soon, morning sickness sucks.

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope your morning sickness doesn’t last too long! Thanks for the update on the auction! Sounds like it was a success!

  8. Thank you for the auction update. I am sure my men will be interested too! We had a wedding to go to on Saturday, otherwise, I am sure they would have been there. Hope the heat didn’t get you down too much. Looks like you got some good memorabilia.

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