At the Movies: Dunkirk

I know this movie, Dunkirk, has been in theaters for awhile now but the little theater south of us in Sumner just had the movie last week.  I had seen previews and wanted to see it but until now, it wasn’t available.

I love the little theater.  Movie admission there is only 99 cents.  Popcorn and concessions are a little less than normal price so that means, $12 with movie cost and popcorn and two drinks makes for cheap entertainment.  Each time we go to the theater we vow that we are going to try to go more often but I don’t like sitting through movies that one of us is bored with.  I thought being this was a war movie and both of us like history, this might be a movie we both would like.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the movie it takes place during WWII.  The movie portrays what happened at Dunkirk when Allied soldiers were trapped.  Is it an accurate description or portrayal of what happened?  I don’t know and can’t say.  Was the movie good?  That I can say and the answer is…..okay…..It wasn’t the epic I had hoped for.  Throughout the ENTIRE movie all characters put together, I don’t  think a thousand words were spoken.  That seemed a little weird to me.

Hubby wasn’t a big fan.  He said it was an okay movie but was more happy to get out and do something….I think I’d agree.

For those of you who would like to see a preview, I added one here.

Driving home we did talk about a body’s ability to heal itself from what it sees.  The men who lived through unbelievable battles in WWII were many of our fathers and grandfathers.  Somehow most were able to compartmentalize those terrible days to come home and be good dads and eventually good grandfathers.  A huge thank you to all military men and women no matter how, where or when you served.  It’s not a call all can answer but I sure am thankful that you did.

This movie is likely gone from you local theaters but taking the time to watch it when in comes out of DVD might be a good choice.  If you have a family of history buffs like I do, I recommend it.

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