Auction Day!!

Saturday was auction day.  There were so many auctions around…Three all at places I typically go.  There was also a big estate sale…so which one do I choose to go to??  The one with QUILTS of course.

This is one side of the rack….

This is the other.  You’d have stayed at this auction too, right??

There were all sorts of quilts.  Check out the top picture…see the one on the upper right?  NOT HOMEMADE.

See some of the beauties below?  Homemade, hand stitched and hand quilted!!

There was SO MUCH STUFF!!  Too much really.  That became evident as the sale went on.

There were sewing goodies…and fabric.  Yep, this was to be my sale.

Kalissa came with this guy…

The sale started at 9am and was done-ish at 5pm.  Carver stuck it out the whole time.  It was challenging but for a two year old, he did great.

One of the things he was watching for was a box of tractors.  We had shown them to him early on and used that as a draw to get him to watch.  When it came to sell them, they put the tractors and implements on the table to sell choice.  I decided I would buy one for him.

It I was going to bid, I would hold up his hand.  We got the bid at $10.  I took him up so he could pick his choice.  I was hoping he’d pick the skid-loader…he did, but he also wanted the tractor.  Spoiled kid, I let him get both.  I do want him to like auctions.

Later Kalissa bought a stroller…I bought the rocker.  He played….He got fussy near the end but it was also one of the first days he’d ever gone without a nap!

Mid auction I decided to go and look through the quilts.  Like I said, there were in all sort of different shape.  I wanted to be able to pick quickly should I get the bid.

This one…faded on the left of of photo.

This one…cute border idea.
Oh…I liked this one.  It was frayed in the center though….It would be a great cutter quilt.  Hmm.
I was looking thinking of all of you.  When I’ve sold quilts in the past, so many of you have said you don’t have access or don’t usually find quilts.

This is an interesting layout for a bow tie quilt.

I did buy fabric.  I spent lots of money on one box….It had fabric for quilt backings.  

There were two other ladies (plus more) that were interested in fabric.  We told each other what we were interested in and kind of made a pact to help each other out.  I bought the first box for $40.  I knew there was backing fabric for at least THREE quilts in the box so thought that a reasonable price.

Then I didn’t bid.  One of the ladies wanted two boxes.  They both got chosen by someone else.  The other lady bid twice and got two boxes.  One of her boxes had a piece of fabric that matched a different piece of fabric that was in my box so I offered to pay her $5 for that one piece.  She said yes and I got it.

The nice thing about this fabric was it was all bigger chunks.  Four yards was the minimum for most of it.

At the end I decided to just buy the last four boxes and give the ladies some of the fabric…(remember my goal to be a Fabric Fairy?)  I kept some that I’m hoping to get to Ronda (one of the charity quilters here).  I know backing fabric is always a challenge for her.  I found out one of the ladies makes sanitary napkins as a charity project for women in African countries.  She was looking for floral fabric that was sturdy but soft.  I gave her what I could find in the boxes.

I did get quite a lot of stuff.  The truck was full of stuff actually.  At 3:30pm-ish, Kelli got off work and came to help with Carver and loading.  What a help she was!!

I did buy some of the quilts and will have them on the blog for auction one day in the near future.

Check out my button jar lamp….  $12.50.  I love it.

I got about 11 flats of stuff for the antique booth.  After the quilts sold the crowd dwindled.  It dwindled a lot.

I ended up getting WHOLE FLATS of salt and pepper shakers for $2 per flat.  Holy Mackerel!!  I couldn’t believe it.

The salt and pepper shakers are so fun too.  Here’s a pair of fish.  There is every kind of every kind of shaker.  Oh my…they will be fun to sort through.

I don’t price my things super high priced at the antique booth.  These will likely be priced at $4.00.  Selling that single pair will more than pay for the whole flat.  I’ve been to some sales and seen the same type of flat sell for $40.  The crowd was so slim by then.  

The auctioneer decided to not even sell and whole section of things.  There wasn’t the crowd or even the energy.

Once home I dragged my stuff into the living room and started sorting….

First the fabric…then the linens.  I got FOUR boxes of linens and so many of them are nice, complete, beautiful sets.  I can’t wait to have them for sale at the antique booth.

There’s so much more I bought…seriously the truck was full.  I feel so much better going into the winter months that I’ll be able to keep the antique booth stocked.

What a fun auction and fun day. Keep watching the blog.  I’ll have those quilts for sale sometime this month yet.

10 thoughts on “Auction Day!!”

  1. I loved the log cabin squares quilt at the bottom of the FIRST photo!! The fabrics looked so familiar to me, I loved it on sight! Did you buy that quilt? I’ll be checking out the quilt post when you show what you bought. I think I spied a wedding ring quilt in the background of the salt and pepper flats photo! Looking forward to seeing that quilt also.
    How wonderful that Carver got to have two metal toys for going to the auction with you, all so adorable!

  2. Everything about this post is so interesting and fun to look at. I agree with Ruth’s comment above. The log cabin quilt immediately grabbed my attention and made my heart beat faster.

  3. What a fun auction and Carver looks like he is having a grand time. He has such a great smile and I enjoy the picture of him in the stroller with his loot.

  4. Oh, I wish I was there! But, you had the fun and good luck with your finds! So happy for you! You, the girls and Carver were troopers to stick it out! Looking forward to seeing the quilts!

  5. Jo, Hubby and I used to be antique mall sellers and I’m hoping you are researching the fish salt and pepper set. I remember a set like that is very desirable and sells for much $$–way more than the $4 you are thinking.

    A friend bought a coffee mug for 50 cents at a yard sale and sold it for $300, so there are hidden treasures out there.

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