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You might remember a bit ago that I went to see Downton Abbey.  While there, I saw a preview for this movie, Harriet.  It was billed as a movie that told the life of Harriet Tubman, best known as a conductor on the underground railroad right around the Civil War time in the US.

If you’re a long time blog reader here you know I like all things historical so there was no doubt that I would go to the movie…even by myself which I did.

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This time going to the movie myself was no big deal.  I went to a matinee and as one blog reader said, going to a matinee doesn’t seem like date night so it doesn’t seem like a big deal to go on your own.  I agree!  I wasn’t the only one by myself and that made it all a little easier.

As for the movie…pretty good.  Here is the trailer….

Although I liked the movie, I so wish I could have pushed a button and had been able to add closed captioning to the movie.  There were many times when I struggled to understand what the actors were saying.  Often times, it was Harriet herself that I couldn’t understand.

Being a person who sews…and a person who has dealt with worn out clothes (Kramer, my husband, wore clothes until there was nothing left of them), I am not convinced their “fake” looking worn clothes were very accurate.  It was easy to see that they didn’t wash the clothes or leave them in the sun to fade as I would have done if I was doing costuming to make the slave clothes look worn.  All that is technical though…check it out when you see the movie and see if you agree.

As for the movie of itself.  I did like it…and what a formidable woman Harriet Tubman was.  I would recommend that if you’re a history buff, or if you are like me and like this style of move to check it out.

After I got home I couldn’t help but wonder how much of the movie is true and how much was added to make it interesting in movie goers eyes.  I found this article to be very interesting.

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I was happy to see that broadly, her life was portrayed fairly accurately and that most things were slightly changed to make a better time line.

By the way…I saw a new version of Little Women in movie form is coming out over Christmas.  I’m for sure going to that!!  Before Kramer passed away he told me to get and do some of the things that I sat around waiting for him to come home so we could do.  Going to the movies makes me feel like I’m keeping up his request.  It’s just something little but something I can afford and something I really like to do.

7 thoughts on “At the Movies: Harriet”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I enjoy history books so to hear a bit of history has been filmed makes me want to see it. I am glad you could give the story a good report. Thank you.

  2. What a lovely thing for your husband to say to you and great that you are putting it into practice. Continue to enjoy going to the movies, the matinee sounds an excellent idea.

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie though will have to wait until it comes out in dvd. Thank you for your your review.
    Love and prayers

  4. Thank you for the read Jo. I had read about Harriet Tubman a few years back. She operated in the land where I grew up, Maryland and Delaware. In 2010, when I was first into quilting, I made an underground railroad quilt with a pattern from Eleanor Burns. Gave it to a friend. I might revisit the quilt and make another.

  5. Proud of you, Jo! I went to Downton Abbey the second time by myself. (I don’t mind going by myself one bit!) It was an afternoon movie mid-week and I was the only one in the theater…it was Heaven! I’d love to go again but I don’t think it’s still in the theater…need to wait for the DVD!

  6. Glad you ventured out again to the movies by yourself Jo! I am really looking forward to Little Women coming out. It was one of my favorite books growing up and I am rereading it now! The older version with Elizabeth Taylor is supposed to be out in February on Netflicks.

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