Attention Quilt Square Quilt Along-ers….

Hey all of you quilt square quilt along-ers (and want to be quilt along-ers)…Kelli and I were looking at options for next year and need some opinions from all of you.  Remember me saying we have trouble making decisions…we really do.

Lori Smith the designer of our current Quilt Square patterns designed a new set of patterns that are really cute but they are almost all applique.  I know many of you don’t like applique (including me) so I started looking at other options…Here are some.

Option #1
Make this Lori Smith pattern creating a block for the quilt each month as a block of the month.  Pattern cost $12.
Pieceful Nights

Option #2
Switch to wool applique and make these new hot off the press Lori Smith wool projects.  We love them but don’t know how many wool lovers are out there.  I think we might need to allow 2 months  for some of these as they seem like they would be take longer to make.  Pattern cost $9 each-total cost $18.
Quilt Squares #7

Quilt Squares #8

Option #3
Make this Lori Smith Pattern.  I want to do this in wool.  One block would be done each month.  You’d have the option to do cotton applique if you prefer.  Pattern cost $9.
Fit to Frame: Pattern Six

Option #4
Switch to a new designer, Primitive Gatherings…We would make these nine patch quilts that all come from the same book.  Book cost $20.   Being some of these are bigger so we might have some projects take 2 months, some one month.













Option #5-No quilt along….

We want to do projects that we want to make and you want to make.   We might even do two projects if there is enough interest.

Please reply in the comments what you would like to do…for example.  ” I like option 1 and 2″..or “I don’t have time so option #5″…or “option #4, I love those nine patches”.  Leaving a comment would really help us plan.  THANKS so much…

55 thoughts on “Attention Quilt Square Quilt Along-ers….”

  1. I have the pattern in Option 1 and 12 blocks of the month that I want to use instead of the ones shown, and a stripe fabric for the side setting triangles instead of piecing. Maybe if you pick that Option I will finally get it done!

  2. ok i love #1 and #3…..i love applique so number 3 is right up my alley….but wouldn’t mind doing number 1 either… i vote for doing both :)

  3. I really enjoyed the quilt along and looked forward to having a new block to work on each month. I know for sure I wouldn’t do applique or wool blocks, although I love the look of them. I just really love my piecing. This year’s project was perfect for me and I will have a great sampler at the end of the year. So I would vote for anything pieced and sampler-like!

  4. I would pick Option #1 and #5. Not sure I would have time to participate in both but I would love to do either one of these.

  5. Judy D in upstate NY

    I like option 4. I would also like to do some wool work, but am brand new at it and have a hard time finding wool locally. so I don’t hav emuch of a wool stash LOL!

  6. How about 2 & 3? Love the idea of wool applique. Surprisingly, it really doesn’t take that much wool and would make a fun opportunity for people to learn something new.

  7. Oh, decisions, decisions! I have trouble with that, too! Just for fun, I think I would like try some wool applique. I’ve never done it before and have been wanting to give it a try. But any of the others would be great choices also. Thanks for taking this on.

  8. I would like to do option #3….love to applique. I need a break from all the little triangles we did this year. I am not into wool projects. Thanks for a year of wonderful little wall hangings. These are gong to be given as gifts with a candle and a note that tells the person the little wall hanging can be a wall hanging or a candle mat. I will insert a dowel so they can hang it if so desired. Many Thanks for helping me with my gift list this year.

  9. LOVE option 4, I have a fondness for nine patch. Option 1 would be wonderful too. Haven’t done a quilt-along before and am looking forward to trying it.

  10. I have a question regarding pattern costs – when you give an amount is that for the whole pattern, or cost each month for a BOM? If it is cost per month does it include fabric for the block? What about shipping costs?
    For opt 2 is the $18.00 price vs the $9.00 price include some of the wool?

    Ok that being asked… I like opt 1 and opt 2 but probably would only sign on for one project, not two.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  11. I like all options but #5 lol But I guess I would prefer the #s 1-3. Can’t wait to start my first quilt along. Thank you for organising it. I love your blog :)

  12. I like option #1 and option #4. I don’t really have an interest in applique’. I do really enjoy your quilt along. It has been awesome.

  13. Hmmm, all lovely choices (‘cept #5… The “no QAL”)
    I lost momentum this year, but look forward to starting anew in 2013. I am in several applique groups & have more than i can complete. I do both cotton & wool. I love your pattern suggestions but feel i am already @ maximum for applique… Plus they are extra expensive to get quilted since they look best with custom work, tho for small projects i can hand quilt. I would love to do more piecing. I have several sampler quilts from lqs blocks of the month, so option 4 appeals to me the most. I truly love 9 patches and Primative Gatherings. Whatever you decide i am sure it will be wonderful and motivating. Thanks for all you two do! B

  14. Jenelle Boxberger

    Well, I got behind on this years Quilt Square Quilt Along. I’m going to try and play catch up. I’m not into applique too much and really don’t have any wool on hand. I do love 9 patches so I would have to vote for the 9 patches. WHOO.. I see why it is hard to make a decisions from this group. I wonder if we end up doing the 9 patch is a certain number of people purchase the book if we might get a discount? It’s a thought!

  15. I vote for option #1 and or #4. I like the sampler medallion and I love nine patches! Thanks for asking. I’ll be watching.

  16. I’d love to start my first QAL… I think 1-4 are great ideas, I love applique, and piecing. I can’t find wool in Cancun (lol), but if you provide me with shops that sell wool and ship Int’l, I’d love to learn something new!

  17. I didn’t participate this year because I just had too much going on. I love #1. I have done applique but I am not good at it so I really don’t enjoy it. It will be fun no matter what one you choose.

  18. I vote for option #4. I already have the book and think that would be fun. I don’t do much applique so anything involving a bunch of that would not be good for me. Thanks for planning this. I have gotten much more accomplished this year because of the deadlines!

  19. I’ve gotten behind the past two months but I’m not ready to quit. I prefer options 1 or 4. I like the wool applique but have never done it and am afraid it could lead to a new stash and unfinished projects. :-)

  20. I like #1. Unfortunately I’m one of those budget conscious these days too!

    I’d like to learn wool applique at some point. My cotton applique consists of using an iron on stabilizer and then usually stitching around the pieces. I’m not good with small ones.
    I also like the Primitive Gatherings #4

    I also suggest something in Civil War, dang I want to do one of those BOM’s I can afford. lol

  21. 3, 2, 1, 4 (I like them all!!) I prefer piecing but love those appliques, what’s a girl to do? Love hand stitching wool (and making my own wool felt from thrift shop skirts!)

  22. I like option 4 – nine patches. Is the white quilt in the nine patch picture one of the quilts in the Nine Patch Gatherings book? If not, I would love the find the pattern.

  23. First choice – Option 4
    Second choice – Option 1

    I would probably pass on a full year of applique focused projects, as my preference is piecing.

  24. Sharyn Hutchinson

    I would opt for either 1 or 4.

    I hope I’m not too late with my vote. We’ve been dealing with a lot of hurricane Sandy issues here in NJ..

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