At the House

Hubby and I went in and worked on the house again.  Each of us had a mission.

He was going to cut a hole in the second floor ceiling to make an attic access.

Right now, the electrical work in the house is bad.  It’s outdated and hazardous.  In our bedroom, there isn’t even a switch to turn the light on.  The small bedroom doesn’t have a plug in.  It order to get the electricity upstairs efficiently we are taking the chimney down through the roof to the floor of the attic.  From there, the electricans can run the electrical cords up the chimney into the attic and out to the bedrooms.

Right now, there is a crawl hole into the attic via our bedroom closet but it’s only big enough to stick your head through.

While Hubby was working on that, my job was to take down this built in closet in our bedroom.

I know some of you are moaning and wondering why we’d remove it.  Honestly three’s not original to the house, the woodwork doesn’t match the other woodwork and it’s really just too deep.  I am saving the drawers.  I am having Hubby put wheels on them and I am using them for under the bed storage.

I had a blast taking out the closet.  Remember..I am pretty good at destruction…construction, not very good.

Here’s my space with the built in closet all out.  I am so happy it is out.  It make for lots more room for our furniture.

I was busy taking a closer look at the walls.  There is at least two-maybe three layers of wallpaper on it.


Isn’t it pretty??  Even though I am not a fan of wallpaper, I like it.  Hubby even liked it.  It had us both thinking about wallpaper for about one minute.  Then I said, how about I look around to see about stenciling.  I love stenciling and it’s relatively cheap.  Time consuming but cheap.

Oh I wish-wish-wish we could see picture of the house in it’s hay day before the renters lived in it.  I wish I could see picture through the years of the highlights of when it was being loved.  I am getting really attached to this house and even though I am so-so-so thankful that the wallpaper has been removed from most of the walls…a part of me is very thankful I got to see this small glimpse of the house in it’s former years.

Stop back Saturday and see what else I found while taking out the built in closet.

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4 thoughts on “At the House”

  1. Have you tried to find relatives of the previous owner? Or the original owners? Maybe the local historical society could help.

  2. love that old wallpaper! and yep on the stencils for the bedoom walls–that’s a great idea!
    can’t wait to see if there’s any interesting finds in the attic.

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