Auction Day

Today is our son’s wedding day.  I figured I would be busy celebrating and not blogging so I had this automatically post.

I spent last Tuesday evening at an auction.  Here are a few of the things I was potentially interested in.


This blanket box was really neat.   The top needed some work it went for well over $100 probably closer to 175.  That was more than I wanted to spend.

cupboardI absolutely loved this antique cupboard.  It needed a little work but wasn’t bad.  I bid it up to $300 and then quit.  It went home with someone else.


This little truck was adorable. It was in very good shape. I did not bid on it.  I already have a similar one.


I really liked this antique table.  It is the piece that brought me to the auction.  I wanted it in the new house for my sewing table.  It was really in too good of shape for that but I did bid up to 180 dollars on it but I didn’t bring it home.


I really was in the market for some rugs.  This is the only one there was.  With the new house having all hardwood floors we are going to need some rugs.  This one came home with me for $95.  The colors are really good for me too!!  I am not sure what room this will go in.  Time will tell.

I also bought a ladder for displaying quilts and I got a box of vintage Valentines.   All in all it was a good auction.

Stop back later and I’ll try to snap a photo of the bride and groom and put it on the blog.

3 thoughts on “Auction Day”

  1. Love the rug that came home with you – and creepy, I have that table as my dining room table – well, we use it for the sewing table!

  2. love the rug too!
    the wooden bed frame caught my eye as well. hope your day is marvelous and memorable.
    Best wishes to the happy couple and both families.

  3. Congratulations on your son’s wedding, hope everything went off WITH a hitch, LOL! Great post in advance and I love the rug, too. Red is so inviting with the cream borders. Good pick!

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