At the Movies: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I told you earlier about the whirlwind day away Karl and I had on Sunday.  It was lots of fun…hanging with Karl always is.

Anyway, we have accumulated a pretty long list of movies we want to see so we thought we better take one in so we could get one checked off our lists.  The one we picked, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

a beautiful day in the neighborhood movie poster (11” x 17”) Tom Hanks Photo
I’ve long been a Mr. Roger’s fan so it’s was no surprise that I was so interested in going to the movie.  How could I not love anyone who worked so hard to help children?

Here is the official trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Here’s a little synopsis:
Lloyd Vogel is an investigative journalist who receives an assignment to profile Fred Rogers, aka Mr. Rogers. Fred’s empathy, kindness and decency soon chips away at Vogel’s jaded outlook on life, forcing him to reconcile with his painful past.”

Trust us, the movies is so much more than that!!

Here’s what we thought of the movie….
We both LOVED it.  Both of us came out of the theater and it took us a minute to even talk about it.  The movie left a huge impression on us both.  What a beautiful story about forgiveness, understanding and the impact one person could have on the world.

If you haven’t seen a movie lately, it’s time to pull out the stops and go to one.  If you’re a regular movie goer, get to this one.

All the reviews I found including one from Rotten Tomatoes, gives high ratings to the movie.  Rarely, if ever do I watch a movie more than once.  I won’t be going to the theater to see this again but you can bet once it comes out on Netflix, I sure will watch it again.  That’s saying a lot from me.

4 thoughts on “At the Movies: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    I was introduced to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood when I was 18 and babysitting a little 4 year old boy. He never missed a day watching it. I liked the mix of fun and information you got. Thanks for the review. Maybe I’ll get to see it.

  2. I watched Mr. Rogers growing up and loved the show. He always taught you something and had a kind and gentle personality.

  3. One of the list of movies I want to see. I’ll be so glad when I can get around better…but at least I can finally drive without that big fixator on my foot.

  4. I’m so glad to hear your review as you are a person whose opinion I believe I can trust. I have been seeing the previews for that movie and watching with trepidation. I was so concerned they were going to butcher it. I’m relieved to hear that you loved the movie.

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