AUCTION DAY: Layer Cake Palooza!!

Today is an Auction Day and I’m calling this one Layer Cake Palooza.  The only thing on the auction today is Layer Cakes.  Sorry for you vintage lovers.  I have a good selection of vintage items coming up on another auction coming soon.  Hopefully the new format will have me more motivated to have more auctions.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL GO TO THE GOOD DEEDS/POSTAGE FUND.  I am still buying a lot of batting for finishers and still shipping out a lot of quilt tops so there is still a need for funds to support it.

In case you missed it, here is a little backstory on what we’re up to today. Kayla helped me to come up with a new auction format.

Before you bid:

  • Read through the instructions on this page to understand how to bid
  • Shipping is flat rate as shown for domestic. International postage will be calculated and invoiced.
  • Be aware of when the auction closes and be accessible by email: Today’s auction is live as soon as the item is listed beneath the BID HERE comment. It soft-closes at 8 pm CST Sunday evening.
  • Bookmark the auction post

After you bid:

  • Check back on the post to see which items you had the high bid on promptly after the auction closes at approximately 8 pm on Sunday evening.
  • Fill out this form if you had any winners before Monday evening at 6 pm.

Keep an eye out for an email with your payment instructions and please pay by Tuesday evening at 6 pm.  Pay promptly so I can ship promptly on Wednesday.

As I said, every item on today’s listing is a layer cake.  The layer cakes are made by different companies so the number of pieces per “cake” varies.  Please read the label.  If you want to know more about the colors and fabrics in each “cake”, please type the name of the fabric line and the maker and you will find a complete view of the pieces in the “cake”.

Shipping charges to mail will be $5 per order.  If it costs more than that, no worries.  I’ll absorb the rest of the cost.

#1-   Forever Love  + $5 shipping

#2-   Painted Meadow  + $5 shipping
#3-   Forget Me Not Blue  + $5 shipping

#4-   Asian Batiks-1  + $5 shipping

#5-   Fire and Ice Batiks II  + $5 shipping
#6-   Tessellations  + $5 shipping

#7-   Rue d’Avignon  + $5 shipping
#8-   Vintage Rose  + $5 shipping

#9-   Fabric Central Squares  + $5 shipping

#10-   Little Sweatheart  + $5 shipping

#11-   Aritsan Batiks-2  + $5 shipping

#12-   Charlotte  + $5 shipping

#13-   Floral Expessions Rose/Plum  + $5 shipping

#14-   Paradise  + $5 shipping

#15-   Jardin Du Soleil  + $5 shipping
#16-   Shiloh  + $5 shipping
#17-   Cotton and Steel by Melody Miller  + $5 shipping
#18-   By the Sea  + $5 shipping
#19-   Annabelle  + $5 shipping  THIS IS FOR TWO LAYERCAKES both are the same.  One is missing the packaging.
#20-   Captiva Stack  + $5 shipping- no packaging
#21-  Mystery Cake (no packaging)  + $5 shipping
#22-   Hydrangea  + $5 shipping  THIS IS ONE CAKE AND MATHCING YARDAGE
#23-   A Mum for Mom  + $5 shipping
#24-   ?? Windham 30’s pack (no label)  + $5 shipping
A HUGE shout out to Dianne for her donation of all of these layer cakes.  It was so appreciated.  Coming up we’ll do another auction and that will be only jelly rolls, also donated by Dianne.

Thank you! I will keep an eye on the comment section over the weekend if you have any questions.




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  1. Has the auction closed? It appears to still be active, though it says it was supposed to end last night. I’m currently the high bidder on an item but not sure if I should go ahead and fill out the winner form.

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