Auction Day

It’s been a bit since I’ve been to an auction.  Hubby was to one a few weeks ago but was sure he needed to go to another.  I was actually content to stay home but he enticed me…he said there were quilting goodies.  Well that was intriguing so I caved in and went.  Craig and Kalissa went with us and we took two vehicles.

It started out with tools and I wasn’t real interested so I busied myself with checking out the other goodies.


Like a magnet, I was drawn to the quilting things.  Lots of fabric.  Several totes full but did I really need to buy anymore.  Thread…Batting….Machines…Ironing boards…Organizers??  What did I want and what did I need?


This butcher block was neat.  So neat that I called Kelli and tempted her with it.  She wanted a picture so I took one and sent it.


Then I saw this dresser.  Perfect!  I would LOVE this for the closet in my sewing room.  Right now I have the plastic drawer things for my fat quarters and I hate them.  This I would like.  It was medium quality but would work for what I wanted.


There was this beauty too.  Hubby and I have been wanting a wardrobe for the upstairs bedroom without a closet…this would likely be out of our price range.  UGH.


The auction was going slowly so I grabbed Kalissa and we drove to the neighboring town.  I had something I needed to return and get a different size of besides there was nothing at the auction that interested me that was selling just then.

Once we were back it was still slow go.

Finally I gave Hubby a few instructions on what I’d like to buy and went home to get some work done.

A bit later her called….the fabric was more than I wanted to pay and the organizers were too.  I didn’t have get anything.  I was actually happy about that because I wanted the dresser.

A bit later Hubby called and said bring the truck.  I bought the butcher block for Kelli.  I was confused.  I thought he could get it in the Suburban, but I jumped in and took off.

I pulled in to the auction and found he had a surprise for me.  Sadly the dresser I wanted for the sewing room went over my $100 price….the awesome wardrobe…that went for cheaper than we anticipated and it was now ours!! it is in my garage and my wallet is $375 lighter.  We are in awe of it.  The carving is so neat.  This is going in the upstairs south bedroom.  Of course that’s the room we have to do some work in yet.  That’s okay though because this will be well worth the wait.


So there it is…the Kramer cupboard/cabinet collection grew!  Sometime we really do have to tell ourselves no-no more cupboards- but I keep  telling him as long as I can find a place to put one, we can keep looking.

It was definitely a good auction day for both Kelli and us!

10 thoughts on “Auction Day”

  1. OMGosh—it is so beautiful—-a perfect wardrobe….I love the same furniture you do…what a great price on it too……It will be so fun that it has mirrors!

  2. Jo, Just to let you know, I did get the tote with the patriotic material. There was one woman who bought most of the other totes of fabric. I did buy the Ott floor lamp for $20.00. I thought that was a good deal. I hope Kelli makes many meals on the butcher block. It was fabulous! The wardrobe closet is soooo beautiful. Did I see your picture in the mirror? This will fit in with your other wonderful antiques. I envy you that you have the perfect place for such a beautiful piece of furniture. Enjoy!

  3. It was your lucky day! The wardrobe looks fantastic – and looks like no real refinishing is needed. Just clean it up and move it in. How fabulous! I’m not sure I would have had the willpower to not buy the fabric.

  4. Love the wardrobe. I have memories (both good and bad) of going to auctions with my folks in ND. My folks still go even at 80+ years! I would like to go more now, but don’t have hardly any in our neck of the woods.
    Diane in WA

  5. I found a dresser just the same as that on the curb with a free sign on it. :) It had been painted an army green. I like to refinish things too and our daughter was looking for a coffee bar. My hubby the carpenter, removed 3 bottom drawers on each side and put in a shelf and made doors for those areas. I stripped the top and drawer fronts back to a med oak stain and painted the cabinet red. the doors on each side were hten painted with chalkboard blk paint. Daughter loves it!

    Great buy on the wardrobe!

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