At the Movies: Frozen II

My birthday was the 14th…is was also deer hunting weekend here and the boys, Buck and Karl, are hunters.  They hunted a lot, then quit, and are back to hunting again.  Anyway, Buck was home and he brought Scotty to hang with me.

Sunday morning I realized that Frozen II was playing at the local $1 theater.

Related image Well that sounded like something this Grandma needed to see and something they would enjoy too.  I’ll admit, I love Disney movies and am thrilled the grandkids are getting big enough to go to the movies.

Scotty and I called Carver to see if him and Kalissa wanted to go too…and they did.  Scotty is four and Carver is three.  Neither had been to a movie before so I wondered if this was going to be interesting….we decided to try.

The boys did pretty good.  Carver was getting antsy at the last 15 minutes but then the movie got exciting so he ended up doing great.

Carver was not a fan of popcorn….

Scotty ate his whole bag of popcorn!!

As for the movie…..We thought it was…
good.  Kalissa loved it and loved the content.  I liked it but thought that the theme of is all was a little hard for little kids.  It wasn’t necessarily that it was too violent.  It was more the representation and how things came together to end the movie like they did.  I can’t say too much without giving things away.

But..the boys still got a lot out of the movie.  They loved Olaf.  They picked up on obviously funny things here and there.  So that’s good news if you have kids a variety of ages and are taking them.

Me…I love Anna.  She’s totally my kind of girl.   Ditzy but doesn’t apologize for it, loyal to the core, fierce and determined.  She is my favorite Disney character to date.

Image result for frozen anna
If you have kids or grandkids, go…or if you have a friend, head on out to the movies and take it in.  It’s soon to be a classic and as far as Disney movies go, it’s a pretty good one.

8 thoughts on “At the Movies: Frozen II”

  1. I, too, love almost all Disney animated films. My brother teases me constantly about it (since I’m fully grown). Although I enjoyed Frozen II, I think I prefer the original Frozen.

  2. My daughter has loved Disney since she was 9 months old. (Born in 1977) We took her to Disney World and when she woke up Mickey was in her arms. She’s raised her kids ages 22 yrs to 5 yrs old on Disney…my dogs nickname is Minnie Mouse . I’m making them stockings I Frozen 2 material….
    I wish you a Belated Happy Birthday. May your coming year be filled with Love and Joy And of course….fabric…

  3. We used to love to take the grandkids to movies. Of course it gave us a good excuse to see it, too. Now they are older – sometimes they’ll still go, sometimes not. Frozen II is one that is like to see. And for $1, you can’t go wrong. We don’t have anything that cheap here.

    Glad you got to spend time with the grands. Happy birthday again.

  4. So happy you had a great time. My grands have been wanting to see Frozen II since the first news of it came out. Maybe not my grandson – he’s 10, but I bet he’d go. ;-)
    Love and prayers

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  6. I got to see it in 3 D with two 3 year old twins in their Olaf costumes. It was my first 3 D at age 70 and I absolutely loved it. I want to go again. Maybe my almost 5 year old granddaughter and I can go soon.

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