At the Mail Box and At My Door..and some help!

I’ve been negligent in writing my mail box post…Here’s the first post.  I have another planned for later this week.

Blog reader Ann L sent these blocks to me.  She’s stalled out on them and is sure she won’t finish them.  She is wondering if there is anyone out there who might be willing to finish them into a quilt top and donate it one to charity.  Do we have any takers?  I’ll mail the blocks to you.  All we ask is that you finish the quilt, take a picture and send the picture to us then donate the quilt.  If you’d need a long armer to finish the quilt, I can provide that service.  Contact me at if you’re interested in helping with this charity project.  There is no time line or deadline on this.

I got a note from Joanne L.  She wrote sharing her experience with childhood ear infections and shared some news on what worked for her.  I passed that news on to Kalissa and she is going to see how it goes with Carver.  Now that they put tubes in his ears in early November it’s not been as bad.  If this doesn’t work, she is going to consider Joanne’s advice.

I got a envelope of goodies for the kiddos.  They loved the stickers that look like real stamps with the scalloped edge.  They grabbed them and I gave them some envelopes.  Oh my they were immediately busy and working on “writing” letters.  It’s so cute to watch them.

I also got an envelope from someone in Wallingford, CT.  I didn’t see a note.  It was filled with note pads and stickers.  The kids were squealing about the Disney stickers!!


For about two month I had to ban stickers here.  I had a little one that got away from the table with them and put them on my mirror.  UGH.  I took them away and tried again a week later….same thing.  We tried again a week or two ago and finally she could handle it again.  She is three so she should be able to figure it out.  I think the three weeks or so that they were without stickers was a good move on my part.

Then I had a friend stop by one day.  We did more things together when Kelli lived at home.  Her daughter and Kelli were the same age and were in many of the same activities.  They raise their kids a lot like we did… (kids not getting things handed to them).  She knows I quilt and thrift….she had a box of fabric scraps that she was going to take to the thrift store and jokingly said, “I thought I’d give it to you to you to save you from having to buy it at the thrift store”.  How sweet!  She knows me.  Here’s the goodies she brought….

There are lots of goodies in the box.  It’s going to be fun to sort through it all….


The best thing she did wasn’t to drop the box off, it was to take time to chat.  It’s been a few years since we really have.  She was just what I needed.  Being around people with similar values and similar experiences who are willing to admit that life isn’t always perfect is so refreshing.

WOW!  What can I say?  I’m so thankful for all the goodies that were sent and for the friendship and advice extended.  I am always amazed with all of the wonderful people in my life.  I so appreciate YOU and the goodies too.

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  1. The Connecticut envelope was from me, sorry I thought put a note in there but so glad you got it and will save more for you as they come in. Thank you for everything I love your blog.

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