At the Movies: Jurassic World: Dominion

Karl and I kept up a long standing tradition…we went to the movie Jurassic World: Dominion.

Karl has been my dinosaur kid since he was old enough to say dinosaur.  I learned so much information about dinosaurs from being his parent.  It was something I had no interest in at all…but when you’re the mom, you go where your child’s interests go.

Karl had some dinosaur clothing as a kid and they were the most worn clothes.  The second they were dirty, they were put back in the wash only to be worn again once they were clean.  His very favorite was a wax dyed shirt that I bought for him at a garage sale for 10 cents.  He had a pair of pants that were first pants and later I hemmed them for shorts when the knees wore out.  He was all things dinosaurs.

When Karl was old enough we bought the Jurassic Park VHS tape and let him watch.  By far, that was probably one of the most watched movies in our house.

I’ve watched every Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movie with Karl.  He’s been such a nut about the movies.  He can remember exactly what happened in each of them.  For me…they all run together.

When the movie came out at the local cheap theater I told Karl we better go.  He was all excited.  Here he is posing after we saw the show…

I ended up… sending the picture of Karl to our family message group.  Buck was teasing and wrote back, “Congratulations”.   He was implying that Karl got a job at the theater as it says, “Now hiring”.  Goofy kids.

Karl asked me what I thought of the movie.  I told him I thought I was so happy I didn’t have to go buy all of the Lego sets that matched the movie.  We both laughed as that’s what typically happened when I took Karl to other Jurassic Park movies.  Karl would beg and beg for the dinosaur Lego sets that went with the movie.   HA!!

He said, “No mom, what did you really think?”  I said, “I love going to the movies with you.”

Truth be told…I don’t love Jurassic Park movies.  I don’t mind them…but love them, no.  But if I can spend time with Karl, I’ll go again and again and again.

I didn’t mind the movie…the premise was of course, far-fetched but it was okay.  Karl, of course, was doing his usual geek-out stuff.  He was explaining to me how when this person said this it was referring to this previous show and they had this dinosaur come back and fight this dinosaur.  He said, all in all, it wasn’t the best of the franchise, but he wouldn’t have missed it.

Do you have something you still do with your adult kiddos that you don’t love but do because you still really love them?  I’d love to hear your stories!!

11 thoughts on “At the Movies: Jurassic World: Dominion”

  1. Pamela Dempsey

    I only liked the first one, scared me every time I watched it but enjoyed watching Jeff Goldblum over and over ❤️

  2. Jo, please check my Facebook page from our local Fox 8 news. Rescued beagle are needing homes. You may have already heard that a large number of beagles were rescued and are lo9king for a forever home. I thought of you and possibly wanting a companion for Your dog.

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    On New Year’s Eve our daughter and her husband usually like to go to a particular chain restaurant. I don’t know why. They have invited us to meet them there many times. I don’t love the food, but I love them, and we show up and have fun!

  4. My son and I went to Harry Potter movies many years ago. It was “our thing”. I loved going with him and enjoyed the movies.

  5. Our son and I are still trying to figure out how to make a quilt together when he lives in SC. He has always considered a sewing machine just another power tool and has “played” ($&#*%#) with my old Singer since he was a boy…well, OK, he still is, but he has his own sewing machine now!

    You are an inspiring mom and I hope Karl never looses the kid in him!

  6. Growing up music was huge in my family and that continued when I had kids. Now my kids are adults and listen to their choice of music but when a concert is in town that one of them likes mom is there to go with them, doesn’t matter if I like the music. This coming Monday is one of those times, not thrilled with the bands we are seeing but getting to spend the evening with my oldest is worth it every time.

  7. Your post really makes me smile. Living so far away from my kids, we don’t really have things we do together. But there are little things that we say to each other that says I love you – things like that. When we do get together my one daughter is all about Harry Potter – we belong to the same house – and my other daughter cross stitches and we go through snarky ones and laugh like crazy!
    Love and Prayers

  8. Judith M Fairchild

    I would go anywhere legal to be with my daughter. Fortunately our tastes in many things are close to the same. We very rarely have a disagreement, but when we do we state our thinking and either agree to disagree or realize ×’re looking and seeing thecsame problem with slightly different views. Even if it’s a serious conversation we end up laughing because of our likeness.. glad you had fun.

  9. I just asked my son to go with me to see the Neil Diamond play “A Beautiful Noise”. He has his BFA in musical theater. He didn’t really know Neil Diamond’s music but downloaded it so he would be familiar with it when we went to the play. We’ve gone to other plays as well.

  10. Your question really got me thinking. I think because we were a homeschool family we developed many of the same interests. My kids are more likely to be the ones tolerating me rather that the other way around. Although, sometimes they have to light a fire under me to get me out and about lol. I give great credit to the lovely girls my sons have brought into my life. They are so good to me!

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