At the Movies: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Karl and I went to the movies.  We’re Star Wars buddies…always have been, always will be.

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I’ve long been a Star Wars fan.  I almost hate saying fan as I’ve enjoyed the movies, have made it a point to go to them when they came out but I can’t recite a bunch of facts about them like Karl can.

I started back with the original.  In 1977, I begged and begged my mom to take me.  Back then there was a theater in Albert Lea, Minnesota and that’s where we went.  It was just me and mom and I laugh now thinking of my mom going.  I’m sure she hated it and only went to appease me.  I was a little spoiled like that.

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I was in love with Hans Solo played by Harrison Ford.  It started a long love of him and his movies for me.  Back then I still had long hair and wanted my mom to fix it like Princess Leia.  I went to the movies that followed this in the first trilogy.  Back then, I thought that would be it.  The three movies and done.

I was thrilled when they came out with the next set of three movies.  I could  share them with my boys…and boy oh, boy did they like them.

Now here I am 43 years later going to what is said to be the last movie.  I won’t count that completely out though…They are a money maker for them.  For now, I’m content saying it’s the last movie.

So did we like it???YES, of course we did.  It’s hard if you’re a fan to not like it.  I, of course, was so confused at how Carrie Fisher, who has died, was in the movie as much as she was.  I know they did some filming before she died but it didn’t seem disjointed…and I thought she died mid filming.

Karl and I were both holding our breath when Chewbacca died in a explosion.  Both of us looked at each other saying, “They can’t kill Chewy”.  AH…I was so glad to have someone with me to mourn….

As we left the theater I was saying to Karl, I want to watch the whole series over again.  I’m not like my boys and have seen all of the episodes several times.  They can tell you all sorts of facts.  I just need to see them to refresh, and relive the hype.

The movie was good but what I loved most is hanging with Karl.  I’ve always supported his love of movies.  Star Wars was one we both have enjoyed and I’m a little sad to say they are over.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m holding hope that they come out with something Star Wars related in about 10 years so we can share this movie going history with Carver, Scotty and the rest of the grand kids.  I’ll always love the series for the way it allowed me to connect my childhood with the childhood of my boys.  For that I’ll give it two GIANT thumbs up!!

10 thoughts on “At the Movies: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker”

  1. My oldest son was 4 yrs old when the first movie came out and he likely saw it when he was around 6. We have all been lifelong fans of the series. We went with our grown sons and grandkids to see the new movie as soon as it came ou and everyone loved the new movie. You’re never too old to love Star Wars!

  2. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Though I’ve seen the original three I’ve not seen any of the new ones. Now I know what they do to Chewie I definitely won’t bother. (Plus since my sight loss all action movies are a bit of a loss unless audio described and even then I’d rather have an audiobook

  3. My daughter watched all o fthe movies on Disney+ over Christmas. It was fun to revisit them, but I can’t stand whiny Anakin.

  4. I saw the first one in ’77 when I was about 23. Guess this ages me but who cares! Lol! We went to see this with friends a few weeks ago and loved it!
    Love and prayers

  5. Chewie dies?! Nooooo!!!! Oh well. I lived one block up from The Harbor Theater in Muskegon Michigan. Movies cost 50 cents. Plus, my sister worked at the Getty drive in. I saw the first movie 13 times I still have the VHS of the first three lol. My sons take turns caretaking my star wars cards collection from the same time period. Looking back, I may have been a bit of a fan lol. I agree that it was so fun to share a common liking for all things Star Wars.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I have so enjoyed the Star wars series. My daughter got me hooked on them. We’re sci fi fans when it comes to books. Not so much movies except Star Trek movies I prefer reading the books most of the time.
    Thanks for posting your review. I’ll tell my girl what you said.

  7. Cheryl Kupcinski

    Peter Mayhew, the British actor who played Chewey, actually died last April. Not sure who played the recent or if chewey’s demise relates to Peter’s passing. Haven’t seen the latest Star Wars movie….someday.

  8. I saw Star Wars when it first came out and I was newly married. My husband and I have been huge fans ever since! Some of the episodes we weren’t fond of and having rewatched several on the run up to the last movie it reenforced my dislike for them. The original three and last three are great in my book. We’ll buy the dvd of the last Star Wars movie as we’ve done with all the others and might make another trip to the theater to see it again before then. In the meantime because of our data plan on Verizon we have an account with Disney + and I have to say we were hooked on The Mandalorian. Who wouldn’t love Baby Yoda?! Now we have something to look forward to and will have to make the decision on whether or not to keep Disney when it runs out.

  9. Our family loved all the Star War movies and we went at Christmas with our daughter, it was wonderful. We have also been watching Mandalorian on Disney, its been pretty interesting and baby Yoda, adorable. I’m so glad that you and Karl went and had a wonderful time.

  10. My family loves Star Wars as well. And folks, Chewie is still with us! I liked ROS better than Last Jedi (which I didn’t really care for). I love the Mandalorian and think Baby Yoda is soooo cute.

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