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Hubby went to an auction last weekend.  He went on a mission…he wanted this fire truck-or least he wanted to check it’s condition and if it was in good shape, he planned on buying it.

Hubby has a thing that he wants to buy all the grandsons a pedal fire truck.  Well he wants one for Scotty. Scotty is our son Buck’s girlfriend’s little guy.  We’ve decided that Buck and Lora can take their time deciding where their relationship is at but Hubby and I, we’re adopting Scotty as our grand kid.  Regardless of everything Scotty will always be part of part of our life because Lucy is a part of all of our lives….so we’re going to love and welcome him just the same as Lucy.  This all means that Hubby is on the hunt for a firetruck.

Hubby went to the auction straight from work.  He called and asked it there was anything I was interested in….I said yes.  I said- I think there’s a chair there and I think it turns into an ironing board.

I had seen this picture in the auction photos.

Use your imagination…doesn’t it look like that chair with the box on it could be an ironing board?

He said anything else….I mentioned this “Hoosier” cabinet.  I have no place for it but I’m addicted to cabinets.He got to the auction and checked things out.  He called me and said- um, there IS a chair here and it DOES turn into an ironing board.  He went on to wonder how I could see that from the picture…he also couldn’t believe there was such a thing.

I asked how things were going and he said – typical auction.  Some things outrageous, some things cheap.

A bit later he called and said – I don’t think I’m going to get the firetruck….the pedal wrecker car just went for over $450.

There were quite a few pedal toys…this tractor went for a high price too.When he got home, he gave me the run down…..
He didn’t get the firetruck.  It went for well over $200 and we have gotten them before for $125.  Brand new ones sell for $160 off of Amazon.

Check out this old rusted one.  I went for $95.

This gorgeous buffet went for $1200.  He said it was amazing.
The spool cabinet on top went for $95 but the drawer was broken-would have to be completely remade and there was no writing. This fancy cabinet went for over $400.  Hubby said it spins but I know know quite how. He bought this big wire basket.  I had messaged the kids and and sent a link to the auction site telling them that he was going and did they need anything.  Kayla put in a request for this basket.  She said $30.  Hubby bought it for $40….then said aw just give it to her.  We don’t usually do birthday presents…see he can be a softy.
He got me the ironing board chair….

It could use a fix up but isn’t bad.  I have to figure out how to spruce it up yet.  It’s pretty cool.  I’d like to be able to use it for real.

It went for more then I expected….  $45.  He was treating me….sweet guy.

He balance the higher price of that out with a surprise for me…this was $4.

It’s a sewing box and is in really good shape minus a few cosmetic issues.  That yuck over the top is simple dust.

There was also a problem with one side….see that blemish near the bottom.

In five minutes I had it looking good.  Old English has a product that Hubby and I both love.  It’s a scratch cover.  It works wonders!!  There is a version for dark wood which I used.  I’m adding an Amazon link so you can check it out if you want.  They also make one for light wood but we don’t use it much.  We also really like Murphy’s Orange Oil for cleaning jobs like this.See, this is the spot that was in need of more serious attention.  WAY better.I’m really happy with his finds.  I’ll take any suggestions or ideas on my ironing board chair…

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  1. I love your ironing board chair but I would never have known what it was from the picture!! You have a good eye Jo! What a steal on that sewing box! It is amazing what sells really high and what goes cheap at auctions sometimes!

  2. Jo, on the chair/board, I would start with your deep clean routine. Then plane lemon oil once a week until it’s well hydrated. At that point you may love the natural wood and if not, you could stain or paint.

  3. I’m surprised you haven’t considered chalk painting the ironing board chair! I don’t think that I would use it as an ironing board, but that would depend on the height.

  4. The Ironing board/chair is a cool find and I cant wait to see what you do to it. Its sometime hard to know what items will sell for at an auction, I hope your Hubby finds the fire truck vehicle for Scotty.

  5. Elizabeth V K

    I remember someone in my family having an ironing board chair. I think it is neat. Sure you will have it looking fabulous and useful.

  6. Auctions are crazy. . .I am having the itch, but there aren’t any scheduled around here until it warms up. :(

  7. My heart jumped when I saw those spool cabinets. That sewing cabinet is a good score! What a sweet hubby to do that for you. Old English does make some good products and i keep that around the house as well. That ironing chair is really cool too. Love, love, love antiques!

  8. Love the ironing board chair. If it is low I would put it beside my sewing machine and iron. Would save me a trip to my taller ironing board. Standing, sitting…I do a lot of small appliqué stuff…we use the orange Murphy’s oil and the Old English too. Like your sewing box also…your husband reminds me of mine.

  9. Love the chair/ironing board…wonder if the inventor every took out a paten on it? I was wondering if you could tell me what day you posted something…It was an idea for a quilt using primarily 2 x 31/2″ strips and made a 9 1/2″ block…the picture you posted looked like something drawn out on paper no picture of the finished quilt…I wrote some of it down but could not read the dimensions for everything and forgot about it til now…wondered if you could tell me what day you posted it so I could revisit it…thanks….(quilt was sort of like a log cabin quilt)…

  10. I had a sewing box like yours. There was a tray inside that slid from side to side. The sewing box belonged to a great aunt that I don’t remember ever meeting. When I received it, there were a lot of fabric rings in it. They were very odd because most of them were a polyester fabric. Somehow we figured out that they were from pant legs that she had trimmed because she was short and the pants were too long! ;) I recently gave the sewing box to one of my daughters so she can enjoy it.

  11. I have a ironing board chair too, but was told it was called a bachelor’s chair. Mine also will flip one more time and become a step ladder.

  12. Hi, Linda commenting just before me , mentioned what I wanted to say.

    I’ve been watching an ad for a ironing board chair ladder to see if the price will reach buyable for me

    The one you bought is prettier as it has that nice design on it
    It has “look” that seems to be so popular now shabby something

    I do hope you love yours

  13. It have an ironing board chair too. A long time ago I made a padded top for it and it worked well and it was handy to use as a step stool! But it is heavy. Now it just sits in a corner…its retired!!

  14. I purchased my ironing board chair at a tag sale 10 years ago. It has a storage box underneath that I store misc. fat quarters in. I made a fitted cover for it with a draw string and it is used everyday. I love it and have never seen another one like it. Mine is stained with tole painting on the “chair” portion (covered up when set up as a ironing board). I love it when you share the auction/sales. So much fun!

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