Attention NEW STITCH ALONG: Redwork Pears

Hey everyone…I’m a little late getting this out to you. I was supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago but my crazy cancer journey had me a little sidetracked and not thinking about a schedule. Now that there is a bit more of a plan in place (I’m seeing the doc of Friday), I am thinking more about the fun things I can do…like stitching…and stitching led me to realize I forgot all about sharing the next stitch along with all of you. It is…(drum roll please) Redwork Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art.

I’m going to make a little confession right here. I love-love-loved these. My favorite color is red. I love the look of these but I knew if I stitched these on my own, I would likely chicken out and not finish them. HA!!

I figured if I picked these as a stitch-along project, all of you would keep me accountable and I would HAVE to finish them. So that is one of the reasons I picked these as a project…to keep me accountable.

These would also look so nice with my decor. So-so cute!!

The gals at The Stitchery Nook have the kits all ready and waiting for your orders. (Remember I am late posting this so the kits are completely ready to go) You can find the ordering information HERE.

When ordering supplies, Liz said to me, “What about stitching these with silk?” I immediately said, “Yes, Please!!” I do like stitching with silk but rarely take the plunge and buy it. I figured when stitching these I’d only need one skein so sure…Let’s do it!! If you haven’t stitched with silk before this would be a great project to try it with. As I said, it only takes one skein.

Liz also asked if I thought everyone would want to stitch them in red. I said, “Of Course!!” Then Liz reminded me and said she didn’t think everyone likes red as much as do. True. So she also is offering a pretty blue, Mer Bleu, and a green option called Enchanted Forest.

It turns out Liz and Sherry are offering lots of options. First off you’ll need to get the pattern…then pick your thread color (red of course. HA!), then you can either get three pieces of linen to stitch all three or you can get just one piece of linen if you only want to stitch one pear.

I have all of my stuff already. I went with red (of course) and picked the 3 pieces of linen as I plan to stitch all three of them.

The plan is to start on September 20th. That will give you time to finish up a few other projects and time for the girls to get the kits mailed out to you. I’m so excited to be stitching these.

For those of you wondering what the stitch-along schedule looks like for the end of the year…this is our second to last stitch-along for the year. We have one more really fast stitch coming up in early November. That one is quick and easy…and Christmasy. We’ll start that one in early November so you’ll have plenty of time to have it out and finished for Christmas.

I hope some of you will stitch along with me to keep me accountable for finishing these.

If you missed the link above, HERE is the link to order the goodies to make the red (or blue or green) pears. For fun, chime in and let me know what color you’d stitch your pears on.

14 thoughts on “Attention NEW STITCH ALONG: Redwork Pears”

  1. Yes, I’m in! But I’m not a red girl (yes, there a few of us) and then couldn’t decide what to use so took a peek at the Belle Soie range and ordered Beanstalk(green), Empress(violet), and Sonoran Desert(red orange). Guess I’m making all three. How fun!

  2. Oooh, I really want to jump in and do this. I shouldn’t, though, as I have so many other projects in progress. My pick would be red, but Osage is sold out. I’m off to check at my regular shop…. Maybe I will find a different green like Connie did. We shall see!

      1. Thanks, Connie! I found the same red at my regular shop and an lighter, hand-dyed linen I loved. So, I guess I’m in! Your green is going to be SO pretty.

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