At the Retreat: Stitchery Nook

If you didn’t know, last weekend I was out and about at a cross stitch retreat at the Stitchery Nook in Osage, Iowa. When I’ve gone to other retreats my daughters Kelli and Kayla have gone with me. This time I went all by myself.

BUT…before I get to that, I want to sincerely thank the wonderful blog reader who called the Stitchery Nook and left a gift card there for me. I was blown away! It is so appreciated and made the retreat even more fun!! Thank you. Thank you.

Over the last month or two, I’ve been on a mission to get out and do more things on my own. Since my husband died in 2019, I think I’ve been a little stuck. I’ve stayed living my old life and I haven’t embraced life as a widow. Well signing up and going to this retreat all by myself was my first step out into really doing my own thing. I’m so excited I am working to make this change!! I’m happy to say the retreat went so awesome!! The great gals there made me feel so warm and welcome.

There were several of us who really didn’t know anyone else and we came on our own. If you go to a retreat on your own, no fears…you’ll have friends in no time!! I did know Kathryn…but not really anyone else.

Here is Chris. She was a wealth of information and was VERY knowledgeable about cross stitch. She’s been stitching for years and years. She finished this piece while at the retreat.

Here is a closer picture and a picture of the pattern. It was so cool. I didn’t like the piece on the pattern cover but oh my…how Chris stitched it, TOP NOTCH!! I believe she said she stitched this on 40-count Confederate Gray from Weeks. That name has since been to Gray.

It was so beautiful. I found out that Chris has been stitching for MANY years. She is a model stitcher for designers and shops. In fact, she stitched the piece Saviour’s Praise which is a whip I have.

She also takes lots of classes. She’s stitched many tiny pretty pieces. She stitched a toy box and all the little toys inside. The pieces all serve as some type of needle book, emery sharpener, scissor fob, etc.

We were all completely in awe. She said the patterns to make these are in these two books. Here is a link to one of the books. Amazon has one at a reasonable price but the other is overpriced. I can’t remember where but they two were available at a needlework shop but darn. I can’t remember where.

Here is Chris with all of her little precious pieces.

This one I really loved. Check out the rectangle piece in the picture on the left. It folds down and as you see in the picture on the right. WOW!

Blog reader Barb came. She came all the way from southern Missouri. She didn’t know anyone at the retreat and she came!! It was so much fun. She sat at my table and we had a great time.

Barb brought some pretties to share. I just loved seeing these. I’ve thought about stitching the chart Leona’s Sewing Box that you see on the left but haven’t had the pattern. Barb offered to send hers to me and I’m so excited. Inside she had a super cute little pincushion. That is a Heartstring Samplery pattern. The white on the bee wings was fabulous. Barb is a talented stitcher for sure.

It was so great getting to know Barb!

Kim is a helper at the Stitchery Nook. She stitched with us on Saturday. She is also a talented needleworker. I loved the Corgi dog piece on the left and the little ornaments she’s working on. WAY CUTE!!

The retreat is nice. You can come and make the retreat your own. In the picture left to right are Kathryn, Debbie, and Lydia. Kathryn and I came on Thursday and stayed at the retreat center. Debbie came every day but she stayed at the hotel. Lydia only came to day stitch on Saturday.

Lydia is an AMAZING stitcher. She stitched many things I would love to stitch. She’s working on the Long Dog piece you see on the table.

She’s also working on Consider the Lillies from Heartstring Samplery. Truly she was a great tablemate.

Speaking of tablemates. Kathryn and I had a great time. She went to the last retreat I was at and we were together again. It was great because we got a chance to get to know each other better.

She and Chris were talking about an upcoming retreat at Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit Missouri. It’s a big retreat with over 100 stitchers. Big designers are teaching the classes. Alma from Blackbird Designs will be there along with Linda from Chessie and Me. Beth from Heartstring Samplery and Lady Dot Creates.

