Auction Day: Jelly Roll Polooza!!

I am doing auction days back to back and actually hope to have one starting next Saturday too.  Right now I am not doing childcare and have time.  I’m also on a roll trying to do some cleaning.  The money raised will sit in the account and wait until it’s needed.

I know December is a busy time for everyone.  If you don’t have time to manage your bid and follow through to finalize the purchase please bid on a different auction when you do have time.  Th want to send a HUGE thanks to the people who bid during the last auction and remind the two people who haven’t finalized their purchase to please do that now.

Today we are featuring all jelly rolls.  These were donated by Dianne.  THANKS so much!!

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL GO TO THE GOOD DEEDS/POSTAGE FUND.  I am still buying a lot of batting for finishers and still shipping out a lot of quilt tops so there is still a need for funds to support it.  I won’t be able to have an auction in January due to my cancer treatments so I am doing a few auctions this month.

In case you missed it, here is a little backstory on what we’re up to today. Kayla helped me to come up with a new auction format.

Before you bid:

  • Read through the instructions on this page to understand how to bid
  • Shipping is flat rate as shown for domestic. International postage will be calculated and invoiced.
  • Be aware of when the auction closes and be accessible by email: Today’s auction is live as soon as the item is listed beneath the BID HERE comment. It soft-closes at 8 pm CST Sunday evening.
  • Bookmark the auction post

After you bid:

  • Check back on the post to see which items you had the high bid on promptly after the auction closes at approximately 8 pm on Sunday evening.
  • Fill out this form if you had any winners before Monday evening at 6 pm.

Keep an eye out for an email with your payment instructions and please pay by Tuesday evening at 6 pm.  Pay promptly so I can ship promptly on Wednesday.

As I said, every item on today’s listing is a jelly roll.  The jelly rolls are made by different companies so the number of pieces per “roll” varies.  Please read the label.  If you want to know more about the colors and fabrics in each “roll”, please type the name of the fabric line and the maker and you will find a complete view of the pieces in the “roll”.

Shipping charges to mail will be $5 per order.  If it costs more than that, no worries.  I’ll absorb the rest of the cost.

#1-   Brigitte + $5 shipping

#2-   Botanique + $5 shipping

#3-   Sweet Blend + $5 shipping

#4-  Kona Cotton Lush Lagoon Palette + $5 shipping

#5-   Pixie Strips RJR + $5 shipping
#6-   Dance the Dragonfly Blue + $5 shipping
#7-   Unnamed Blue and White + $5 shipping
#8-   Benartex no name + $5 shipping

#9-   Snowberry + $5 shipping
#10-  Serene Spring + $5 shipping
#11-   Two smaller rolls + $5 shipping

#12-   Batting s

trips for Jelly Roll rugs + $8 shipping
#13-   Boundless by Craftsy + $5 shipping#14-   Polka Dots and Paisleys + $5 shipping #15-   Country Manor + $5 shipping #16-  June’s Cottage + $5 shipping

#17-   Color Junction + $5 shipping #18-   Unnamed #2 + $5 shipping #19-   Divine Pinwheel + $5 shipping #20- Kona Cotton Half Roll + $5 shipping
That does it for the offerings on this auction.  Please remember to read everything carefully at the beginning of this post so your bid counts.  THANKS so much…

103 thoughts on “Auction Day: Jelly Roll Polooza!!”

  1. #3 – Sweet Blend-LBQ — $15
    #6 – Dance the Drangonfly Blue-Kanvas — $15
    #9 – Snowberry-3Sisters/Moda — $15
    #17 – Color Junction-Andover — $15
    #19 – Divine Pinwheel-Benartex — $15

    1. Cathy-Thanks so much for your bids. Please enter them in the comment section under each individual jelly roll. It’s much easier for everyone to keep track of the bids that way. THANKS!!

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