I casually listened when Debbie said, “They have openings?”. The retreat is in September and the gals were going for the ones on September 7th and 8th classes. Well, oh my. That started a snowball. I leaned over to Barb and said that would be a lot to afford.

Then they started naming the prices…then they started talking about hotel rates. They started talking about the kits they were going to get at each of the four classes. Then they were saying that a lot of food the included. Hmm.

I listened a little closer.

It was about 9 am at the time and Debbie was talking about wondering how long Alma of Blackbird would continue teaching…and with that, Debbie decided to go…and that’s when the campaign to get me to go started. Kathryn and Debbie were the worst. (and the best)

About then the three of us decided to go get rolls and smoothies from the local bakery. They make the most amazing pecan rolls.

Then I started thinking about the great time I was having and then I started thinking that my resolve to make some personal growth and make a life for myself….and that’s when I decided yes, it might be expensive but I’m ready to step out and I was going!!

Within a short time, Debbie had me signed up and had a hotel room reserved for the two of us. Seriously, I had never met Debbie before, and look what I was off doing?? It was crazy and fun and felt so wonderful to just be spontaneous and make choices and plans for myself. You all know I rarely do that!! Normally I look at everyone else’s calendars and don’t make a calendar for myself.

So…is anyone going to the Quilter’s Station retreat on the 7th and 8th of September. If you are, please let me know, and let’s meet!!

MANY thanks to Barb, Kathryn, LeAnn, Debbie, Anita, Charlynn, Mary, Chris, Charlotte, Lydia, and the many others there for making everything so fun.

Here was another great finish that happened at the retreat.

Many people bring goodies to share. We all LOVED the pickle dip. I ate mine with Fritos. It was top ten!! I included the recipe.

Well…that’s all I have for you from the retreat. Well almost…

Liz and Sherry did announce that they are opening dates for upcoming retreats.

October 5th-8th is a retreat with a class on finishing ornaments

November 9th-12th There is a berry finishing class on the 10th

April 4th-7th 2024 is an open retreat with no classes

September 19th-22nd is an open retreat with no classes

Being I am going to the more expensive retreat in September of this year, I decided to not go to any of the retreats this Fall. I did sign up for the two retreats in 2024.

These are all open retreats and everyone is welcome.

Typically when you go to the retreats they are $50 a night if you’re staying at the retreat center…if you want to stay at the motel or just stitch for the day or days. The cost is $50 for all three days, $40 for two days, and $25 for one day.

Don’t quote me on that though. Call the shop and check with them. If you’re interested, sign up. I think Kathryn was planning on going to some of the retreats as well. So fun. You are sure to eat some good food, see some amazing projects and make lots of new friends!

One more HUGE thank you to the person who sent the gift certificate. It truly makes my heart happy.

40 thoughts on “At the Retreat: Stitchery Nook”

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! The various pieces you’ve shown from the fellow stitchers are beautiful. So talented!

  2. Amy Sidelinger

    So glad you had a wonderful time!!! Beautiful stitching pictures. Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone and being impulsive.

  3. I’m so happy for you – stitching retreats are on my to do list.
    Glad you were able to meet some awesome folks – it’s so much fun when you can stitch with a great group of people!
    Love and prayers

  4. last night’s post (and I hope it was a positive one) still is in the code stage. This one was, but worked on my desk top

  5. I am going to the retreat in Lee’s Summit! I am coming from Tennessee and meeting a friend from Denver there. I have been lurking on your Blog forever and feel like I know you already. I was born in Iowa and grew up in Iowa and South Dakota, so really identify with much of what you say. So looking forward to meeting you there as I am a fan!

    1. Hi Janice. PLEASE find my and introduce yourself. I have no idea what you look like so can’t really find you. I’ll look for a Janice name tag though.

      1. So glad you’ll be @ the QS retreat; I think you’ll have loads of fun!! QS is my LNS & I try to go to @ least one of her retreats every year. I’ll be @ this one on those dates as well & am so looking forward to it. Since you’re a quilter, you’ll really enjoy her shop; what wonderful eye candy. Hope to meet you while you’re here.

  6. Both Willing Hands and Willing Hands 2 look to be available at Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘n Thread site. Also check out the Home Sweet Home book for similar, but it’s about one project – an embroidered house and lots of little things to go in it.

  7. For some reason I can’t read your cancer update post. I have had this problem with several of your posts in the past. Not sure what the problem is but I sure would like to get your cancer update!

    1. I do not usually have any issues reading the blog, but I cannot open either of the last two concerning the cancer update after your testing day one. I don’t usually say anything, but those were important for me to want to read. Hopefully it will be fixed by then-I will also keep checking back with them. Thanks,

      1. Go back and check them now. You can go to the blog here…
        Just scroll back until you find the posts you missed.

    2. Go back and check them now. You can go to the blog here…
      Just scroll back until you find the posts you missed.

  8. I have been to two of the Quilter’s Station recent retreats alone, but instantly made friends. They were lots of fun, one was with Alma of Blackbird (glad she is coming back). Designers are top notch. It is nice that everything is at the hotel. I would be coming in Sept but knee replacement surgery will keep me home. Have fun!!

    1. If you look at the post you’ll see I took a picture of the cover of the chart. You can get all the info there on pattern name and designer. Then just do a google search and you’ll find a shop that is selling it. I believe Chris said it came out at market in 2021.

  9. You have been an inspiration to me. I have been widowed since 2017 and have never “stepped out” to join anything. I am a stitcher, quilter, seamstress and knitter. I may join my local gym and then find a group to keep my hobbies going. Thank you for telling your story. I needed to read it to get going!
    So glad you enjoyed your trip too!
    Sincerely, Harriet

    1. Hey Harriet, where are you located?? Are you anywhere close to Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit Missouri? Come to the retreat!!

  10. Don’t underestimate yourself, Jo…. after all, you jumped into fostering all on your own! That was a gutsy move inho.

  11. Deborah Wheeler

    The retreat sounds wonderful. I have never been to a stitching retreat but did like to attend quilting retreats. Have fun at Quilters Station; it sounds awesome.

  12. What fun!! I am so happy you were able to spend time with these wonderful women who are now your friends. You have certainly earned some time for yourself doing such fun things.

  13. Good for you, Jo! I think you are braver than you give yourself credit for. So glad the retreat was so much fun and you made some great new friends. There were some beautiful stitching going on. That’s for sure!

  14. Years ago I went to a long arm quilting seminar in Kansas City and signed up to be roommates with a lady from South Africa. We have met at a couple of other places and are long distance friends!

  15. I’m so happy to hear that you will go to the retreat in Missouri, how wonderful. I look forward to hearing all about it in another post. It sounds like the retreat in Osage was filled with fun, sharing of talents and making new friends.

  16. Way back in 2019, I wrote to you when Roger died as my husband had died not long before him. I received a lovely message from you for which I was immensely grateful. Well, after that, the Good Lord was looking after me and he sent a most wonderful man (I was not looking for anyone may I say) into my life. Unfortunately, his life was cut short last month, he passed away. Your vlog has stirred me into pushing the boat out and into pushing myself into doing something to keep me busy. What,I don’t know, but you have been a beacon to me as I have followed your vlogs along the way. Thank you.

    1. Oh Linda…You can do it!! If you can get through what you’ve already been through, you can certainly push out the boat!!

  17. I have a question on lacing your cross stitch. What kind of thread do you use and how close do you lace? What do you use two wrap your cross stitch around

  18. Hi Jo,
    For some reason your last couple of posts were encrypted? If that’s the right technical term. It always seems to happen on your important posts like your cancer update. I’m not sure if it’s on my end or yours. Any ideas? I’m so glad you stepped out of your box❤️

  19. Yay Jo!! A fun retreat and another to look forward to. Don’t ever underestimate the value of friendship. There is power in the bonds women make and I consider those bonds priceless. Through your blog you are a friend to all of us and we love and value you too.

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